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Korean War II: Leave the Hermit Kingdom Alone

November 5, 2017 in Commentary

The United States federal empire’s power is shrinking in absolute terms on account of consumerism, degeneracy, diversity, and demographic decline. Her power is shrinking in relative terms as China, Iran, Russia, and other non-aligned powers steadily strengthen their economies and military postures. But, most of all, her power is succumbing to the inexorable problem of the darwinian ratchet, wherein a mostly successful strategy which isn’t 100% effective will, if never altered, eventually select for a force capable of defeating them.

Soon enough, that 0.1% of bacteria that’s not killed off by the 99.9% effective antibiotic becomes 100% of the surviving bacteria, and that’s pretty much the situation Atlanticist geopoliticians find themselves in. In the Middle East, the small subset of religious radicals who are immune to yesterday’s bribes and bombs are metastasizing into a global issue which even threatens Americans a world away from the original issue. Iran’s developed a strong and traditionalist government which is just democratic enough to be adaptive without being democratic enough to permit yet another around of Western subversion. Last, but not least, the Kim dynasty’s Hermit Kingdom has, after much misery and suffering, developed a nation-state capable of surviving despite persistent economic and military pressure.

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Cultured Thugs: On the Imperative of Public Rallies

November 2, 2017 in Commentary

Yesterday, Jim Goad was punched in the face by a leftist.* I’ve always enjoyed Goad’s writing, even if he firmly belongs along with Gavin McInnes to the AltLite orbit of those who are too nice to be nationalist. A couple months ago, Gavin McInnes helped organized a Proud Boys rally in Boston which he decided to counter-signal and bail on at the very last minute on account of “optics.” The result was his allies (who deserve some respect) showing up in the park and being shown to be powerless.

Fortunately for them, the notoriously fickle law enforcement decided on that day to spare their lives and evacuate them in an armored car. A couple weeks beforehand, law enforcement forced us to fight for our lives in Charlottesville. Had a prominent movement voice harshly counter-signaled the event beforehand, the smaller numbers could have spelled very real physical disaster and a genuine Proud Boy level humiliation for our growing movement. I’m not talking about the fashion faux pas humiliation of wearing white after Labor Day, but the visceral emasculation of having been shown to be weak. Read the rest of this entry →

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Ed Brayton Endorses White Nationalism

October 31, 2017 in Commentary

Ed Brayton and I go way back. I’m talking about all the way back to the nineties. Many of you know that I used to wear a fedora, but it gets worse. In the mid-nineties up until the very early 2000s, I was Craiggers, a prominent “Internet Atheist” on IRC. Craiggers, named for Craig Kilborn’s lovable asshole persona on the original Daily Show, was an asshole to fundamentalist Christians, with a special focus on debunking Young Earth Creationism.

I was a fifteen year old kid at the time who was flirting up the same twenty five year old woman he was trying to flirt up in the same channel. I don’t really want to go into the personal and family stuff, and I won’t. The woman in question is now deceased and it’s in absolutely everybody’s interest to not drag all that into the middle of Internet politics. What can be said, though, is that I eventually grew weary of the Atheism+ (atheism poz) “liberal creationism” infesting the “skeptic” community and refused to abide their strict religious taboos enforcing absolute racial and gender egalitarianism.

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Death to America II: Thoughts on American Nationalism

October 30, 2017 in Commentary

The American Nationalist vision for our movement is a non-starter. There hasn’t been a single rally where everybody shows up dressed like frat boys with American flags, despite plenty of effort invested in encouraging that. Moving backward to 2007-era Tea Party aesthetics and themes, looking and acting like Young Republicans, feels incredibly cringe. It feels especially cringe for the cohort of young men and women who actually understand fascism and realize that the American federal government can’t be and won’t be a vehicle for White Nationalism.

I would be content to just let Bioshock Americana die quietly, but it won’t. In its final death throes, its proponents will convince themselves that the reason it won’t gain traction is because Nationalist Socialists are ruining everything by existing. Just as Gavin McInnes must necessarily stuff a dildo up his butt to define rhetorical distance between himself and the homophobic hard right, American Nationalism will have a great deal of pressure to give us the rhetorical dildo as a last ditch brand management strategy.

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Charlottesville Event Coordination Notes

October 23, 2017 in Commentary

In response to pervasive attempts to mischaracterize our participation in Charlottesville, we’re releasing our private event dispatches leading up to the event to the general public, without substantive redaction or exception. As we refused to participate on the Discord server, and did not have access to the first level of event coordination (which is also innocent of their charges), these emails truly do comprise the alpha and omega of our Charlottesville event planning.

It is clear from these emails that we had no plan to instigate violence. Based on the previous incidents in Charlottesville and our recent successful Pikeville event, we had every reason to presume that Unite The Right would be a similar event. It’s clear from this email thread that our preparations truly were defensive and that our hope was for a peaceful heritage event with prepared speeches. We even invested a few hundred in an elaborate makeshift tent and portable toilet setup because we anticipated a peaceful event, …an odd investment of our limited funding if we had premeditated violence.

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