Antifa in Prison: Tribalism at the Margins

November 14, 2017

Multiculturalism is and always will be a contrived neocolonial arrangement. It requires a tremendous amount of money. It requires a tremendous amount of propaganda. It also requires a robust police state constantly patrolling any and all public social interactions to enforce the unnatural arrangement. Human nature, which is fundamentally tribal and irrevocably racial, perennially re-emerges wherever humans are beyond reach of the globalist state and its Stasi-style operatives.

It can be a blonde kid trying to walk to an inner city school and getting relentlessly tormented and bullied by his Black peers who are innately and instinctively hostile to him. It can be a naive cornfed college freshman airdropped into a den of anti-white vipers in the standard university dorm after hours. It can be in the military barracks where minority gangs are allowed and even encouraged to behave as street gangs and harass white servicemen with impunity. While Whites aren’t necessarily above thinking and behaving in racial and tribal patterns themselves, the contemporary American experience is one where Whites often find themselves cluelessly stumbling into hostile racial confrontations that they often don’t expect or understand.

There is, however, one place where no White can be naive to the reality of tribal conflict, and that’s in our nation’s prisons. In the coming decades, as state austerity, inexorable economic decline, and demographic pressures accelerate, more and more of Americans outside of the prison system will find themselves emulating habits of thinking and behavior which have become routine in prison. Tribal conflict is America’s future in a nutshell, and the sooner free White Americans adopt the same confidence, racial solidarity, and awareness of their identity that imprisoned Whites have adopted by necessity, the less violence, humiliation, and marginalization they’ll suffer in order to learn that behavior.

It’s Going Down, the well-funded, Zionist-friendly, kosher vehicle for violent neoliberal reaction to post-colonial neo-tribalism, has a fascinating article from an imprisoned antifa activist, Eric King, whose basic message is to shut up and be pro-white while behind bars.

If you picture coming into the feds with your fist swinging, taking on every racist, swastika wearing trash you see, that is not a reality. That line of thinking will get us nowhere. Racism at the federal level is very real and played out in a very archaic way. At CCA Leavenworth I pictured going into ANY spot guns blazing, taking on bigots in a very macho, aggressive, violent way.


[T]he reality is though, that the higher up in custody you go and the further west coast you end up, the more serious the game gets and the less likely you are to be able to express your own antifascist ideas without facing some serious backlash.

Note how this ridiculous ideologue insists that somehow the state is behind the racial tribalism in our nation’s prison system, as if congressional Republicans are working hand-in-glove with Aryan Brotherhood prison gangs to promote racism or something. What’s actually going on is the very anarchism these “anarchist” ideologues fantasize about. In prison as in Charlottesville, anarchist ideologues are the first casualties of a lapse in the police state. The government simply lacks the resources to maintain social order in our overflowing prison system, and an organic social order naturally emerges along the racial and ethnic divisions which are typically papered over on the outside.

Everything is racially divided here. Where you eat, when you work out, where you sit, what TV you watch, who cuts your hair, who you live with, who you play games with. For me this was super difficult at first because it felt like a betrayal of who I was. There isn’t any bucking this, it’s shitty and gross but it’s real and VERY serious.

To be antifa in prison requires a profound dissonance between common sense and absurd zealotry. He has the common sense to know that racial tribalism can absolutely never be extinguished in prison, then pretends that abolishing prisons altogether is the solution.

We will never end the fascism of and within the prison walls and system without dancing in the ashes of the prisons. You must keep yourself alive and safe, it is crucial to return to your loved ones and your community.

Just let them all out, regardless of their crimes? With no way to protect the citizenry from the dangerous crime networks we keep locked away? Now that’s what I call edgy! I would almost wish for that to happen, without actually endorsing it, because it would accelerate the racial awakening and neo-tribalism of tens of millions of Americans exposed to all of the toxic people and crime networks our state hides away behind bars to make this society superficially look like it’s working.

In prison with minimal effort your actions can start a race war. And your actions hurt the folks that you are trying to support. Being anti-fascist for me often looks like respectfully removing myself from any political conversation.

That’s how antifa operate when there’s no police state on standby to back up their bullshit. They sit down and shut up.

I still read radical books and zines, but I do it in my room, where I do MY time, away from people who live on confrontations, who are addicted to static.

How does an antifa socially succeed behind bars? By not even trying. Hide in your room with your impotent fantasies that are being dynamically disproven all around you.

The problems that society faces are magnified in prison. Racism, homophobia, violence, are all very accepted and normalized.

Racial identity, healthy and normal sexual habits, and willingness to defend yourself and your kinfolk are not problems. They’re solutions. Americans who only know and understand the 20th century neocolonial police state have a difficult time wrapping their minds around how humanity actually works when multiculturalism, celebration of sexual dysfunction, encouragement of mental illness, globalism, and alienation from faith, family, and folk don’t exist outside the bubble. The bubble is dangerously close to popping, and White Americans are awakening to their vulnerable identity and the need to affirmatively defend and promote their identity relative to the rapidly growing and increasingly aggressive non-white and anti-white forces emerging.

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    Such a sad state we’re in (myself included until my “awakening”) that an example of organic tribalism (as reluctant as some of the participants may be, initially) that works, truly works, and is probably as old as the the American prison system itself, is viewed as abnormal by the masses and visa versa by the dregs of society.

    Any screw will tell you that it works as will anyone who has any memory of what things were like pre 1990 (Gen X’er here). People knew their place, they knew what neighborhoods to stay out of and who to socialize with. It wasn’t a conscious decision, you just did it.

    Forced busing, desegregating the housing projects was the beginning of a downward spiral up here in the NE  . The Irish, Italian and Portuguese  neighborhoods in and around Boston have all but vanished and become gentrified or another minority shithole part of the city. I digress.

    Nicely written .


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