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January 18, 2018

I try not to have movement posts back-to-back. And I promise we’ll return to our regularly scheduled outfighting, but weev’s latest, “An Open Letter to Matt Parrott,” requires an immediate response.

In the years since it was revealed you had meetings with law enforcement you’ve shown increasingly erratic behavior that I think that you need to address for the safety of people around you.

My story is the same now as it was in the original telling nearly a decade ago, as it’s been in all the time in between. I agreed to meet with state law enforcement at McDonald’s about the fact that the antifa had thrown a brick through the MCL Cafeteria restaurant in Carmel, Indiana–a frequent meeting place for our Hoosier Nation group. An FBI agent attended with them, it was clear that they were all more interested in me than in the terrorist attack, I agreed to no further meetings, and I went on with my work.

There is nothing erratic about my behavior. I have merely worked to refute the gossip mill, coming primarily from weev, which alleges that this is proof that I’m an informant. For years, weev has been promoting this nugget and insinuating to people that I am not to be trusted. Accusing activists of being feds is a very big deal, and I have every right to publicly elevate this. I’m glad it’s finally getting aired out in its entirety for those who would’ve otherwise presumed there to be some fire beneath the smoke weev’s been blowing.

Instead of simply saying that your meetings with law enforcement were a mistake, first you claimed they didn’t happen and that I was lying. Now you claim that it was only the state police. You continue to justify your actions in talking to cops.

I did not claim that the meeting didn’t happen at any point, anywhere. What I have claimed is that I am not a government agent, asset, informant, or whatever, …which has been weev’s repeated insinuation from the episode. We have and will continue to have very specific event-oriented coordination with local law enforcement about specific events that are being planned. To that extent, I continue to “talk to cops.” While I understand the need for circumspection in these matters, there’s an important distinction between event coordination logistics and anything relating to investigation or intelligence work–where I simply “have nothing to say” and go on with my day.

In anything relating to criminal investigations or when I get pulled over for speeding, I volunteer no information, indulge in no small talk, and am vividly aware of how the system is stacked against and looking for an excuse to screw us. TradWorker’s been very clear about our lack of trust of the police. But event permits and coordination relating to that in order to ensure that we have all the information necessary to achieve a successful event, requires a singular and narrow exception that will likely continue to prove that I’m basically a fed to weev’s standards.

Instead you descend into personal attacks. Why do you do that when confronted with the issue of meetings with law enforcement? Why do you take this as a personal attack on your operations?

I never personally attacked weev, beyond directly challenging his repeated claims that I’m somehow compromised. While both weev and his family have insisted that weev’s Jewish, I’ve refused to endorse this every single time because I don’t believe it’s fair. I don’t believe he’s Jewish. I believe he was trolling when he claimed it and I believe his mom has a track record of actively attempting to trip up his political work. While I don’t really care for his messaging or tone, my only actual problem with him has always been his spreading malicious gossip about me.

Now comes this recent issue of membership lists. Instead of explaining why your lists are good (in response to a post that you weren’t even named in) you go into some insane fugue.

Surely weev of all people is tired of the Jewish tactic of attempting to suggest insanity on the part of someone one’s disagreeing with. I did actually explain why our lists are good in the article he links to, clarifying that TradWorker has been encouraging anonymous memberships, only accepts bitcoin and money orders for dues, and cares for its (largely anonymous) lists off of the cloud, with special care that internal communications are highly structured and limited to minimize the potential for and impact of information leaks.

But it’s absolutely obvious you can’t vet with a real name or address. That provides nothing for you. Informants and infiltrators get into organized crime rings which have budgets of $100MM and can threaten people with execution. You think you’re somehow going to do better than them?

In that very same “insane fugue” that weev claims to have read, I already made his point, that we reject a formal pass/fail vetting process in favor of a clinal approach which relies on track records, relationships, investment, and instinct to gradually build trust and engagement. I don’t believe we “know better” than organized crime networks, and many of our most trusted activists and organizers are pseudonymous to us. I even am known for asking people not to tell me their real name, because to know is to be on the suspect list if they find themselves doxxed in the future.

Once again, if you have some sort of unique system for telling someone’s intentions just by a short string of text, let the world know, that’s probably something you could make millions off of.

We do not store anybody’s real name in our secure systems unless it’s necessary for shipping (which it sometimes is).

No lists is timeless advice.

There’s “lists” and then there’s “lists.” A scalable operation requires maintaining databases of members with ticket management, notes, email addresses, membership status, and such. Those databases must be kept secure, and not only do I fully agree that they don’t require real names, but that’s already how we’ve been set up for a long time. Our biggest challenge was that everybody insists on paying dues with credit cards which categorically put their names in the cloud. The post-Charlottesville censorship campaign solved that problem by removing our ability to accept credit cards.

In hindsight, we shouldn’t have waited until our hands were forced to move from credit cards. As easy as that makes the point of sale, it’s simply not worth the known security risks.

It’s weird that the site that is pro-American and just about meme posting is taking security more seriously than the close affiliation of groups who say America is irredeemable and secession or overthrowing the US government is the only real solution.

It’s weird that weev didn’t ask about or learn about our systems and processes before jumping to conclusions about ours and them running with it. It’s an ongoing theme where he assumes and asserts the very worst. It’s one thing to talk about taking security seriously. It’s another thing to implement those design principles in a working product, which TradWorker has done. Not only do we have a very hardened web presence with complete dark web access to every step of the membership process (and only dark web for leadership communication and coordination), we’ve also offered some open source plugins and tools to help others do so, as well.

I apologize. I actually have several more scripts and plugins that I haven’t migrated over from our Github account which was flagged and purged a couple months ago. The irritating thing about all this is the complete lack of interest in finding out what’s going on before going off. Just last week, somebody called into Cantwell’s show promising to punch Heimbach because TradWorker promotes suspicion of and distrust of law enforcement (we do). Now weev’s asserting that we haven’t given any thought or effort to security when we’ve quite clearly exceeded any other organization on this front.

Firstly, you are not remotely tangental to the information security industry, which I have interacted with my entire adult life until dedicating myself fulltime to this movement. You have never published a single exploit.

I haven’t published a single exploit. Weev hasn’t published a single open source project to my knowledge. Let’s call it a draw.

Furthermore, there was absolutely no social engineering in the bug disclosure that the feds used as pretext to falsely arrest me. It was found entirely by technical analysis– finding the iPad encryption keys on the device, decrypting the caches on the OS and running strings to find the URL in question.

I stand corrected on that matter.

The hack that got me busted is hardly my only claim to fame. Years before being indicted by the feds (and years before you had done anything related to racial activism), I was being quoted about the Jewish control over finance in articles related to trolling in the New York Times magazine.

My earliest self-doxxed public activism was in 2007, though I have backstop on being racist as early as 1996, when my 7th grade science teacher and my parents argued over which one had taught me to be racist (neither, it was the internet). One thing I can’t be accused of is being a new arrival. The problem with weev’s extensive record of saying offensive “Gay Nigger” trolling things is that it wasn’t until after his incarceration that he stopped claiming he’s Jewish, stopped claiming it was a joke, and dedicated himself to White Nationalism (which I respect).

You don’t even know how many sites depend on me.

Good deal. That’s important work.

If you had the kind of mind that would be able to think of any of this stuff you would have already been doing it bro. You’re a PHP monkey, not a hacker. Your attempt to pretend your information security accolades exceed mine is a form of laughable fraud, Parrott.

It takes more than a PHP monkey to be an accomplished senior analyst in the utility industry accountable for designing and deploying a wide range of automated systems. It takes more than a PHP monkey to be administering dozens of high profile sites with a variety of unique situations, most of which are high profile, without a single known exploit. I don’t wish to get into a pissing match over who’s the bigger nerd, and you may be the bigger nerd. But I do routinely assemble complete and secure web solutions from the kernel up to the javascript.

This is the underlying issue with you. When confronted with sane, rational criticisms of your actions, from interacting with law enforcement authorities to marching around with drug addled street thugs and obvious informants in stahlhelms, you respond with abject histrionics, deflections, and lies.

All I have asked is that I stop being dishonestly called a “fed” by weev. For our successful activist work to be impugned by a man with a massive chest swastika who routinely opines about the need for total war is absurd, and I’m tired of our successful street fighters being routinely insulted and attacked by men who should be supporting and encouraging them. Once again, note the sleazy attempt to frame opposition as “insane.”

Now you are curiously allying yourselves with the establishment media, feds, and the SPLC against the most censored publication in history.

Anybody who objects to the Daily Stormer crew calling them feds is a fed because only a fed would object to anything the Daily Stormer would do?

It’s very curious that you have managed to have absolutely zero trouble with law enforcement.

Here’s where we get to the fun part of the essay, where he gets back to baselessly calling me a fed because he personally dislikes me.

You seem to have had no trouble advocating for neo-Nazi anti-racist Russian Orthodox Christian feminist communist anti-Americanism alongside the Oxycontin romper stomper crews. This, given your other behaviors, is pretty suspect.

Aside from being harangued that one time which is your smoking gun that I’m a fed, I also was arrested, charged, and convicted in Charlottesville. This circles back to TradWorker’s commitment to smart organization, good vetting, and solid research on how events are going to go down. None of our guys are on drugs to our knowledge, aside from a handful who are being kept from public activism while we assist them with their addiction issues. Weev, of all people, should be the last one to assert that everybody who’s ugly and poor is probably on drugs.

FYI, your covenant partner NSM (who also keep lists) have been named specifically in the FBI false flag terror attack against a train in rural Nebraska.

It wasn’t a big news story because the man was clearly mentally ill and things don’t make the news when nobody’s killed, injured, or inconvenienced. Those who are inclined to believe that the world is rife with routine false flags and crisis actors are going to string the yarn on the wall however they want. A hallmark of TradWorker is our transparency. Hundreds of activists have been through my house over the years, have met my family, have been around and beside me as I go about my daily life. If I were up to shady business, I imagine weev would have more to work with by now than one brief and awkward McDonald’s lunch very early in my public activist career.

Parrott, I understand you are feeling enormous pressure and having some sort of emotional issues as a result.

More insanityposting. I have a wife and kids who are quite content. I’m a successful consultant. My diet’s better than ever and I’m finally exercising routinely.

Nobody would blame you if you found something else to do for a while.

No such luck.

I understand that you and your partner are much newer arrivals to realtalk than I and have not found a lot of success in it.

He keeps dragging Heimbach into it to pull down the average (Heimbach’s only 25, after all) when he needs to glide over the fact that I was a White Nationalist while he was still chortling about gay niggers for shock value and insisting he was Jewish for the lulz. But it doesn’t matter how we all got to being pro-white or even how long we’ve all been pro-white. Everybody’s been explicitly and clearly pro-white for a good long while. What matters is that weev has been incessantly attempting to undermine our pro-white work with false insinuations and misrepresentations, …and there’s nothing the least bit crazy, insane, emotional, or hysterical about insisting that he stop it.

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