Party Platform

Our Mission

The Traditionalist Worker Party stands for Faith, Family, and Folk. Our party members share a common struggle to transfer power and resources from the corrupt and unaccountable federal government to community and regional leaders who stand for traditional values, strong families, and revived cultures.

Localism and secessionism are central to our mission. The United States is far too large, diverse, and infested with lobbyists and oligarchs for realistic solutions to come from a centralized, top-down approach to solving political problems. Both history and sociological studies confirm that communitarian ideals work, but only in political communities of shared heritage, identity, and faith.

Unlike the typical American parties which exist to promote a set of ideologies and interests, the Traditionalist Worker Party exists to fight for working families and improve their communities at the local level. Our platform provides a general outline of our ideas and interests, but actual people are more important to us than abstract ideas. While we have candidates for political office and will run campaigns, that work is secondary to our first priority, which is local organizing and advocacy for real-life working families who share our identitarian and traditionalist vision.



Communities and local governments are to be empowered to express their religious traditions and celebrate their heritage in their public spaces. “Separation of Church and State” as currently practiced forces a de facto state religion of degenerate secularism on everybody. Communities and regions should be allowed to express their religious traditions without the threat of federal judicial interference in their way of life.


Religious institutions are to be protected from government interference. There is to be no tax filing requirement for churches. Churches should be permitted to take public stands on political issues without fear of reprisal from the Internal Revenue Service. We believe that changes in the tax code brought about in the 1950s muzzled traditionalist political interests by forcing the cardinal institution of local family networking and organizing–the neighborhood church–to remain silent on political issues.


Businesses and organizations must not be forced to do business which conflicts with their political or religious beliefs. A man’s civil rights necessarily end where another man’s civil liberties begin. We don’t believe that citizens have a right to force other citizens to do business with them. If a business owner’s conscience compels him to serve one customer instead of another or refuse to sell a particular product, then the state should not interfere.


Usury, permitting predatory lenders to financially exploit and effectively enslave working families, is immoral and exacerbates income inequality. Future lending to individuals is to be tightly regulated, with capped interest rates and strict limits on fees and penalties for late payment. Bankruptcy is to be permitted for student loan debt, and bankruptcy laws are to be revised to help working families escape the debt trap. The “payday loan” shops, the usurious credit cards, and the sub-prime mortgage industry are to be opposed.



You get more of what you pay for, and our tax structure, labor laws, and entitlement system incentivize the dissolution of the traditional family. While individuals do bear personal responsibility for out-of-wedlock birth, serial marriages, quickie divorces, latchkey kids, and the institutionalization and neglect of their elders, the current political order makes the wrong decision easier than it should be and it makes the right decision easier than it needs to be.

Creating generous tax incentives for working married fathers, expanding the earned income tax credit, and replacing the current investments in daycare with direct incentives for mothers to stay home with their children (also encouraging men to marry and remain married to those mothers) would pay strong dividends in the form of healthier and more enriching environments for children. Tax credits for eldercare, including investment in regular at-home medical assistance and support, would strengthen extended families and address the invisible crisis of elder abandonment and neglect.


Public school curricula are to be determined at the local level, private schools are to be supported by generous vouchers, and homeschool parents are to receive government assistance and support. The rights of parents to choose how their children are educated should be protected. Common Core and other attempts to federalize and secularize education are to be dismantled.


Rather than investing millions in Planned Parenthood clinics which have an infanticidal and secularist agenda, invest that money in a voucher-style system which empowers folks–especially pregnant women and mothers–to select a healthcare service provider whose religious and political ideals mirror their own. Investment in health, especially women’s health, must become a top national priority.


A society which fails to protect its most vulnerable–its chronically ill, its disabled, its vulnerable pregnant women, and its unborn children–is a degenerate one. A bright white line must be drawn around the sanctity of innocent human life.

Our position on abortion is strictly pro-life, with the only exception being the rare circumstance when the child’s life threatens the mother’s. We fully understand the immense burden this position places on women with unplanned and unwelcome pregnancies, which is why our position on abortion is inseparable from our holistic approach to investing in families, including expanded adoption assistance, expanded welfare and social service assistance for unwed mothers, and even more assistance for wed mothers and their husbands.


The definition of marriage is to be determined by clergy and local tradition. No community is to be forced to accept another community’s definition of marriage. Priests and pastors, not activist judges and federal politicians, will be empowered to define and defend the institution of marriage.


Families thrive best when they’re stable and settled, and one way to encourage marriage and traditional families is to provide mortgage assistance and expand the homestead exemption in a manner which directly incentivizes getting married, purchasing a nice home, having children, and remaining both married and in that same home.

Some are understandably skeptical about the affordability of our proposals. We believe that if one does the math on how expensive failed families are and how much those expenses end up costing us all in the long run, one is forced to agree that we must radically increase our investment in strong working families…even if it means deep cuts must be made elsewhere in the budget.


We will work with community organizations, schools, homeschool collectives, and religious organizations to encourage, support, and even potentially create youth mentorship programs which instill healthy lifestyle habits, foster loyalty to and investment in one’s community, teach youth a range of life skills, and broker apprenticeship relationships with local craftsmen and workers. Outdoorsmanship, home economics, automotive maintenance, and home repair are vital life skills which our society largely fails to teach anymore.



Permit Homeowner Associations and other private organizations to define the religious and ethnic character of their respective neighborhoods and communities. Terminate federal social engineering efforts to forcibly dissolve historic communities with voucher programs, refugee placements, and “fair housing” regulations that deprive communities of their traditional character. Communities and regions should have the right to define their own ethnic, cultural and religious character.


Cease federal interference in all sovereign Native American tribal affairs. Protect the political autonomy of Amish and other religious and ethnic communities who desire to live free from Federal oversight and intervention. Grant sovereignty to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and other occupied territories. Support all peaceful secessionist projects and allow local communities and regions more power to govern themselves. America is simply too diverse for a strong centralized government to prove tolerable for its citizenry anymore.


The clearest way the globalist elites control America is through the Federal Reserve and the current banking system. End the Federal Reserve and replace it with a national bank owned by and accountable to the citizenry.


Revoke “birthright” citizenship, aggressively prosecute employers who exploit illegal immigrant laborers, humanely deport all illegal immigrants along with their children, and secure our borders with armed National Guard deployments. Those caught illegally immigrating will be permanently denied re-entry. Participation in humanitarian global refugee programs will be restructured to more carefully restrict who enters, more carefully monitor those who enter, and guarantee that they’re eventually re-settled in their homelands.

Immigrating to America is a privilege, not a right; and it’s a privilege which will be revoked for those who abuse it.

Establish a market-driven immigration exchange which freezes the net migration rate at zero, allowing would-be immigrants to bid for the available slots opened up by emigrants, who are rewarded the majority of that bid (minus administrative costs) for departing. Remove all “guest worker” programs entirely, while allowing potential employers to bid for available slots on the exchange to secure immigrant employees.


Trade relationships are to be renegotiated to protect America’s working families instead of multinational corporations. Even if the lobbyist-supported economists claiming that our current trade arrangements are economically advantageous are correct, time has shown that the economic advantages aren’t trickling down to the working families whose jobs are lost to outsourcing. Declining wages and deindustrialization have forced both spouses to seek jobs, placing an undue strain on marriages and driving children away from their mothers. “Free Trade” has also weakened our national defense, as we now rely on the nations we could potentially be in conflict with for our critical military and civilian infrastructure.


The Traditionalist Worker Party stands for environmental conservation. We stand for sensible environmental regulations which balance the need for job growth with our stewardship obligation to future generations to preserve the natural beauty and thriving habitats of this abundant and precious inheritance of ours. We believe that one of the best ways to ensure that nature is preserved is to ensure that the citizenry have access to well-maintained parks and forests.


Dramatically reduce our military’s global footprint, with a reorientation of our military back to its original purpose; defending our homeland. Focus less on nation-building abroad and more on nation-building right here at home, with expanded benefits and improved healthcare services for our servicemen and veterans, especially our homeless and disabled veterans.

We oppose all foreign aid except for urgent disaster relief. Charity begins at home. Millions of Americans live in abject poverty, food insecurity, poor medical care, and homelessness. Until our budget is balanced, our debts are back to sustainable levels, our entitlement programs are fully funded, and our traditional working families are back on their feet, we are not in a position to continue playing the central (and obsolete) geopolitical role we played in the 20th Century.


The State of Israel has a large and powerful Jewish population in America, many of whom are more loyal to Israel than they are to America. The organized Jewish community’s record of deceit, duplicity, and double-standards in lobbying against American interests within the American political system is unmatched. America spends billions annually in graft payments to the Israeli government, has hemorrhaged trillions in military expenses on wars of choice we were driven to wage by the Israel Lobby, and has tragically ended or ruined the lives of tens of thousands of servicemen and women who’ve been killed, maimed, and traumatized in those wars.

AIPAC and all other lobbying groups for foreign interests will be banned. Dual citizenship will be scrapped. Wealth transfers of our tax dollars to Israel and other “allies” will be terminated. All immigrants caught advocating for foreign governments will have their citizenship revoked and will be deported post haste. Private charities, civic organizations, and corporations will be monitored for foreign subversive activity and those found guilty will be vigorously prosecuted.


We reject all federal racial quotas on education, hiring, and government contracts. We reject anti-White immigration policies designed to radically alter our country’s historical racial balance. We reject anti-White social engineering projects like forced busing, the “disparate impact” shakedown racket, and the numerous other ways that our government is stacking the deck against White families. Without exception, all identities and cultures have an inalienable right to take pride in their heritage and to preserve their communities and identities, including the White identity.