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Nation of Islam: A Model for all Nationalists

Earlier this week, I received a bit of unwelcome media attention after helping the crowd eject an aggressive and disruptive protester from a Trump rally. While I usually enjoy exploiting media attention to raise awareness of our organization and our cause, this incident played right into the asinine myth that Donald Trump is some kind of… Read more »

Being “American” is complicated enough without refugees

For those very few of us who still think of ourselves as American patriots committed to some abstract condition of exemplary Americanism, it’s already complicated enough without adding thousands of Syrian refugees.  Whatever it is that you enjoy about American society is going to change for the worse, and probably in a very permanent way,… Read more »

The World is Flat: Tolerating and Welcoming Refugees from the Hivemind

There’s been some controversy in the alt-right scene lately over whether the earth is a flat disk surrounded by the icy Antarctic wasteland or whether it’s spherical and spinning around. Astrophysics isn’t really my thing, but what I do know is that many of our supporters are Australians, South Africans, and Chileans, …none of whom… Read more »

A Thought Criminal In Airstrip One: My Ban from England

George Orwell’s classic 1984 showed us a fictional vision of the world that is becoming far too much like reality for my taste. In 1984, England was known as Airstrip One and was a part of a world-spanning mega-Empire known as Oceania. Inside this Empire, the citizens were kept under a constant state of monitoring by… Read more »

Uncle Sam to the Rescue: Thinking Ahead on the Refugee Crisis

Those who’ve been paying close attention to what’s happening with Germany’s self-inflicted (Merkel-inflicted?) economic migrant invasion are familiar with the iconic village of Sumte which has been ordered to accept as many as 750 immigrants, over seven times its current population! The situation is surreal. After all, if the oligarchs have moved past that previous… Read more »