#UniteTheRight Defense Fund

November 13, 2017

Our movement is strong on the street, and can even prevail against our enemies with absurd 20-to-1 odds, as the Sacramento Spartans did with twenty men prevailing against 300 antifa. Our movement is strong on the Internet, with our small army of the most creative and dedicated digital activists routinely rocking the mainstream media and transforming popular discourse. Against all odds, we as a movement have earned a reputation for punching above our weight class, …except when it comes to lawfare.

It shouldn’t be like this. We should be winning here, too. But winning in the courtroom requires two things we’re short on: money and solidarity. To win, we have to pay expensive attorneys to present our (very very winnable) cases, and we have to overcome factional and personal differences to work together on research, discovery, and class action work.

While the SPLC and other powerful anti-White litigation vehicles have tens of millions in offshore Cayman Island investment funds, we’re lucky to raise tens of dollars to cover the most basic expenses for our men behind the wire, for our organizations being subjected to frivolous nuisance lawsuits, and to very promising counter-suits. All the money in the Caribbean can prove powerless against competent counsel able to present the truth of our side. But competent counsel isn’t quite free.

The UTR Defense Fund is the largest defense fund, and the one which is endorsed, supported, and organized by Jason Kessler, the chief local organizer and permit holder for the event. He’s been working closely with several individuals and organizations to arrive at a holistic legal strategy capable of achieving more than just protection of the people with the resources to protect themselves from the sharknado of litigation coming from leftist agitators in the wake of our being denied our constitutional right to free expression in Charlottesville. While not everybody in Charlottesville is included, our law firm is committed to sharing discovery and cooperating fully with those who’ve arrived at an independent legal defense.

We encourage you to also donate generously to the other fundraisers. Ideally, everyone who was on the Right in Charlottesville will get the maximum representation possible, and that goal can be achieved with your help. Our movement runs on passion, carpooling, stacking a dozen people into a tiny motel room to cut costs, and volunteers. While the left has salaried professional activists, conventional office buildings, and expense accounts, we’ve got heart. And we’re going to continue running things lean, making every dollar go ridiculously far. But the cascade of legal challenges in the wake of the City of Charlottesville’s premeditated anarchist bumfight is a test of our movement, a test to see if we can be railroaded, tossed frivolous default judgments, then frustrated, disoriented, disheartened, and destroyed by the legal system.

You can donate to the GoyFundMe campaign, make a subscription donation at Hatreon, mail your check or money order directly to the law firm, or (of course) send bitcoins. You can also help a great deal by popularizing and promoting our fundraiser. Those of us who were at Charlottesville won the battle against the single greatest mob of violent leftist radicals in living memory. With your help, we can also win the war that’s being waged to try to silence us by any means necessary. We’ve already raised a few thousand to get the ball rolling, but we need your help to keep that balling rolling to victory.

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    Just donated 14.88 (I wish it could be more but my lottery ticket didn’t win)

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