The INTERDICT Act and Street Action

December 5, 2017

Congress is overwhelmingly behind the INTERDICT Act, “International Narcotics Trafficking Emergency Response by Detecting Incoming Contraband with Technology.” It’s an incredibly useful piece of legislation that beefs up border patrol’s ability to detect and prosecute drug smuggling at our nation’s border. This is the first and last time TradWorker will be aligned with Big Pharma, which supports the legislation because illegal drug cartels compete directly with their legal drug cartel in the provision of junk to junkies.

When non-symbolic legislation passes as unanimously as this legislation has, the question to ask is why it wasn’t already passed a long time ago if it’s so damn popular. The reason is because La Raza on the left and the Chamber of Commerce on the right have dissuaded the passage of this legislation up until now because there’s no practical way to regulate illegal drug smuggling without regulating illegal immigration, too.

The overwhelming majority of drugs entering this country cross the U.S.-Mexican border. Indeed, in the 1990s, to the extent that the debate over building a wall along the border got any traction, it stemmed from the war on drugs, not a war on illegal immigration. The steel fence constructed between San Diego and Tijuana — which works quite well, by the way — was built to stop drug traffickers, not gardeners. [What if Mexicans Were Crack? — (((Jonah Goldberg)))]

As populist pressure rises on Trump and Congress alike to BUILD KATE’S WALL, a funny thing is happening. La Raza and the Chamber of Commerce are actually supporting an aggressive investment in traditional border security so they can achieve the statistics necessary to argue that the wall isn’t necessary. You see, unlike a giant concrete wall, traditional enforcement can be bulldozed with the stroke of a pen after they pry Trump from office.

It’s a cynical ploy, but it’s a White Nationalist victory, nonetheless. You see, what the policy wonks in Washington don’t get is that illegal immigration is about more than just their wonky supply and demand bullshit. There’s a social and cultural dimension which has already been achieving massive demographic victories regardless of whether Trump or Congress actually obey the will of the people. The will of the people is clear: GTFO. Our Trump votes will never be fully obviated by Trump’s betrayals because they’re bigger than Trump. Trump votes were a big beautiful NOT WELCOME tattooed on America’s chest.

For decades, legals and illegals alike have moved here under the credible premise that they’re welcome, wanted, and safe. The media and leftists can pretend that Trump is to blame for all the “negativity,” but Trump only had one vote like everyone else. Across America, including in allegedly liberal strongholds, America sent out a “NOT WELCOME” signal heard loud and clear around the world.

The gringo at the construction site is one phone call away from having you deported. The public school is no longer safe to send your kids to, given the increased potential of one parent or staff member making that one phone call. Sure, that black guy wants to be paid more and doesn’t work as hard, but your landscaping business can’t afford the risk, liability, and stigma of hiring the illegal immigrant. INTERDICT and similar legislation will help, but genuine demographic reversal won’t happen until migrants–legal and illegal–don’t feel safe or comfortable here.

Forget Fentanyl trafficking. You’re one busted taillight away from you and your family being detained and deported back from whence you came. It’s not worth it.

TradWorker is happy to see a decrease in illicit narcotics from the Mestizo drug cartels, but we won’t rest until we defeat the final boss: Jewish oligarchs and their legally sanctioned Big Pharma drug cartel. White America’s addiction problem is complex, and our TRAD treatment program remains in the pilot phase as we work to ensure that we’re fusing state of the art conventional addiction recovery strategies with answers to alienation and degeneracy which promise to deliver a truly comprehensive solution. We must defeat the Jewish oligarchs, their Big Pharma allies, the illegal cartels, and the personal obstacles to recovery.

We’re up to the task, the entire task.

TradWorker is more than just a nationalist project to slow down immigration, “influence elites,” and “raise awareness.” We’re a national socialist vanguard which will solve these problems one person, social circle, neighborhood, community, region, and nation at a time, working up from the grassroots. We support Kate’s Wall and will try to Pass Kate’s Law. We can and will engage the conventional political process when it suits us. But we won’t rest until non-white foreigners are so damn uncomfortable here that they’re scrambling to climb the north face of “the wall.”

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