Action! Episode 6

February 5, 2018

Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater host episode 6 of Action!

For the first hour, we are joined by the Host of Nordic Frontier, the English language podcast of the Nordic Resistance Movement. We cover many of the issues they face in Scandinavia, similarities between our groups, what National Socialism means, and plans moving forward.


Covered in the second hour:

Newsweek/yahoo/huffpo article with hack “””””journalist”””””. If the media wants to pretend the alt right has nothing going for it thats fine with us.

Antifa unsuccessfully tries to ambush our Colorado chapter outside of an event.


Article about, and sign up sheet for our speech in Tennessee:

Heimbach on Campus: University of Tennessee: Knoxville

Ramos, Alex 632152 160 Peregory Lane Charlottesville Virginia 22902

Fields, James 631438 160 Peregory Lane Charlottesville Virginia 22902

Goodwin, Jacob 634728 160 Peregory Lane Charlottesville Virginia 22902

Borden, Daniel 631461 160 Peregory Lane Charlottesville Virginia 22902

Planer, William X-3696365 5W304A Sacramento County Main Jail

651 “I” Street Sacramento, CA 95814 Paypal: [email protected]

Source: The Right Stuff

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    i think the optics cucks are most concerned with people having nazi stuff and pepe flags. showing strength isnt a bad look, i would do the same but acting like we are the patriots with american flags works in some ways as well. could be better for getting funding as well



    Interesting how the fake news in Colorado downplays the fact that it was the police that ordered us to disperse, not antifa. Being nationalists and law abiding, we followed orders. Antifa was merely an escort and as can be seen not at all interested in meaningful dialogue.

    Considering the disparity in numbers and the fact that numerous assaults were exclusively committed by the coalition of anti-fascists, anarchists, socialists, communists and other assorted degenerates, it’s pretty obvious who came out ahead.

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