Neoliberals are the New Conservatives

January 22, 2018

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Heimbach caught a tremendous amount of grief for his “Death to America” speech back in 2014. The White Nationalist movement was dominated then, as it is now, by a paleoconservative impulse to conserve the America of our grandparents, an America some of our more middle-aged and/or rural and small town readers have actually had the opportunity to experience first-hand.

I understand. I experienced it, too. I also miss it. Southern Indiana was in the nineties, and remains today, an economically depressed backwater which doesn’t have enough jobs or opportunities to attract all the problems that more economically successful states like Michigan are choking on. But it’s gone, and the only way back to the world our grandchildren deserve is to wash our hands of this failed and toxic political experiment and begin anew.

The reason we can’t capture the flag is because–whatever you would like to project onto that flag–the full weight and force of the federal establishment, its central bankers, its vast imperial military, and its media and educational monopolies have a firmer grip on it. More importantly, we’ve reached that critical inflection point in the degenerative process where the degenerates have so fully subverted the institutions that they become the reflexive conservatives.

If you don’t believe that the left are now the conservatives, behold this SNL skit which highlights the moral crisis afflicting neoliberals who are desperately clinging to a threatened order and can neither understand nor cope with the rapid paradigm shifts afoot. More than all else, they’re clinging desperately to the national notion, the conviction that the United States ought to retain some semblance of unity, cooperation, and mutual respect: the left are now the vanguard of American Nationalism.

What’s changing, a change that they can’t handle, is that White Americans, especially the younger ones, are beginning to think and operate as an identity group. This is an inexorable consequence of the demographic changes that they instigated, but they mistakenly assumed that working class white folks would continue sharing the Boomer’s irrational love of Jews and pity for minorities. Both of these are parochial to the Baby Boomer’s generational experience and place in time and history. Millennials and younger, even the ones who are hostile to the “AltRight,” are no longer animated by the WWII themes and the patronizing pity for non-Whites haunting the Boomer mind.

The skit’s host, who’s having a nervous breakdown, keeps asking, “What Even Matters Anymore?” From her perspective, which is the quintessential coastal elite perspective, nothing makes sense anymore. White Americans have a new kind of loyalty to their president that no other president before them enjoyed: tribal loyalty. This isn’t a new phenomenon at all, just a new phenomenon for White Americans. Black Americans defended OJ when he was guilty of murder. They stood behind the crackheads Marion Barry, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown because they’re on their team: Team Black.

The only thing that “matters anymore” is tribal loyalty, a loyalty which is cracking along primarily racial and secondarily class lines in this prolapsing empire. Ta-Nehisi Coates is correct when he states that Donald Trump is America’s “First White President.” Sure, all of them before Obama were racially White, but Whiteness was still politically hegemonic, taken for granted. With Obama and his messaging, that hegemony was dismantled, and White Americans are doing what everybody’s been asking them to do: Taking stock of their Whiteness.

White Americans are doing that, but they’re finding different things in their invisible knapsack than what the anti-Whites intended them to find. Instead of guilt and a crippling obligation to a world that will perennially resent them, they’re in the earliest stages of developing their own voice. Trump’s a Boomer and most of Trump’s voters would also consider themselves “totally not racist,” but tribalism is an instinctive primate thing that operates one step below the anti-white brainwashing and indoctrination.

The American flag and patriotism categorically stand for and will continue to stand for the futile attempt to force some sense of common past, purpose, and destiny onto America’s citizenry, …a citizenry who are steadily becoming less White and more hostile to our past, present, and future. Not only has the door closed on a peaceful return to a hegemonically White country, the door’s already closed on an aggressive reclamation of of America qua America.

The rotting corpse of the Spanish Empire went along foolishly believing it remained as mighty as the Spanish Empire after leaving behind its European heritage and history right up until the Mexican-American War taught them all that they were now merely Mexicans. America’s in a similar delusional state right now, and most White Nationalists in America share in that delusion: They believe that we remain a competent and mighty first world superpower. We are not, and we don’t even enjoy the cultural and economic domination of the rest of this mess that the White Mexicans enjoyed.

What this means is that we no longer decide our own affairs. We now have firm bounds on what can and cannot happen within our borders that can and will be enforced by other powers. Either a White Nationalist revolution to take it all back or a more aggressive campaign against Whites would not be permitted by China, Russia, the European Union, or the United Nations.

Aggressive ethnic cleansing is antithetical to world opinion, and even Israel’s finding it difficult to turn the screws on Palestine and the rest of its neighbors on account of growing resistance from a Third World that’s no longer coming in third. The slow and shitty sort of genocide we still find against White Africans and Palestinians still goes on, and that’s what our grandchildren will likely suffer through if we don’t prevail. But fantasies about compulsory mass population transfers or systemic disenfranchisement of citizens are incompatible with today’s and tomorrow’s geopolitical realities.

The best shot for our self-determination is to model our struggle on language, framing, and themes similar to other ethnic separatist movements which have won and are steadily winning global favor. States dealing with strong secessionist movements are always wall-eyed, with one eyeball firmly locked on world opinion. Secessionism requires a clean break from both American patriotism and the imperial/supremacist themes which have traditionally animated much of American White Nationalism.

All we have to do is make it easier for this state to cut us loose than to hang onto us, …but first we must stop hanging onto this state and cut our identity loose from it. We don’t need to defeat the United States military’s nuclear arsenal or its robot drone swarms. We only need to defeat their resolve, …a very achievable goal which will only prove more achievable in the coming decades as economic crises, austerity, chronic ethnic strife, rising Chinese and non-Atlanticist powers, and passage of the Boomers all shift the revolutionary math in our favor.

Neoliberals are the new conservatives, and conservatives always lose. History always moves right along despite their histrionic tantrums or impotent cries to “Stop!” There’s nothing more quintessentially conservative than trying to force a vast, diverse, and alienated multicultural empire to keep smiling and playing along with a 20th century Americana song and dance. The Butler Plan and Covington’s Northwest Front are vastly superior models to American Nationalism, though I believe that defining the territory and insisting that everybody relocate right away is putting the cart before the horse. What must be defined yesterday, however, is a clean symbolic and psychological break with this failing state; its symbols, themes, and myths in favor of a new Amerikaner tribalism and identity worth fighting for.

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    in the coming decades”? no way dude. they will have machine gun drones with operators in india on every street light and every corner. waiting this out is not an option. let china invade, let them nukes us. that is crazy. we need to save europe now or we will have no strength as a people with just a few 100 million in the west

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