Author: George Skanderbeg

What about Jewish Privilege? An Open Letter to Tim Wise

Double Standard

Dear Timothy Jacob Wise, You’re scheduled to make a grand visit here at the Indiana University at Bloomington, and the Traditionalist Youth Network has plans to picket you. Already, this has caused an uproar on the University, with our flyers being torn down, and I am curious to see what the reaction will be when… Read more »

Does Islam Actually Justify Islamic Extremism?

Tragically, a gang of bloodthirsty savages, whom many of us Muslims call “Khawarijites“, took the lives of eleven innocent people. Many people are pointing their fingers at multiculturalism, Islam, and immigration; …and of course, there are those who are claiming this is a “false flag.” None of these answers are necessarily wrong. Certainly, broken mass immigration policies, a… Read more »

Is My Race My Nation? Doubts Concerning White Nationalism

Dear Matt Parrott, I have decided, in light of your recent “Tribe vs. Tradition” article to express my views on race in America. This article is not being written for the purpose of defaming, or even debating you brother Matthew. I consider it a privilege and honor to know you in person and consider you… Read more »

Rape Culture Revisited: There’s Enough Shame for Everyone.

On April 21st, there will be a “Slut Walk” at Indiana University. If you are unaware of what the slut walk is, the President of Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University, Thomas Buhls, has already elaborated on that. Our group, the Traditionalist Youth Network, has plans to picket the event. Although chapter president elaborated on the issue, I… Read more »