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#WhatIfWeLost: An Alternate History Review

Satire The Man in the High Castle is a new alt-history series on Amazon which grapples with the ambitious hypothetical, “What if we lost?” It envisions a dystopian future where the Allies won WWII and the Axis powers were completely vanquished. While I’m very supportive of the much-needed reforms which occurred after the war, I can’t… Read more »

A Tale of Two Narratives

The St James Massacre

The recent spree shooting by Dylann Storm Roof is a travesty that cannot be rationalized. Barging into a Church and firing on defenseless elderly people taking part in Bible study is not something that fits into the basic moral system of the vast majority of nationalists, whether they are Christians, National Socialists, secessionists, or anything… Read more »

Reintroducing the Orthodox Nationalist

The Orthodox Nationalist

Father Matthew Raphael Johnson’s several years of podcasts on the Voice of Reason radio network were among the most original, inspiring, and informative content on the web. Before the site hosting them went down, I regularly pointed people to his podcasts as a starting point for introducing the Radical Traditionalist perspective to enquirers. He walks… Read more »

The Death of White America: The Five Stages of Grief


Watching something die is never pretty. No matter if it is quick or over time, coping with the experience of loss is painful for all of those involved. The death of a pet, a grandparent, or even a child are all staggeringly overwhelming to grasp in the moment. People turn to different ways of coping… Read more »