We Need to Support Namecoin

September 4, 2017

Net Neutrality

Gab looks like it might be going down shortly (or worse, censoring speech to avoid going down), as the registrars who control access to their domain tighten the noose of censorship yet further. The chokepoint for all of this censorship is the Root DNS. For the non-geeks, basically there are a handful of big servers which keep a record of which domain name belongs to which server. There are a bunch of technical details but the basic story is non-technical: The Root DNS has been cucked and they’re pressuring even the “free speech” registrars to remove pro-White websites and websites which allow pro-White speech.

There’s an easy and simple solution for this problem which has been around forever but nobody’s bothered to use it. It’s called Namecoin and it’s a .bit address which is completely resistant to censorship. Unlike our Dark Web address which requires a separate browser on a separate network, tradworker.bit can be accessed in your regular browser. First, you must install the plugin. That’s it. After installing that plugin, the censors trying to regulate what you can and can’t say or read on the Internet are stopped dead in their tracks.

Don’t let the CEO of Gab or anybody else tell you that they have no choice but to cuck on free speech. Andrew Torba raised millions in investor and premium subscriber money promising a free speech platform and he has a fiduciary obligation to his investors to deliver on that promise. As of the time of this post, Torba is insulting us as “snowflakes” for demanding Gab remain a free speech platform and pressuring Anglin to censor his content. You’ll hear a lot of excuses from him and others trying to blame the registrars as if there are no alternatives, but these are naked lies. He’s relying on the assumption that you’ll not be tech savvy enough to realize that he does indeed have alternatives to capitulation.

Nobody on the AltRight is doing .bit yet but us, but nobody had Dark Web addresses either up until a couple weeks ago. Welcome to a new phase in the struggle where Net Neutrality is no longer a thing. If Gab and others get on .bit, it could potentially help build the momentum to encourage the new Brave Browser to natively handle alternative (.bit, .coin, .eth) domain resolutions, breaking the Root DNS monopoly once and for all.

This fight isn’t actually about race or even freedom of speech. It’s a fight over whether a Western corporate cartel controls the entire Internet or not. How long is it until some “rogue” state is declared in violation of “human rights” and denied their country code by these people? How long until they decide to turn the screws on the price of domain registration since they command a monopoly? How long until the growing web of censorship expands beyond Anglin and Stormfront? We shouldn’t wait until more bad things happen before acting against this potent threat to Net Neutrality.

Please install the plugin and encourage anybody you know who values free speech and Net Neutrality to also install the plugin and support alternative DNS solutions.

Hosting Details

If you’re not a server admin, you’ll want to skip all this. If you’re on some cheap shared hosting service, this won’t work. To follow these steps, you need a standalone host with its own dedicated IP address. For a modest and reduced fee, I can assist any nationalists who are looking to move their web presence over to a more robust backend.

Step 1: Download the Namecoin Client

The Namecoin client is basically like Bitcoin, only with a much smaller blockchain. There are third party services which will register your domain for you, but then those services own your domain instead of you. Download the client, install it, and give it a few hours to get its blockchain up to date.

Step 2: Fund your Client

This part’s a pain in the ass, especially since we’re talking about so little money. You’ll need to purchase less than $10 worth of NMC on a cryptocurrency exchange (poloniex offers it) in order to register your domain. It’s less than a $1, actually, but it’s not free. If you’re a nationalist, hit me up with your receiving address and I’ll send you enough to get you moving with it.

Aside: If Gab wants gabai.bit, I’ll gladly transfer it over to them for free. I’ll eat the 10 cents. I just wanted to ensure it wasn’t picked up by a squatter after this post encouraging them to get on Namecoin.

Step 3: Set up a Free BitMitigate Account

CloudFlare’s setup is incompatible with .bit addresses and its CEO, Eric Prince, is a preening faggot who opposes Net Neutrality and brags about his god-like power to dictate who is and is not allowed on the Internet. Meanwhile, BitMitigate is run by a BASED Asian guy who reportedly does not give a single fuck. BitMitigate will protect your host from DDOS attacks and also give your IP address a measure of privacy. Consider upgrading to his premium service if you can afford to (only $20/month), as his corporation is one of the only ones out there firmly siding with Net Neutrality right now.

Step 4: Configure Your Web Server

Set up your Apache or Nginx however you regularly would to catch and handle the additional domain name.

If you’re running WordPress, consider adding this code to your wp-config.php so that your site can readily handle being accessed from multiple addresses (also handy for your tor hidden service address, which you need, too).

Step 4: Wait a Couple Days

Unfortunately, PeerName’s plugin doesn’t immediately update from the Namecoin blockchain. There’s a delay, in addition to the hour or so it takes for Namecoin itself to propagate your domain name. These sorts of hassles only exist because this solution’s not popular, yet. If we can encourage using Namecoin, and more people switch over to it, that issue, the SSL resolution issue, and the lack of search engine and general support for .bit domains will work itself out.

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