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The Orthodox Nationalist

Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

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About Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, Ph.D

Matthew Raphael Johnson is a scholar of Russian Orthodox history and philosophy. His research interests focus on Russian political theory and religious ideas, concentrating on the central role of nationalism, Eurasianism and the Orthodox tradition as forms of rebellion against globalism and liberalism.

He completed his doctorate at the University of Nebraska in 1999 as a recipient of the Sennen Fellowship, focusing on anti-modernist social philosophy. His dissertation surveyed Michael Oakeshott’s critique of positivism.

Having taught at the University of Nebraska and Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland, he continues to translate, write and lecture, regularly drawing disapproval from left and right alike. An agrarian, royalist and Slavophile, his writing relegates him to the periphery of American life, a place he finds quite congenial.

Dr. Johnson is the author of several books, including Sobornosti: Essays on the Old Faith; Heavenly Serbia and the Medieval Idea; Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality: Lectures on Medieval Russia; The Ancient Orthodox Tradition in Russian Literature; The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy; and Russian Populist: The Political Theory of Vladimir Putin.


Kenneth Shaw

Thank you for your work. I’m not Orthodox yet, but I hope to be so as soon as I can work it all out.

I hope to see an English Orthodox Church in sympathy with an Orthodox Monarch cultivating a Christian civilization for our people.


While in theory monarchism sounds good (Orthodox monarchism) and
I am IN THEORY all for a strong ruler who gets the right things done (That’s right as in correct which is not always categorizable as “right”)
in practice there is a big problem. First off, great rulers are usually
replaced by inferior rulers who have the rule because of their hereditary
position. A choice perhaps with public plebescite playing a role, between all the relatives of both sexes might be better.

secondly the social and familial associations of the available monarchs
of the near future, are tied to the euro trash and corrupt elites they always were in the past.

thirdly any such situation would have to repudiate the idea of marrying only royals or only nobility – this leads to genetic disasters. not to mention social snobbery which is inconsistent with Orthodoxy.


Would this be a good thing for me as an American who’d like to know more about Orthodox Christianity? Orthodox Christianity has many appeals for me. The Catholic Church had many issues, and I’m not certain we Protestants fixed them. Not to mention that there’s been sexism and racism in Western Christian churches.

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