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by parrott

#WhatIfWeLost: An Alternate History Review

November 18, 2015 in Commentary


The Man in the High Castle is a new alt-history series on Amazon which grapples with the ambitious hypothetical, “What if we lost?” It envisions a dystopian future where the Allies won WWII and the Axis powers were completely vanquished. While I’m very supportive of the much-needed reforms which occurred after the war, I can’t quite endorse this absurdly over-the-top portrayal about what supposedly might have been had Adolf Hitler and Emperor Hirohito been defeated. It totally discredits our cherished fascist and racialist principles with its portrayal of the Allies and Jews as fanatical comic book villains.

The series opens with a flamboyant casino tycoon of quality racial stock pounding the podium and insisting that you can’t have a nation without borders. Duh? The camera pans over the thousands of cheering White Americans. For a moment, the viewer almost feels at home in today’s America, but it’s all downhill from there. A terrorist attack is shown ripping through downtown Paris on one of the television screens, followed by the president, an African immigrant named “Barack Hussein Obama” insisting that America’s values require us to import as many of this terrorist-riddled population as possible.

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by gderic

A Tale of Two Narratives

June 21, 2015 in Commentary

The St James MassacreThe recent spree shooting by Dylann Storm Roof is a travesty that cannot be rationalized.

Barging into a Church and firing on defenseless elderly people taking part in Bible study is not something that fits into the basic moral system of the vast majority of nationalists, whether they are Christians, National Socialists, secessionists, or anything else. In lieu of this, condemnation of the action has been almost unanimous amongst both suit and ties and revolutionaries.

There is a small number of people who point to the brutal and random violence that white people are subjected to by blacks on a daily basis as a sort of “tit-for-tat” justification for this kind of behavior, but real white power is rooted in our internalization of ethical consistency. This was not a situation where these victims were killed by accident or collateral damage, this was a cold-blooded attack that has no political significance for our race. Instead it empowers enemies with an agenda that is just as homicidal, but greater in scope, than the action of the bowl-cut butcher.

The real criminals here aren’t political dissidents, they’re the cynical Bar Mitzvah boys and Bat Mitzvah girls that have been typing away, bouncing new strategies off this tragedy with the intent of maximizing interracial violence and censorship of white people; hardly containing their joy at this crime in the process. While a minority of honest journalists have categorized this act as a manifestation of mental illness that should be categorized with other mass shooters like Elliot Rodgers and James Holmes, after the revelation that he was taking a psychiatric drug, the loudest entities see an opportunity to make this political. Read the rest of this entry →

by gderic

Media Lampooning of White Fraternity, While Jewish Racism Is Allowed: The Paradox of Zionism

March 20, 2015 in Commentary

JudenpresseAs both “Gamer Gate” and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon media-created- “outrage” demonstrate: the system will not tolerate normal white men congregating on any level. Even though we are more fractured and under assault then ever in human history, they will not rest until they have uprooted every collection of us and filled it with the cultural Marxist garbage we are dropping out to avoid. To the powers that be, this kind of socializing, even if its as “harmless” as whites in a college gathering to party, could one day turn into a revolution.

This might seem petty, and it is, but they’re also right. Who would’ve thought the few dozen men that congregated to casually drink beers and blow off steam about politics at the Munich Hofbrauhaus in the summer of 1920 would one day come to power and make the world’s omnipotent banking houses in New York and London tremble. Don’t underestimate what we’re capable of, because your enemies sure don’t.

Jews Demand America’s Largest Majority White Fraternity Keep “Diversifying”

Amidst an incredibly disproportionate commotion created by the Zionist media, the plutocrat David L. Boren violated the law by expelling students for practicing First Amendment liberties protected on the campus of the public University of Oklahoma. This illegal act has hardly (USA Today is the notable exception) been covered from a critical perspective in major national media outlets. Instead, the hate-mongerers and witch-hunters expelled from the bowels of a handful of America’s elite, disproportionately Jewish universities are lauding Boren and demanding further action against majority white fraternities nationwide, as the Washington Post’s anti-white journalist Alyssa Rosenberg has suggested.

The Anti-Defamation League threw in its dreidel of hate and cheered President Boren’s excessively brutal decision almost as loudly as they cheer their slaughter of Palestinian infants and refugees in Gaza.

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by parrott

Reintroducing the Orthodox Nationalist

June 23, 2014 in Commentary

The Orthodox Nationalist

Father Matthew Raphael Johnson

Father Matthew Raphael Johnson’s several years of podcasts on the Voice of Reason radio network were among the most original, inspiring, and informative content on the web. Before the site hosting them went down, I regularly pointed people to his podcasts as a starting point for introducing the Radical Traditionalist perspective to enquirers. He walks the listener through every step of the Medievalist critique of the Enlightenment mentality we’ve all been force-fed.

I’ve recovered his podcasts from the Internet Archive and they’re now hosted here at our TradYouth website. In addition to the posts available in the site’s archive, we’re also hosting a zipfile of the podcasts[1.5GB]. If you have the bandwidth and the storage space, save yourself a copy for posterity. If you identify any errors in the import while enjoying the series, please leave a comment on this post explaining what’s wrong and we’ll clean it up and update the zip file.

The Death of White America: The Five Stages of Grief

June 6, 2013 in Commentary

Watching something die is never pretty. No matter if it is quick or over time, coping with the experience of loss is painful for all of those involved. The death of a pet, a grandparent, or even a child are all staggeringly overwhelming to grasp in the moment. People turn to different ways of coping with loss, from ignoring the situation to anger, escapism, or even depression. What we are currently living through in America is not the death of an individual, but the death of our entire way of life. And because the scale of loss is higher, our ability to comprehend this death of an entire civilization is far lesser than the ability to grasp the loss of a friend or family member.

People go through the various stages of grief. The model created by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross & David Kessler is best known as the Five Stages. The stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Looking at the blue-collar and rural areas of America, each of us is in one of those stages.

The Five Stages of Grief

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