by parrott

Should We Keep Calling the Goyim Racist?

November 9, 2017 in Commentary

A year on from the meteoric rise of a resurgent White Nationalism and the victory of the implicitly racist Trump campaign, there have been a few intelligent attempts by the Jewish intelligentsia to wrap their minds around what’s happening.  (((Slate))) features an article by (((Isaac Chotiner))) where he asks (((Peter Beinart))) about his fascinating proposal that perhaps they’re calling the goyim “racist” too much.

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by TonyH

Ethnic Cleansing, Voting, and You!

November 8, 2017 in Commentary

The results are in! Virginia and New Jersey went…exactly as we expected they would. Honestly I haven’t seen a single person associated with the AltRight experiencing the least bit of shock. Judging by the reaction of left wing news outlets this was surely ”a referendum of the right wing, and growing the populist movement in the country, signaling a resurgence of progressive-minded Americans.”

How they imagine Virginia and New Jersey are bellwether states is beyond me. A state that unironically elects chicks with dicks to office does not reflect the sentiments of the vast majority of Americans. Establishment GOP TrueCons are taking this loss just as hard as their alleged rivals across the aisle are celebrating. I’m willing to bet you a king’s ransom in BTC that during the primaries the GOP is going to be gaslit enough by left wing pundits and republican strategists over these results that they moderate their message so far to the left that they’ll get smashed.

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Election Day: Betting Against the House or Burning Down the House

November 7, 2017 in Commentary

As 2017 draws to a close, a mid-term election concludes tonight. There will be a new governor of Virginia, and it may or may not be the hysterically anti-white Ralph Northam, who ran a campaign ad featuring a white guy in a pickup truck cruising around trying to run over immigrant and minority children. Right now, the prediction markets have it at two-to-one that the openly anti-White candidate will defeat the candidate who’s not quite as anti-White. Even if /ourguy/ wins an unlikely victory, the demographics of Virginia guarantee that each elected official will represent our interests and ideals just a little bit less every time around.

Loyalty to democracy is treason to identity in a system where the demographics are being hacked by hostile oligarchs. The rulers are abolishing the people and electing a new one as we speak, one election at a time.

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We Are Not American Nationalists

November 6, 2017 in Commentary

A large subset of the “AltRight” or whatever you wish to call it has pivoted recently, coalescing into agreement on an “American Nationalist” vision for White Nationalism. This essay is in keeping with their request that there be defined a vivid distinction in the public mind between themselves and National Socialists like ourselves. This isn’t the latest salvo in an ongoing argument between two camps. We agree entirely to their terms and conditions, gladly forfeit the “AltRight” label, and now exist as a separate and distinct movement, at their request. We are not American Nationalists, and we also believe it’s in everybody’s best interest that the alternatives are clarified.

“The bourgeoisie rules by intrigue, but it can have no foothold in my movement because we accept no Jews or Jewish accomplices into our Party.”

— Adolf Hitler

The growth of the AltRight has been an amazing phenomenon over the past several years. One of the problems of this rapid growth, however, is the amount of people who are coming forward with ideas and strategies that they think are new, but in fact have been tried again and again over the years. The ghost of American nationalism has long been with the nationalist movement in the United States and it once again is raising itself from the grave to haunt a new generation of activists.

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by parrott

Civil War: Mass Society, Mass Murder, and Sutherland Springs

November 6, 2017 in Commentary

Sometimes it’s a white guy. Sometimes it’s a Muslim guy. Sometimes it’s a black guy. Sometimes it’s a leftist. Sometimes it’s a right-winger. This guy in Sutherland Springs looks like a left-leaning degenerate dirtbag. The statistics on these things, in aggregate, confirm my right-wing nationalist perspective. But that’s beside the point.


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