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Shelbyville Isn’t Optional

If you haven’t already made plans with one of the other groups to join us in the White Lives Matter March on October 28th, please take a moment to fill out the Shelbyville Signup. As this tumultuous year draws to a close and winter approaches, it’s imperative that we close out with a show of… Read more »

Power Dynamics, ‘Strategery,’ and Charlottesville

Some guy named Michael Perilloux has written another strategery essay which once again attempts to apply corporate marketing and mainstream political strategy lessons to our struggle.

We the Captain Now: Trump’s Renouncing Trumpism

Trump’s candidacy busted the lid off of national populism, creating this exciting new world of opportunities and platforms to exploit. It is what it is. But if Trump insists on distancing himself from his eponymous revolution, …then we are the captain now.

We Need to Support Namecoin

Net Neutrality

There’s an easy and simple solution for this problem which has been around forever but nobody’s bothered to use it. It’s called Namecoin and it’s a .bit address which is completely resistant to censorship.