White Frustration and the Death of Bannonism

January 4, 2018

The Ashkenazi Jews are a gifted race, capable of impressive and genuinely beneficial insights and innovations. When it comes to intelligence, they’ve got merit. In fact, they’re so intelligent that they intuitively grasp the flawed game theory behind arguments for “meritocracy.” What happens every time on a perfectly even playing field is that the smartest team wins, not the smartest individuals.

Chuck Schumer achieves his power through being a brilliant world-class ivy league political operative, then his insipidly stupid niece Amy Schumer floats to the top with him, forcing Netflix, Inc. to abolish their rating system altogether because nobody likes her stolen jokes about how bad her vagina smells. That’s ethnic networking, and Ron Unz, another brilliant ivy league Jew, has the best data-rich analysis of how it plays out in the ivy league universities, The Myth of American Meritocracy, …with the distant cousins of well-connected and powerful Jewish oligarchs systematically passing up intellectually superior White Goyim and Asian-American candidates.

Ron Unz deserves special attention because he belongs to a very very small but very important subset of Jews who are intelligent and insightful enough to perceive and harness the vril of American politics: white frustration. Unz has invested millions in anti-immigration, pro-assimilation, nativist, American Nationalist messaging and policies. Unz has invested a considerable amount in important anti-establishment thinkers like Steve Sailer who would otherwise be iced out of “respectable” discourse altogether.

I have no special insight into Unz’s heart, and I don’t believe most Western-assimilated Jews actually consciously see themselves as part of an elaborate program to crush each and every White nation. They operate, as we all do, on the myths and themes they’re indoctrinated in at an early age. I probably operate as I do because I played too much Mario Bros. in the early nineties, and now have an instinctive compulsion to save the blonde chicks from the reptilian overlords no matter what obstacles or enemies stand in my way.

Whether the Japanese have politically brainwashed me to defeat the Jews is an open question, but what’s not up for debate is that the global Jewish community operates on their own myths and themes that similarly drive them. From the Torah on down to the latest Times editorial, Jews have a consistent theme of pitying the clever and weak victims of the big strong Pharaoh and his empire which guides their political trajectory. Since we Whites are innately bigger, stronger, and more socially dominant, the Jewish people will always perceive us as their Philistines, as the Goliath to be defeated. Our very existence, despite ourselves, humiliates them and fuels their toxic ressentiment.

Even when we’re dutiful shabbos goyim, even as the American Empire has become their own thermonuclear Golem, the Jewish mythos has no brakes. Ron Unz wants what’s actually good for the Jews, which is a return to the post-War golden age of the Anglo/Jewish love affair. For a couple decades, the Jews who had escaped the minor inconveniences imposed on them by the NSDAP worked to earn the favor of their new hosts, even dedicating their creativity and genius to writing most of the classic Christian Christmas jingles we know and love.

Within a generation, America’s Jews had gone back to acting like Jews, compulsively subverting, perverting, and inverting all of the host nation’s institutions and traditions. This was actually “bad for the Jews,” as White America was already a religiously and ethnically plural bazaar where they were not only welcome but adored by dippy Christians eager to host “God’s chosen people” and patriotic fools who embraced and extended WWII war propaganda into a sort of civic religion centered around America’s rescuing the Jews from evil Nazis.

But there was actually another brilliant Jew–a gay Jew!–who preceded Ron Unz in the quixotic effort to achieve what’s objectively “good for the Jews” despite the tremendous headwind within the Jewish community: Matt Drudge. Drudge came to national attention with his leaking of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and has remained the world’s absolute best news aggregator. Drudge’s notoriously simple site, Drudge Report, consistently delivers the best headlines, with the best wording, forcing even the most obnoxiously leftist hipsters in Washington Post’s corporate office to grudgingly leave his decidedly paleocon and routinely race-baiting tab open on their browser.

Matt Drudge is what Steve Bannon foolishly thought he was: a political mastermind, kingmaker, and chess master capable of envisioning and orchestrating political revolutions. In fact, Bannon was just the latest in a long series of goyim Drudge had relied upon to achieve his American Nationalist political vision. Bannon’s website, named after a former Drudge protégé, Breitbart, who had passed away unexpectedly, only existed as a relevant political vehicle because Drudge regularly linked to him.

Those who remember the turn of the century remember that Drudge has always indulged in pro-white race-baiting with his headlines and links, subtly encouraging that most sinister of political currents: white frustration. More recently, Drudge played a critical role in centering the Trayvon Martin killing. Drudge, above all, helped steer the mainstream media’s attempt to frame the episode as a civil rights tragedy into a landmark moment for white identity. More than any other episode, the media’s mishandling of the incident and vilification of George Zimmerman helped White conservatives begin to openly consider the anti-white agenda.

Conservative American politics can be best understood as a series of ill-fated attempts by various ideological factions to harness the rocket booster of white frustration to launch themselves into the stratosphere, release it, and then remain in orbit. Back in 2012, in The REAL Ron Paul Scandal, I described how libertarians ripped off David Duke’s successful Louisiana campaign to overtake the GOP with the aid of white resentment. It worked masterfully, and Ron Paul’s “liberty” movement was on the ascent right up until Rand Paul performed that important pivot away from “racism,” declaring that he’s actually an anti-racist, anti-white libertarian faggot.

Bannon and Trump both launched themselves into orbit by playing to white frustration, then cut the rocket booster loose once the elections were over and they could safely achieve their totally-not-racist prerogatives. Bannon’s a tea party dork stuck in some sad vintage 2010 “fight the establishment” reactionary fog. Trump’s a marketing and branding guy who arrived at white frustration talking points through A/B testing his audiences throughout the election. By having no strategy or plan at all but “winning,” Trump accidentally ended up becoming the unlikely voice of white frustration.

Drudge is cutting Bannon loose, as is necessary when the jockey tries to ride off with the horse. And he’ll cut the Breitbart site loose as well, if it continues its shift from being a vehicle for showcasing plausibly deniable white frustration fodder into a useless “anti-establishment” blog against “big government,” “Crooked Hillary,” and other boomer bugbears. Winning the game requires walking that tightrope between Conservative, Inc. and an openly pro-white position, and the Breitbart project likely lacks the leadership and clarity to maintain that balance.

Breitbart will soon join Bannon, the “Tea Party,” Ron Paul, paleolibertarianism, and Newt Gingrich’s revolution in the elephant graveyard of spent vehicles for white frustration. Only Trump himself remains, by virtue of having accidentally, unintentionally, landed in the Oval Office. Trump also has the definitive advantage of having no plan. Unlike everybody else Drudge has attempted to pivot into position for his American Nationalist vision, Trump is unlikely to bungle it up by having his own ideological or strategic aims.

Drudge will rely on other blogs and websites for headlines while Breitbart is carrying on with its boring boomer bullshit. He’ll gently guide and craft a counter-narrative for Trump and the rest of the GOP which centers immigration, Islamic terrorism, minority crime, and Jewish subversion without directly admitting a pro-white or anti-immigration position. What Trump will do tomorrow is a total mystery, even to Trump himself. But the fate of his administration rests entirely on whether its actions and messaging can be spun by Drudge into his American Nationalist agenda.

In the final denouement, Drudge will also land in the same graveyard of failed attempts to misdirect white frustration, as it’s destined to eventually shake off the plausible deniability and dare to lay claim to its own agenda: What’s good for the White Americans? Put in more ideological terms: national socialism; a state capable of disciplining the economy to the needs of the ethno-nation.

Given that the United States of America is wildly out of scope, demographically beyond recovery, and inexorably tied to its neo-colonial Atlanticist imperial framework, the White nationalist aspiration must necessarily find expression in secession–an idea which will prove less LARPy in the years to come. Drudge’s American Nationalist plan, and derivative projects which plan on expelling Jews and hundreds of millions of others from the current territory, are additional ideological detours that will fall by the wayside before we arrive at our clear and simple destination: a sovereign socialist nation by and for our people.

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    Yes, because it all comes down to this…”a sovereign socialist nation by and for our people.”<span style=”color: #555555; font-family: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif;”><span style=”font-size: 20px;”> </span></span>

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