In Defense of the Night Nurse

November 27, 2017

As a proud parent of a child very recently delivered through the Indiana University healthcare system, I’m relieved that the hospital has fired Mrs. Baker from her nursing position for her offending tweet she offered last week.

Fortunately, my child was a white girl and was delivered in a different location than the one worked at by the young woman filled with infanticidal rage against newborns of the wrong race and gender. And I imagine Baker was probably more likely to kill infants on account of her being half-retarded than on account of her racial hatred.

Stupid and evil people happen, but it’s telling that Twitter failed to actually delete Night Nurse‘s account in spite of its global prominence and its being a textbook case of genocidal hatred. She ended up eventually deleting it herself, proven by the fact that the account was able to be squatted on in a way one can’t do when Twitter kills an account. If I were an anti-white Twitter executive, I would’ve went ahead and deleted her account to create the mere appearance of fairness. But these folks aren’t even that intelligent or self-aware. They’re only slightly more intelligent than Taiyesha, and only slightly less afflicted with overweening anti-white and anti-male hatred.

The public outcry against Taiyesha’s anti-white tirade is fascinating because it shows that there is, surprisingly enough, a point at which anti-white hate speech triggers the normies. It’s not the gangsta rap genre which routinely and thematically celebrates killing crackers. It’s not the quackademics getting paid (with tenure and pensions!) to declare that “racism” is something whites are all guilty of and which non-whites categorically cannot be guilty of. Even the anti-white church shooting in Antioch was a relative snoozefest.

But there is, apparently, a line: Calls from on-duty pediatric nurses to pitchfork newborn white babies.

The Indiana University hospital is apparently not quite as cucked as the Indiana University campus itself, because they immediately fired the woman without a single attempt to try to morally flip the script or run any kind of angles. She’s unemployed now, and will probably be relegated–after a few months of being too hot to handle–to neglecting and mistreating elderly white men in some third-rate assisted living facility.

But let’s have some sympathy for the devil for just a moment. If you actually read her hateful tweet, following its logic, it’s clear that the only thing she’s actually guilty of is having the courage to connect the dots and admit the obvious. If, as she’s been told by our elites repeatedly and incessantly, white males are terrorist, rapist, racist, killers and routine perpetrators of domestic violence, then it’s commendable for her to step up and call for this defective race of dangerous psychopaths to be challenged and, if need be, vanquished.

Everything on her list of accusations is objectively bullshit. But how would Taiyesha know that? Everything in her shitty public school, her cable television, her limited exposure to kosher news media, and her Black Twitter milieu all reinforce that perspective about White males. In a way, it’s sort of disingenuous of the mainstream opinion makers that they don’t connect that final dot: Kill Whitey! From her perspective, reinforced by everyone and everything she trusts for her opinions, leads inexorably to the necessity of a final solution to the WQ.

What Taiyesha’s guilty of is a sort of photo negative political correctness from the other side of the equation. That we must all one day rise up Haitian-style and Kill Whitey! is understood, but must never be verbalized until the hour is right. South Africa’s already following in Zimbabwe and Haiti’s footsteps, and the wholesale slaughter of White males that Taiyesha fantasizes about will transpire of current demographic trends persist for a few more decades. Taiyesha is guilty of being a visionary, of being ahead of her time.

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