The Orthodox Nationalist: Ukraine 1920-1935

October 1, 2009 in Radio

UkrainianGreatCoatofarmsMatt Johnson discusses:

  • Soviet Policy in Ukraine 1920-1935
  • The forms of Ukrainian resistance
  • The Ukrainian Insurgent Army

The Orthodox Nationalist: Ivan Franko and Ukrainian Nationalism

September 24, 2009 in Radio

IvanFrankoMatt Johnson discusses:

  • Ivan Franko and Nationalism
  • The Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  • The Debacle of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Movement

The Orthodox Nationalist: Panteleimon Kulish

September 17, 2009 in Radio

PanteleimonKulishMatt Johnson discusses:

  • Ukrainian nationalist views on education
  • Dostoyevsky on the middle class
  • The destruction of capitalism and urbanism
  • Dostoyevsky and Kulish on the evil of cities (the destructive aspects of cities)

The Orthodox Nationalist: Ukraine—At the Door of the 4th World

September 10, 2009 in Radio

UkrainianGreatCoatofarmsMatt Johnson discusses:

  • The 4th World status of Ukraine under the Orange government
  • The reasons for Ukraine’s decline
  • Belarus success’ in 2009
  • The coming Union of Slavic states

The Orthodox Nationalist: Matt Johnson on Rick Adams Uncensored, Part 3

September 3, 2009 in Radio

rbnReplay of Rick Adam’s Aug. 28 show with Matt Johnson, re-broadcast with kind permission from RBN. Matt Johnson discusses:

  • Harassment and intimidation in academia
  • Differences among Eastern Orthodox churchs
  • Status of religion in China; China’s relationship to the NWO
  • And more!
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