No. We are Not Going to Stop LARPing

November 29, 2017

Lucian Wintrich, an altlite Trumper who was attempting to speak at UCONN, was arrested mid-speech when one of the dozens of fanatically anti-white antifa radicals ripped his speech out of his hand and he attempted to wrestle it back from her. He was not able to give his speech, and both the state and the university system actively sided with and assisted the angry mob in silencing his attempt to claim that, “It’s Okay to be White.”

There’s been this mad scramble back to the center, to the American flags, the civic nationalism, and the cubicle costumes in a desperate bid to keep 2016 alive. 2016 was a strange year where for a few brief, beautiful months, the space-time vortex opened up and White Nationalist voices were able to be part of the national conversation. The conveyor belt between normies and nationalists was wide open, and it was a moment of beauty.

But 2016 is no longer current year. The current year is 2017, and it’s a year where the neoliberal and leftist institutional overlords and their minions are throwing a hysterical tantrum. They successfully smashed the conveyor belt shortly after Trump’s victory triggered them, and it’s been smashed this entire year. Anybody who tries to stand in that space, the “MAGA Space” between outright nationalism and the GOP, is being ground into hamburger. Milo, Gavin, and several projects closer to White Nationalism are disbanding and in disarray, …and yet the burnt fool’s bandaged finger keeps wobbling back to the fire.

This is the nature of fourth generation asymmetrical warfare. As ISIS found out the hard way, if we attempt to prematurely establish the caliphate, we’ll be easily nuked from orbit. To survive, we must remain agile and on the periphery until we’re strong enough to confront the center. We must focus on radical recruitment. And we must invest our time in shoring up our basic communication and logistical infrastructure from the hellstorm that awaits. We must invest heavily in our legal defense and our men behind the wire. We must accept that there will not be a simple linear path to victory.

2016 made it all feel like it was going to be easy. But it is not going to be easy.

As we push against the status quo, the status quo is going to push back against us. And the harder we threaten it, the harder it’s going to push back. More importantly, it makes no distinction between MAGApede dorks and AtomWaffen extremists. And since you’re going to be attacked anyway, you might as well be prepared at all times to fight, …including with LARPy and guache shields, helmets, and black bloc uniforms.

This space where you can be pro-white but not be attacked by the mob no longer exists. Stop pretending it exists.

Had Lucian asked for our protection while making a pro-white speech, we would have delivered. Had we been there, the antifa would have retracted back from taunting and harassing the speaker in his face to “peacefully protest” a good distance from the defensive line. In a perfect world (and by perfect, I mean circa 2015), law enforcement and the university would protect free expression from roving unhinged thugs. They’re not. On purpose. And how we as nationalists respond to that escalation will decide whether we’re shouted down or hold our ground.

The good news is that our cause is much stronger than the system, much stronger than the mobs, and much stronger than the media perpetually trying to propagandize against our work. We have the truth on our side. We have the youth on our side. The mega-trends which drove the AltRight to become a national force are still as strong as ever. And if the strategists in the AltRight want to step away from where the energy’s coming from (angry white kids rejecting their institutional anti-white conditioning), then all the more for the Hard Right and National Socialists.

While I don’t take pride or pleasure when any pro-white voice is silenced from the public square, what happened to Lucian and what’s been happening in our movement, …where our men try to de-escalate the confrontation by relying on state police protection and common sense to have their back, needs to happen. Your precious constitution is as worthless as the cheap bulk-ordered institutional toilet paper that law enforcement and university staff also wipe their cheap institutional asses with.

TradWorker isn’t a fight club. We’re not a street gang. Our work is essentially humble community service and community organizing, one neighborhood and network of friends and family at a time. But we have no choice about whether this gets violent. Lucian wanted everybody to calm down and approach matters with an attitude of mutual respect in a civilized atmosphere where law and order is respected and law enforcement protects constitutionally protected discourse and ideas. Lucian got his homework stolen from him and then the cops arrested him for being bullied.

That’s 2017.

2016 was a test of whether our movement can hustle. We all passed with flying colors. 2017 was a test of whether we can and will fight. Some of us passed and some of us failed, scattered, or retreated. 2018 will be a test of whether we can endure prolonged and sustained efforts to squeeze us out of public politics. Can we support our men behind the wire? Can we pay for our legal counsel to protect us from frivolous “innovative” lawsuits? Can we support our men who’ve been fired? And what of the looming audits and investigations?

Many of us, myself included, have been baffled and startled by exactly what we should have known, in theory, would come with victory and advancement. We were so busy trying to figure out how to break out of the ghetto of radical irrelevance that we didn’t really prepare ourselves; physically, organizationally, and ideologically for the consequences which naturally follow that victory. I can’t predict the future any better than anybody else can, but I can say one thing for sure.

If we don’t show up prepared to fight, the other side will.

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