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Orthodox Ethno-Theology and the Forced Demographic Replacement of Eastern Europe

In a recent 700-word statement by the governing body of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the Holy Synod has petitioned the country’s government to “stop admitting foreign refugees.” It noted that “it has compassion for those already in the country but that accepting more refugees from the North Africa and Middle East could put at risk… Read more »

Globalist Propaganda: Its Effect on the Orthodox values of Macedonia


A collection of beleaguered Orthodox Churches has played a vitally significant role in the development of Eastern European culture and society. They have established significant traditional values, moral codes, and beliefs in the frames of their respective cultures and communities that were accepted from the earliest stages in the development of the Balkan nations and… Read more »

Becoming A Legionnaire: Temperance

The journey of the Orthodox believer begins when you make a profession of Faith to follow Christ and His Church. This however does not end your struggle, as many “once saved always saved” low Church Protestants would like you to believe. The remainder of your life must be spent going through a process of theosis:… Read more »

Intro to Orthodoxy Reading List

I find myself being asked the same question over and over, “What books should I start with to understand Orthodoxy?” This question is a logical one given that those in the West have been cut off from Orthodoxy for over a thousand years. The Traditions of our ancestors and the historical Church have been kept… Read more »

RE: Another Open Letter Demanding Heimbach’s Head

Heimbach Contra Mundum

A fellow brother in Christ, Ryan “Silouan” Hunter, has published an open letter demanding even more public condemnation of Matthew Heimbach from the Church than he has already received. Please afford me an opportunity to respond to Mr. Hunter’s letter. Phyletism The charge of “phyletism” against Mr. Heimbach is intellectually irresponsible, as the scope of… Read more »