Shelbyville Isn’t Optional

October 10, 2017

If you haven’t already made plans with one of the other groups to join us in the White Lives Matter March on October 28th, please take a moment to fill out the Shelbyville Signup. As this tumultuous year draws to a close and winter approaches, it’s imperative that we close out with a show of strength, a show of resolve, and a show of clarity. The early estimates for attendance are already promising, but we need more. We need as many of our folks as possible to help achieve the goal of the rally, which is to force the national media and the American public to acknowledge the horrific shooting of a White church by an anti-White refugee.

White Lives MatterWe must expose the double-standard where the national media hyper-politicized Dylan Roof’s incident into a nationwide imperative to memory hole any and all Confederate heritage yet memory holed¬†Emanuel Kidega Samson’s photo negative anti-white murder rampage itself. Not only was there no national conversation about how Black Lives Matter hysteria is fueling a wave of anti-White and anti-police attacks and murders, the mayor of the city herself even explicitly discouraged a local conversation condemning the specific motives of the specific attacker.

This double-standard demands attention, because it’s central to how the media work non-stop to exploit their monopoly on focus and framing. They exploit their monopoly to make it appear like minorities are under constant threat of violent attack by Whites when the statistical reality is exactly the opposite. While meeting Charlottesville numbers would be optimistic, we absolutely do need hundreds of attendees on the street in order to force the national conversation to take place.

While Charlottesville was a historic victory, this event is different in critical ways with an eye toward minimizing the threat of antifa violence and the legal entanglements which marred Charlottesville. Not only have we been busily mobilizing hundreds of thousands worth of legal aid and support for our men behind the wire, but we’re taking steps in our event planning to ensure that in the future as few of our comrades are arrested or injured as possible.

First of all, it’s in small town Tennessee instead of a hyper-liberal East Coast campus town run by a fanatically leftist Jewish mayor Signer and his rabidly anti-White sidekick Bellamy. While the city and state government are opposed to who we are and what we stand for, there’s a common sense commitment to the rule of law and the sanctity of public safety which was altogether absent in Charlottesville. While Charlottesville tried to stage a bum fight (which they lost), with no regard whatsoever for safety or order, the rural Midwest in general and Tennessee in particular have a proven track record of respecting and protecting the basic constitutional rights of protesters on all sides.

While Spencer’s flash rally in Charlottesville last week was also a success, this White Lives Matter rally aims to demonstrate that the national populist revolt is about more than one city or one issue. Wherever anti-White bias and violence are to be found, we will respond with numbers and passion too great to ignore. And when we find it, we’re going to isolate it and hold the culprits accountable. In this case, the culprit is the refugee resettlement racket which systematically dumps hundreds of thousands of unassimilable foreigners from the most dangerous corners of the world. Many of them are hardened extremists who just happened to be on the losing side when the UN’s blue helmets rolled up, and they’ve left a trail of devastated neighborhoods, violent crimes, and terrorist attacks in their wake.

Many of you can’t attend the public rally on account of health, occupational, or personal issues. Unlike Charlottesville, Shelbyville will also include a unified meeting with speakers, catering, and networking for nationalists only. If you can’t attend the rally, please consider showing up for the conference portion to show your support and enjoy some first-rate fellowship.

Just like in Charlottesville, those who sign up with the form will receive some vetting to confirm they’re sincere nationalists and will then receive further instructions on event details and specifics as the date approaches. This worked exceedingly well for us in Charlottesville, with the planning and training paying off in the heat of conflict. While we’re confident that this event won’t descend into medieval mortal combat mayhem, quality planning and preparation is positively always necessary.

Please don’t be offended if there are issues with the vetting. TradWorker isn’t holding the permits or booking the rooms, so it’s imperative that we confirm that both our member and supporter attendees we’re vouching for are trustworthy and accountable. We’re committed to including every sincere nationalist, but attendee safety and event security take first priority.

Shelbyville isn’t optional. We need you there if you can make it. While the arrest of DeAndre Harris¬†yesterday marks the latest victory in a steady campaign to vindicate our fighters, free our men behind the wire, and flip the media’s hysterical false narrative, there’s a new narrative emerging that our cause was set back by the sheer magnitude of Charlottesville.

There’s a narrative emerging that we’ve become startled, timid, and intimidated by the liberal establishment and their media. Shelbyville is an excellent opportunity to defeat that, and escalate our own narrative highlighting both the real threat of the refugee crisis and the absurd bias in the media’s lack of reporting of refugee and minority anti-White violence. Join us.

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