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Taking the Bread Pill: Christianity and Neo-Reaction

Blue or Red Pill? Take the Bread Pill!

Nobody can agree what to call what’s going on in the darker corners of the Internet, but something’s definitely afoot. Call it Dark Enlightenment, New Right, Alternative Right, Neo-Reaction, “Red Pill”, or whatever, a nascent social and political movement is percolating among Millennials which is a radical departure from mainstream “controlled” system politics. It’s a… Read more »

Tradition without Religion

Roman soldier with Vesuvius erupting behind

A discussion I had recently with associates of like mind caused me some concern for those we hope to win to our side in the great struggle between Modernity and Tradition. It seems some believe Tradition is impossible without an accompanying religious framework. For one trying to revive Traditionalism in an age when atheism seems… Read more »

Warlords with Wi-Fi: Archaeo-Futurism and our Dark Future

Back to the Future

For centuries, technological progress has poured from the First World fountainhead of innovation, eventually trickling down to the Third World. People in Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and San Jose get to play with the prototypes, then the rest of us get to be the early adopters, and it eventually finds its way to the Middle Eastern… Read more »