Nationalist Solidarity for the New Year

December 26, 2017

Nationalists are more united now than in the past seventy years. As Europeans, we are coming together as one, fighting for the survival of the European people in all of our nations. The Traditionalist Worker Party has worked over the past several years to build relationships with our comrades around the European world. From our Afrikaner brothers and sisters to our kinsmen in Greece, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russian, Sweden, Finland, and elsewhere; our party has grown close friends with the nationalist movements throughout Europe and the diaspora.

In a heartwarming showing of nationalist solidarity, our comrades from the NPD recently flew a TWP flag during one of their end of the year winter events. The NPD are strong friends of TWP, I spoke at their annual conference several years ago, and we have marched together at several demonstrations in Europe. The NPD is the only party in Germany that is actually fighting against the destruction of the German people and is uncompromising in their principles.

Given the inspiration that German nationalism, both historically and today, has given us in the Traditionalist Worker Party, it was humbling to have our holy banner flying aloft alongside the symbols of German patriotism and nationalism. As our heroic martyr Robert Matthews said “Ten hearts, one beat. One hundred hearts, one beat. Ten thousand hearts, one beat.” As Europeans we must have our hearts beat as one, our steps must be in sync, and our actions must be aimed at the total liberation of our people.

We look forward to further cooperation with our German and other European comrades in 2018 as we all march together towards the final victory for our folk against the globalist and capitalist traitors and enemies who have enslaved our people.

Hail European solidarity and the New Year, the year that our people truly rise up as one.

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    One Beat, One Truth, One Hope for Our World…Europa Unite!

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