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How to talk to family and friends about “refugees”

September 16, 2015 in Commentary

Talking to friends and family about Syrian war zone refugees is about the same as explaining to a small child why it’s bad to adopt every puppy in the window at the pet store.  In fact, it’s almost exactly the same as what’s happening right now.  The Culture Distorters are hard at work showing American and European countries images of Syrian refugees via television and social media 24-7 in hopes they will “adopt” or “buy” all of the Syrian refugees.

You will need to have a tough, sober and serious conversation with your family and friends about the realities of international war zone refugee adoption programs.  They will not like you for having explained this to them, and they will behave like children.  Talking to friends and family about war zone refugees is no easy task.

The last thing anyone want to do is expose their family to the harsh reality of refugees’ dissimilar lifestyle, markedly different ethics and values systems, diseases and emotional or physical abuse that are all contributing factors to refugee violence in host countries. To help your family understand why they can’t have “that Syrian refugee seen on TV,” we’ve put together some family friendly talking points for tough questions.

After you discuss this with your family members, urge them to sign our Pledge to Protect American Communities from Syrian Refugees. Read the rest of this entry →

TradYouth Protests Tim Wise at IU-Bloomington (Humiliating organized leftists ver. 2.0)

March 10, 2015 in Commentary

What now, Bloomington?

What now, Bloomington?

Almost exactly three years ago to the day I held a one-man rally on Bloomington’s sqaure in defense of celebrating our White heritage.  I was laughed at, shouted down, beaten with steel batons, had my (very nice) hat stolen, and also lost my sign to the protesters’ grabby hands.

The protesters joked, laughed, and congratulated themselves about how they chased me out of town.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.  That was only the beginning of my activism in Bloomington, and it has only increased in size and intensity from that point.  For all of our opposition’s energy they have not managed to chase anyone out of Bloomington, nor discouraged us in the slightest.

That place where I demonstrated almost three years ago to the day is exactly where we started our demonstration against Tim Wise.  We marched the five city blocks down Kirkwood Ave., onto campus, and then marched straight into our opposition outside the Indiana Memorial Union to hold our demonstration.

It was a veritable who’s-who when looking at our opposition.  South Side Chicago ARA, Hoosier Anti Racist Movement, Btown HARM, Anarchist Black Cross Bloomington, Btown Justice, Stop the Kyriarchy, Students Against IntoleranceCop Block Indianapolis, and Occupy Bloomington with their combined forces could not stop us from demonstrating, could not stop us from delivering our message, and they all worked together splendidly presenting themselves as a prime example of how a confused people can actively work to promote and protect a man, Tim Wise, who defames and vilifies the very culture and society responsible for creating our beautiful IU-Bloomington campus with its amazing buildings, and our wonderful city. Read the rest of this entry →

by gderic

Tim Wise is Lying about Jewish Privilege; Here are the Facts & Figures

March 10, 2015 in Commentary

Who's Privileged?Tim Wise’s response to George Skanderbeg amounts to little more than flagrant denial of Jewish privilege. The Jewish man who has made a career out of speaking, unsolicited, on “behalf” of black Americans–with the intention of agitating them against whites–comes from a people with a long history of this kind of behavior. The results of this interloping into the black community, and the exacerbation of racial contradictions thanks to their meddling, has functioned more than anything to undermine the autonomy of colored people.

All the way back to Marcus Garvey naming Joel Spingarn’s “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” (where everyone on the Executive Board was Jewish except WEB Du Bois) as the main culprit behind the demise of his black self-empowerment movement, through Malcolm X’s proclamation that Jewish money and activists were undermining black nationalism through the Civil Rights integrationist movement, and ultimately in the today’s Southern Poverty Law Center, Jews have been demonizing, harassing, or litigating almost exclusively against targets of the Jewish power structure:  nationalists, civil opponents of gay marriage, or Traditional Catholics. The SPLC (whose top–and highest paid–positions are held almost exclusively by Jews with names like Levin, Cohen, and Potok) burns through their $223 million dollar (much of it stored away in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and varied Madoff-style investment schemes) advancing Jewish Privilege all while doing little, if anything, about the actual black poverty that is prolific in their very own state of Alabama.

Black nationalists by and large disagree with Tim Wise’s simplistic theories, and try to find a more complete analysis of their current situation that has more dimensions than the bigotry he’s selling. They criticize him as a demagogue, and as a barrier to black self-assertion. They correctly identify him, like blacks have done to their Jewish “spokesmen” in the past, as a force to tighten their chains, and subvert their yearnings for ethnic autonomy away from colonialism. But Tim is more concerned with attacking whites than promoting black interests, which is why he repeatedly insults and disrespects them and continues to try to impose his views on them. Read the rest of this entry →

Elysium is an Anti-White Open Borders Propaganda Farce

August 20, 2013 in Commentary

Elysium: Deport This FilmSometimes you just want to be able to sit down and watch a movie; I didn’t think that was so much to ask.

The hints and whiffs of social justice and anti-white themes were in the trailer for Elysium when I watched them in theaters, but I always try not to jump to conclusions. Without a doubt, our media is organized to systematically shame whites, break down ethnic and cultural ties between different classes, and promote an agenda so far Left that it would have made Marx blush, but I try not to see anti-Tradition behind every corner. If I go down the rabbit hole of looking for symbolism in every horror or sci-fi film then I would lose it. So headed into Elysium I told myself that I would just try to enjoy the movie for the science fiction and explosions, nothing more . . . I couldn’t do it.

I tried, I swear, but Elysium was almost as blatant as a Soviet era propaganda film, . . . perhaps an understatement. Within this film, however, are surprising nuggets of truth and a look at our race and culture’s future if we don’t win.

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