Behind the Wire: How to Contact our Political Prisoners

January 7, 2018

Myself and Deputy Party Leader Tony Hovater had a chance to visit our Charlottesville POWs this past week. Our men are warriors, standing in defiance against the entire system for the principles of the National Socialist Revolution. As I stood talking to Dan Borden and Jacob Goodwin I saw a sight that would inspire any true nationalist. These are men that are not often made, at least in the modern age, men of unshakable faith and courage in our movement and the righteousness of our Cause.

Through all of the attacks by the courts of our foes, our men laugh in the face of the enemy. Although they may be in shackles and cells, our comrades are more free than any of their guards; because they know the truth and fight for it with every beat of their heart.

I could not be prouder of our POWs, the honor to lead men of this quality is truly humbling in every regard. Each and every single POW deserves honor, respect, and tribute from every nationalist here in the United States and abroad.

There is no love greater than a man being willing to lay down his life or his freedom for the sake of his people. Every revolution costs good men their lives, their freedom, and sometimes both. No revolution can ever be achieved without the sacrifices of our holy martyrs. In the struggle for an independent White nation we already have our first martyrs, the heroic men who are behind the wire in a Charlottesville jail.

Death through martyrdom is only part of the martyrs struggle. For the blood of the sixteen National Socialists who lost their lives in the Beer Hall Putsch, countless more languished in jail cells for years, including Adolf Hitler. The martyrdom of immortal and heroic Golden Dawn members Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis also has as its backdrop the imprisonment of the entire Party leadership for eighteen months without a conviction of a single crime.

The Jews will use their guns to try to stop us, but also their pigs and courts to try to break our spirits. It is our God given duty and responsibility to not only memorialize the dead, but to stand arm-in-arm with our Prisoners of War throughout their entire sentence. We will not stop until every single one of our comrades comes home to their families.

The comrades in jail are not simply men in jail, they are Prisoners of War. The State is explicitly genocidal towards our people, each of their policies works towards killing us off. Everything from the opioid epidemic to mass immigration is geared towards eliminating White people from the face of the planet.

This is not a war of guns and bombs, or illegal activity, but a war it is; a war for our very survival. Under international law our comrades deserve political status as prisoners, guaranteeing them better conditions than they are currently being given in the cells of the Zionist Occupation Government.

Our men are martyrs not only when they die, but when they continue to sacrifice for the cause of our people through the harassment of the Jewish and anti-White State. Our men behind bars are the best among us, they remain strong and unbroken in the face of the entire strength of the occupying empire.

As the Irish Republican ballad Men Behind the Wire says,

Proud we march behind our banner

Firm we’ll stand behind our men

We will have them free to help us

Build a nation once again

On the people step together

Proudly march on their way

Never fear never falter

Till the boys are home to stay


It is up to you and me to ensure our men are cared for. The Charlottesville four need our support, as do men like Christopher Cantwell and Richard Preston who while out on bond, are still fighting for their freedom.

So please comrades, don’t forget our men, stand with them and let us all together “build a nation once again!”

Hail our Prisoners of War and Hail Victory!

POW Contact Info

Prisoners can receive letters and soft cover books that are ordered directly from the publisher or point of sale. Sadly you cannot send in a care package of food or other materials. A book ordered directly on Amazon, not a used or seller copy, is the best way to get the books in. The comrades are asking for a variety of materials to keep them occupied during their imprisonment. Anything relating to National Socialism is strongly suggested and requested by our comrades.

Religious books are also appreciated. Mr. Goodwin is a follower of Asatru and Mr. Goodwin is inquiring into Orthodox Christianity.

Ramos, Alex


160 Peregory Lane

Charlottesville, VA 22902


Fields, James


160 Peregory Lane

Charlottesville VA 22902


Goodwin, Jacob


160 Peregory Lane

Charlottesville VA 22902


Borden, Daniel


160 Peregory Lane

Charlottesville VA 22902

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