Author: A. E. Stern

The Werewolf of the North: The Mystery of Ancient Mathematics

The Second Consciousness The art of counting finite things precedes civilization itself. It is simply inconceivable that primitive hunter-gathers had no sense of number. Even the higher animals, the warm-blooded predators, arguably have some kind of rudimentary sense of number. The mortal mind cannot conceive of numbers as purely abstract units, but only as particular… Read more »

The White Terror International: Weimar Germany and the Russian Civil War

After the Russian Civil War had broken out, a pro-German wing of the Russian White movement appeared in contrast to the pro-Entente sentiment of the mainstream Russian Whites. It must have been difficult for these Russian nationalists to forgive General Ludendorff and the Germans for aiding the Bolshevik Revolution and overseeing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk…. Read more »

Folk Rights and Political Rights

There are two kinds of rights: Political rights and folk rights.  Political rights are relative; they rise, fall, rise again, and fall again like waves.  Folk rights are cold, hard, and undying.  Only folk rights are God-given, and therefore defended.  Political rights are won or lost in the fight of the state of nature, and… Read more »

White Turan Against Gay Atlantis: Polarity, Plurality, and Ancient Sexuality

The following article was originally published pseudonymously, in large part because this writer was not yet satisfied with its scholarship. The problem was not that the original theses were wrong, but that they were vague and lacked notations. Here, some corrections have been made, and the brief article’s length is more than doubled by citations… Read more »

What Is “Gender Politics” and Who Are “Women Everywhere?”

In truth, there is no such thing as sexual politics. Even the New York Times has recently been forced to confess this. The iron law of the friend-enemy distinction precludes any such thing as sex politics or “gender politics,” for the simple reason that it is impossible to kill all the men on earth or… Read more »