Author: Matthew Heimbach

Nordic Resistance Movement Manifesto — Now in English!

The Nordic Resistance Movement is one of the premier nationalist organizations in the world. They are a National Socialist movement that has brought National Socialist principles into the 21st century, with modern day ideas, solutions and a professional presentation. Beginning in Sweden in 1997, the NMR has grown to Norway, Finland, and Denmark; bringing together… Read more »

Hail Victory? Hell Yes!

Richard Spencer’s NPI event went off with a bang this weekend, and I wish to congratulate him and his organization on a very inspiring and successful nationalist event. It featured everything one could hope for in a nationalist event. It included successful street confrontations with the enemy courtesy of Emily Youcis, strong attendance with a… Read more »

My Speech to the Workers’ Party of Social Justice

I had the pleasure to visiting with comrades of Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti (DSSS), the Workers’ Party of Social Justice, in the Czech Republic. These brave men and women are bravely on the front lines fighting for the future of the Czech people. I was originally scheduled to give a speech at an anti-EU rally that was hosted… Read more »

“French Values” and the Burkini

The center-Right of European politics loves to signal racial awareness, while keeping everything entirely kosher. One cannot help to see that every time there is a true nationalist movement in Europe that is gaining ground, a pop-up alternative will emerge that is highly funded, has slick graphics and materials and is trumpeted by the media… Read more »

Madisonville Anti-Homosexual Picket After Action Report

I had the pleasure of joining our Madisonville Kentucky chapter of the Traditionalist Worker Party as they took a stand against the radical homosexual agenda. The event began as I was notified by our local chapter leader, who is a small business owner in town, that several local banks and corporations were supporting this “Pride… Read more »