We’re All Palestinians

December 28, 2017

The battle for a free world is not over until every nation is free from Jewish occupation. As the world has found out, over one hundred times now, it is not enough to merely drive the Jews beyond your borders and then take a sigh of relief. Like an 80’s horror movie villain, the Jews will always return after they take refuge in another land and rebuild their strength. All people must be free or–eventually–none of us will be.

There is a debate within White Nationalism today over the issue of Palestine and the future of the Palestinian people. While no one is on the side of the Zionist occupation, at least not anyone arguing in good faith, there is a belief among some that the freedom and sovereignty of Palestinians is not an issue that White Nationalists should care about.

This apathetic view of the Palestinian crisis is sometimes rooted in sincere anti-Islamic or isolationist sentiment. Israeli colonial meddling in the Muslim World is the main force radicalizing Muslims and driving them into the West, where Jews are more than eager to open the gate. Neocolonial Zionism has embraced, extended, and exterminated the ethnic identitarian ideal, perverting and subverting the natural and healthy striving for a humble homeland into a global and globalist attack on every ethnicity and identity but the Jewish one.

The only problem with standing with Palestinians is that Palestinians don’t yet stand with us. It’s a big problem, but it’s part of a larger problem where our cause is often perceived as aligned with and supportive of Zionism, colonialism, and Western military imperialism. White Nationalists routinely claim, while trying to be clever, that our cause is similar to Zionism, betraying that they understand neither Zionism’s history nor White Nationalism’s future.

While we stand in solidarity with our White identitarian allies across the board, TradWorker’s forward-looking post-colonial, anti-colonial geopolitical framework is incompatible with White Nationalism’s more common and familiar sentimentalism for the bygone days when Western people got to be junior partners in the global colonialist project. Our nationalists often either want to advance toward a White Zionism where we also become a threat to other nationalists around the world or retreat to a paleocon isolationist indifference where we become irrelevant to other nationalists around the world.

Whether it’s Palestine’s Hamas, Syria’s Ba’ath Party, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, The Philippines’ Duterte, the DPRK, Iran, or even China, there’s an ascendant movement around the world that’s already moved past the West’s central banking machine and the globalist Enlightenment tropes it churns out. It’s hard to see the full picture from right in the middle of the American propaganda machine. It’s hard to wrap our minds around America’s inexorable geopolitical death spiral, but America, the European Union, and Israel are falling behind. Whites in America and Europe alike are not “People of Colonialism,” no matter what your professor told you. We’re under no moral or practical obligation to remain tied to the fate of a “Western Civilization” which is no longer either “Western” or civilized.

The Kurds, the Ukrainians, Saudi Arabia, the modern Sinn Fein, and the Scottish Nationalists promote globalism and suck up to the Jews. We must not support those people. Any movement that promotes globalism or suckles at the teat of Zion must be considered our enemy. Those with nationalist aspirations who attempt to tie the fate of their identitarian ambition to the globalists and their triangulations are betraying their integrity and won’t even achieve their homeland in exchange.

The occupation of Palestine is an issue that nearly the entire world views as illegitimate. Other than American Evangelical whack jobs and senile American Boomers, no one really supports Israel outside of the Jewish community. Nikki Haley made her threats to isolate anyone and everyone who doesn’t toe the Zionist party line on Jerusalem recently, evidently forgetting that it’s no longer the nineties and America and Israel no longer enjoy their hegemonic mono-polar geopolitical position or air of moral authority from which to talk like they continue to do.

America’s Zionist federal government furiously waves around its obsolete twentieth century military technology like an old man shaking his cane at kids in his yard. Even if he could give one of the kids–perhaps North Korea–a good hard thwack, he would come out worse for it than the kid. Whether or not the federal government’s “experts” and “strategists” actually get this is an open question, though their investments and priorities seem to suggest that they might actually be that stupid.

Seeing Jews using weapons made illegal under international law, bombing civilians, torturing people without trial, destroying Palestinian homes, killing foreign nationalist leaders, attacking other countries without a declaration of war, and working to subvert all their neighbors makes almost everyone in the world justifiably angry. There’s no coherent way to defend Israel’s actions, and the West’s Jewish media no longer possesses the monopoly on news necessary to make the whole thing look coherent.

The Jews are so full of themselves, and so confident that the American golem they have created will protect them, that they feel no need to abide by any standards of human decency. Israel has been condemned by the United Nations over forty times, including statements identifying that “the strategic relationship with the United States encourages Israel to pursue aggressive and expansionist policies and practices.”

American/Israeli relations is a slave/master relationship, and if we are to ever truly defeat the Jews, we must defeat their base of operations in Washington DC and Tel Aviv. The creation of a sovereign and independent Palestine would mean the beginning of the end of Zionist control and subversion in the Middle East.

The end of constant Zionist meddling in the Middle East means no more blank checks for Israeli imperial aggression from America’s taxpayers. American soldiers will no longer be sent to die and be mangled on lies, the end of Zionist meddling means no more millions of refugees forced into Europe to flee wars caused by the Jews and their allies, and it means that actual stable Arab leaders can come or stay in power in order to defeat Wahhabi terrorists.

Legal precedent for self determination on the international stage is clear for Palestine, which sets up a further argument on the international stage for our people to one day pursue our own ethno-state. For us to achieve our goal of our own National Socialist ethno-state, we need international allies and global momentum in the world for multiple nations to be created under the banner of self determination.

Around the world there are two main sides taking shape in geopolitics and the global economy, the American / EU / Israeli / Saudi / NATO “Allies” and the Russian / Iranian / Syrian / Chinese “Axis of Evil.” Continued slavery under the boot of the Jewish controlled powers means our genocide, plain and simple. There will be no ethno-state without friends from overseas and finding shared geopolitical, economic, and military interests. The likely embargo of our future nation and attempted subversion by Jewish puppet states means that friendly relationships with nationalist countries both European and non-European will be key to our ability to develop and build our independent nation.

Palestine is perhaps the clearest example in modern times to be able to showcase to the world and our own people the brutality of the Jews, their hatred of anyone who isn’t Jewish, and their plans to not only create Greater Israel but to control the entire globe.  Through exposing the evil actions of the Jews in Israel, and the global Jewish support for the Zionist occupation, we can further awaken the world population to the Jewish threat.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, we must be consistent in our ideology. As General Leon Degrelle said on National Socialism that it “meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble ideal. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves.”

We as National Socialists want other peoples to be free, to be able to chart their own course for their people, and be able to strive for new heights of their civilization. The National Socialist worldview is one where the revolution never truly ends, each people are called to constantly be bettering themselves, making their people and culture stronger and healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

National Socialism is respectful towards other peoples, while always putting our own people first. If we want self determination, it is important for us to support the same right for others that strive for freedom. Imperial capitalism and Zionism impact all nations, depriving all of us of our basic rights as free people.

The White population of America deserves self determination, the Greeks deserve self determination, the Afrikaners deserve self determination, and so do the Japanese, the Nigerians, the Vietnamese, the Cubans, the Palestinians and every other people. Anti-globalism is a global struggle.

This is the only way for us to ensure our children can grow up in a peaceful world, one that is driven by the spirit of cooperation, support, and true freedom from exploitation. No longer will the Jews and their capitalist lackeys be able to turn different nations against one another to fight over the scraps that fall off their table. Instead we will for the first time in human history, have a world that is free, sovereign, and at peace. We must defeat the Jews and the imperialists once and for all, this is a final battle of liberation for the entire globe, to break the chains of debt slavery, occupation, and exploitation, so that all children might be able to grow up free.

While the entire world has figuratively become an open air prison camp under the Jewish oligarchs, Palestine is literally an open air prison camp. While the whole world is under the Jewish financial machine, Israel blockades and inspects everything going in and out of Palestine. While the Jewish war machine risks and wastes the lives of our men and women who are gullible enough to sign up for military/mercenary service, Palestinian women and children are routinely targeted by the Jewish state in their homes and nurseries.

The struggle against the Jewish oligarchs is singular. We will all, regardless of which nation we stand and fight for, share the same globalist fate if we don’t prevail. We are all Palestinians now. So with that I must say with all of my heart, Free Palestine!

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    Excellent article, and a strong Amen to supporting all peoples in being freed from oppression whether by Jews or the various bankster Traitors. Palestine and it’s people are a template of what the Khazar Mafia has in store for the whole planet if we allow it. Almost as if they are being martyred to show the world the raw satanic evil of Carnal Israel. Cordreanu says each nation gets the Jews it deserves, perhaps the world gets the “Israel” it deserves.

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