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RE: Todd Lewis on Hyphenated Christianity

The latest subscriber to our affiliate marketing program where we link to bloggers with less traffic than ourselves when they make wild and personal accusations against our project is Todd Lewis. His winning entry, “Contra Traditionalist Youth Network: Christianity Cannot Be Hyphenated,” goes for a straightforward Category C smear of our project. Category A: Matthew… Read more »

The Question of Unity

A question has been taking shape inside of my mind lately and that question has everything to do with the future of western civilization. We have at this point in time a great division among those who would call themselves Nationalist or Identitarians.  The division is on the topic of religion and more importantly what… Read more »

Intro to Orthodoxy Reading List

I find myself being asked the same question over and over, “What books should I start with to understand Orthodoxy?” This question is a logical one given that those in the West have been cut off from Orthodoxy for over a thousand years. The Traditions of our ancestors and the historical Church have been kept… Read more »

Upcoming Event: No Gay Agenda in the Bible Belt

Support Traditional Values

Knoxville Tennessee, June 20th , 12pm-3pm The Traditionalist Youth Network will be assembling on the intersection of Wall Avenue and Gay Street in Knoxville Tennessee at noon to demand that Traditional Biblical values be enforced in our community. The current homosexual agenda is promoting a worldview that is against the moral worldview of the majority… Read more »

Becoming a Legionnaire: The Role of Divine Services

As we enter into Pascha I thought that it would be important to discuss the importance of attending Divine Services to the spiritual life of the Legionnaire. The road to becoming a Legionnaire is one that no one can complete until they take their final breath. The journey through life is one where all Orthodox believers… Read more »