Let Them Fight: How We Keep Winning

December 3, 2017

I’m sick of talking about Charlottesville.

You’re sick of reading about Charlottesville.

I feel like I said 90% of what needs to be said about Charlottesville in my “Catcher in the Reich” report I wrote mere hours after the action, summarizing it in my brief tantrum, “They staged a bumfight!” the following morning when swarmed by media while attempting to attend my arraignment for “failure to disperse.”

The liberal political class and the government are shrieking so loudly at me and mine right now precisely because they know they’re guilty, know they’re caught red-handed, and know that the only way through this is to steamroll over us with a nationwide hysteria.

But cooler heads will prevail. Facts will come to light. Video will be examined. The alternative media won’t let this story go the way the hand-in-glove mainstream media wants it to. The ACLU is already closing in on the government’s absurd handling of this event. With the amount of manpower and firepower at their disposal, the Commonwealth of Virginia could have EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY forced both antifa and nationalists to sit on picnic blankets and play patty-cake together. Instead, Mayor Signer and Vice-Mayor Bellamy chose to lead the nationalists into a trap, corner us with the help of the fucking military, and stand by as we were beaten to death.

The facts are now coming to light. The only thing I was incorrect about was the ACLU, which did a complete 180 on their mission statement. I know the ACLU aren’t /ourguys/. But I calculated, incorrectly, that they wouldn’t permanently abdicate their time-honored position as the defenders of constitutional rights against hysterical mobs. They did so.

Dear Mr. Parrott:

We have reviewed your case and regret that the ACLU of Virginia will not be able to assist you in this matter.

Samantha Artison


ACLU of Virginia

Dear Mrs. Artison,

I knew you wouldn’t accept my case, despite it being a high profile black and white open and shut example of civil liberties being violated in broad daylight. Kessler, Spencer, and I are in unique positions to tell our rapidly growing movement whether or not political violence is legitimate. I suspected civil liberties have become a joke in America, and that everything’s become tribal. I needed this email, though, to assuage that tiny voice in the back of my mind that told me that perhaps there are still classical liberals in America who still stand for the founding ideals regardless of race, color, or creed.

There aren’t.

The right to free assembly is denied to me and mine by you and yours. I brought no weapon. I threw no punch. I helped organize a peaceful permitted assembly and was denied that right by law enforcement with a hundred cameras and observers, including yourselves, there to confirm it. I was physically silenced for belonging to the wrong political faction, and you’re an active helpmeet in assisting and approving of this prominent miscarriage of justice.

You’re the one in the position of power right now. And you’re in a position to smirk at this tirade and mash that delete button, or perhaps forward it to some colleagues for a good laugh at my expense. That’s what you’ve chosen to do with your position of power, exploit it to break the rules. Those rules were put in place to protect vulnerable people. I was the vulnerable one this round. You must be pretty confident that you’ll never be in a position where you’ll need these universal principles applied on your own behalf.

Chomsky said,

“What they do is often wrong in principle – like blocking talks – and [the movement] is generally self-destructive.”

“When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it’s the toughest and most brutal who win – and we know who that is,” said Chomsky, a professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “That’s quite apart from the opportunity costs – the loss of the opportunity for education, organizing, and serious and constructive activism.”

The ACLU is the final firewall, the quango designed to ensure that political violence is never legitimized in the United States. You’ve chosen to shift to the arena of violence. Perhaps you’re brutal enough to always win. Time will tell.

Matt Parrott

CIO, TradWorker

The facts have come to light, and the ACLU still has an opportunity to redeem themselves in light of the independent and official reports universally confirming my original position. They will not redeem themselves. They will not take a stand for civil liberties. But we no longer need them to. We are raising the money for private counsel and will defend our own rights. By the way, we desperately need your help right now to help Free the Charlottesville Five and tee up our potentially lucrative counter-suits.

Never before in the history of White Nationalism has a financial fundraiser been toward a more worthy or smart goal than both freeing innocent men and bagging slam dunk counter-suits which could help fund our movement for years to come. Between this and Anglin’s promising legal situation, we have managed to position nationalists to achieve the unthinkable. We can actually roundly defeat the united legal forces of the left at lawfare. But we need you to become a stakeholder in that historic victory.

The Independent Review of the Protest Events in Charlottesville, Virginia is blistering, and the upcoming state review promises to also be a roast. They staged a bumfight, and they lost. My only regret with the report is that its thorough review of specific tactical and situation errors and mishaps by the cops on the ground overshadows the political crime at the heart of the matter. We’re all liable to trip up when events become that chaotic and dangerous. The focus should remain on the political actors who actively decided to make it chaotic and dangerous: (((Mayor Michael Signer))), “Mayor of Vice” Wes Bellamy, Governor Terry McAuliffe, and Police Chief Al Thomas.

Every hour that the Charlottesville Five are held after this report has been published is its own separate and distinct travesty of justice for each one of our men being imprisoned for nakedly false and political reasons by the State of Virginia. Every hour that the nuisance lawsuits against ourselves and our organizations remain filed after this report has been published is just a bit more exposure to our upcoming counter-suit.

Police Chief Al Thomas declared “Let them fight” before the fight, proving our narrative. We fought, all right. We defended ourselves so well that the government had to step in to pry us from the ground we had secured. We defended ourselves so well that the antifa who came armed for offensive battle to destroy us departed with desperate pleas for attorneys and feds to step in and deliver them from nationalist terror. The report confirms that the intelligence going in was that TradWorker doesn’t start fights. It was accurate. And the intelligence going out is that we win fights when the government maliciously–and repeatedly–pushes us into our enemies.

What’s our secret? How do we keep winning against forces ten, a hundred, and a thousand times greater than ourselves? Truth, solidarity, and sacrifice. One reason we reject the fashionable calls for angles is because we know that the minute we compromise on the plain truth, we drop our most valuable weapon. Solidarity has a cumulative effect that’s difficult to quantify, but tremendously powerful. It’s why we stand behind our men when other organizations would cut them loose. Sacrifice is critical as well, and we’ve sacrificed a great deal. But sacrifice is wasted when it’s not coupled with truth and solidarity.

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