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February 13, 2016 in Commentary

I have found it imperative to explain the views of how the foreign countries view the situation in South Africa. When we at Front Nasionaal speak to them about our situation in South Africa; and indeed we have spoken to many stakeholders in Conservative, Far-right, “Alt-Right” and Eurocentric parties and groups all over the world, this is largely due to the networking accomplished by our International spokesperson – Lenel Cotty Wessels.

When stakeholders do research about South Africa and it’s socio-political and it’s socio-economical situation they come back to us with the conclusion: “Things aren’t so bad – you seem to be coping.” Read the rest of this entry →

How to talk to family and friends about “refugees”

September 16, 2015 in Commentary

Talking to friends and family about Syrian war zone refugees is about the same as explaining to a small child why it’s bad to adopt every puppy in the window at the pet store.  In fact, it’s almost exactly the same as what’s happening right now.  The Culture Distorters are hard at work showing American and European countries images of Syrian refugees via television and social media 24-7 in hopes they will “adopt” or “buy” all of the Syrian refugees.

You will need to have a tough, sober and serious conversation with your family and friends about the realities of international war zone refugee adoption programs.  They will not like you for having explained this to them, and they will behave like children.  Talking to friends and family about war zone refugees is no easy task.

The last thing anyone want to do is expose their family to the harsh reality of refugees’ dissimilar lifestyle, markedly different ethics and values systems, diseases and emotional or physical abuse that are all contributing factors to refugee violence in host countries. To help your family understand why they can’t have “that Syrian refugee seen on TV,” we’ve put together some family friendly talking points for tough questions.

After you discuss this with your family members, urge them to sign our Pledge to Protect American Communities from Syrian Refugees. Read the rest of this entry →

De La Rey: Hope from the Past for a South African Future

August 24, 2015 in Commentary

SAAn Afrikaans folk song about a Boer war general has risen from the fringes of the local rock music scene to a level of cultural anthem for young whites in South Africa. Its plea for the old military leader to return and lead the Afrikaners has rapidly disseminated among the 4.5 million white population in the so-called “rainbow nation.”

The song took the country by storm, which many see as the beginning of a new phase of reassertion of the Afrikaner national identity. But decades since the devastation of the white government we still can’t see a republic in South Africa. With an extremely high crime rate, slowly collapsing infrastructure, detrimental living and working conditions, and the planned demise of Afrikaners through slow-motion genocide, the country is steadily becoming a wreck.

In 1994, the soi-disant Apartheid ended in a social revolution that many expected to give rise to a free and prosperous state. Nelson Mandela, who Western bigots established as a “selfless freedom fighter,” was elected as the country’s first president. But to see the real Mandela, we must remember him without the rose-tinted glasses. A committed radical Marxist and Black Nationalist, self-styled Madiba, inspired by Castro’s 26th of July movement, founded Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation, abbreviated as MK) an armed terrorist group that carried out over 200 acts of public violence and terror, including the Church Street bombing that killed 19 civilians and wounded 217 others. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by MK’s fierce terrorist campaigns.

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