Charlottesville Event Signup

There are several organizations preparing to participate in the Charlottesville. It’s important that you coordinate your travel plans with one of those groups. Whether you’re an official TradWorker member or not, you’re encouraged to attend with TradWorker. Whatever you do, do not arrive alone and without a plan, as antifa radicals are looking for opportunities to attack isolated nationalists. Depending on official arrangements, it’s quite possible that someone who’s not with one of the official groups may not even be permitted entry to the event.

We will be vetting and we will need to ask and verify some basic information about you to confirm that you’re bonafide in order to ensure the safety and security of our other attendees. If you do not trust the TradWorker leadership with basic information about your identity and beliefs, then please coordinate with an attending organization which you do trust with that information. No hard feelings.