Israel’s Capital is Washington, D.C.

December 6, 2017

A nation’s capital is its unchallenged seat of power, its home base from which it directs its military and domestic policy, its center of gravity, and its economic coffers. Trump has reversed on yet another campaign promise, declaring that the United States embassy in Israel needs to move from Tel Aviv, the actual nerve center of Israel, to Jerusalem, as part of an effort to rob the Arabs of even more territory. In his campaign, Trump promised to be an honest broker, to leverage his world-class deal-making skills to try to broker peace in the Middle East. Without apology or excuse, he’s breaking that promise.

The man who wrote The Art of the Deal has achieved no concessions from Israel. He’s bundled this declaration with no overarching deal of any kind that could be construed as an attempt at attempting to arrive at a fair outcome. Trump is bullying the Palestinians on behalf of the Jews, even while the American Jewish community remains the most rabidly opposed to him. Jews despise Trump dramatically more than Hispanic voters do, and their opposition is far more threatening to him, but Jewish Power is the one power so mighty that even the eccentric billionaire bully at the helm of the most powerful state in the history of the world has to kowtow for.

Trump’s administration cares more about and has invested more American tax dollars in funding Israel’s border wall than it has in the wall voters elected him to build. Trump the candidate promised to put America First, but Trump and his dual-citizenship administration cannot and will not put America first, because the capital of Israel is Washington, D.C. It’s located in a foreign homeland, something Jews are eager to do one way or another. Whether it’s Americans or Arabs, Jews must be parasitical, either occupying Palestine’s historic capital or ours.

Zionism always has been and always will be a scam, because to be Jewish is to be parasitical in a host country. Israel is nothing but a home base for their international crime racket, a place for their criminals to land to avoid extradition, and a military which only exists as a last resort to step in when the numerous worldwide proxy armies of their infected hosts drop the ball, …as we’ve recently done in Syria.

With their ISIS, “moderate rebel,” Kurd, and American Marine proxies all having failed to topple Assad, Israel has resorted to directly bombing the sovereign state. They offer no comment and their media apparatchiks don’t bother to ask for one. The conventional international treaties and rules of engagement are a mug’s game for the goyim, a bundle of bullshit laws they only bother to reference when they’ve cornered an enemy and wish to lynch him on fabricated “war crimes” charges.

Struggling American workers who’ve just seen Trump cut their healthcare access even further and hand a big juicy tax cut to the Wall Street scoundrels who entirely voted against him should ask some tough questions. But be careful, because asking tough questions about Jewish Power will bring a nightmare swarm of scandals, harassment, attacks, unemployment, and public humiliation down on your head. The full weight and force of this government and its institutions will come down on you if you dare to name the Jew, because Washington, D.C. isn’t your country’s capital.

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    The federal empire galvanized in Washington, DC is nothing more than a puppet for their Israeli masters.  Ironic, isn’t it?  The radical republicans of Lincoln’s party crushed and occupied (still do) the Southron Confederate Nation, then headed West to feed their lust for federal power by conquering the Indian Nations.  Still not enough, Yankee hegemony spreads during the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, and so on, yet all the while it is the one being manipulated by the worlds richest Jews and their financial cartels.  So it is very accurate to state that Washington, DC is today Israel’s capital.  The great parasite!  Poignant article Matt Parrott.  Thanks for posting.

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