Useless Idiots: Antifa Are the Dystopian Future of Liberalism

September 3, 2017

Paul Ryan and several other “conservative” Beltway types instinctively scrambled to heap praise on the Antifa movement in the wake of Charlottesville. These guys do, after all, stand for everything the beltway GOP stands for: opposing “fascism,” advancing globalism and open borders, and fighting White Identity. Neocon Republicans are, in their heart of hearts, Boomer Antifa who are too senile to recognize that their positions don’t hold up to sustained discourse and critique.

Therein lies the heart of the Antifa platform: No Platform. Denying us a platform is vital, since our positions are correct and compelling. You’ll never see the AltRight attempt to “Shut it Down” when the Antifa and Leftists hold their own events. In fact, you’ll find us livestreaming them, promoting them, platforming them, and remixing much of what the Antifa and Leftists are saying into viral memes to help give it all a signal boost. Grasping this, Eric Prince of CloudFlare and several other tech oligarchs have exploited flaws in the network to attempt to de-platform us not only from the street but also from the web altogether.

It didn’t work. Daily Stormer was back up on the Dark Web within hours, has raised tens of thousands since, has become the single most popular website on the Dark Web, and is steadily recovering most of its traffic. We’re also available on the Dark Web and all that’s ultimately been accomplished by the putsch is requiring us to get better at and smarter about developing our infrastructure and delivering our message. The AltRight, like a bacterial culture, is just strengthened by each successive wave of treatments that don’t fully kill it off. And at this stage in the game, there are simply too many of us to kill it off even if every visible activist were punched to death by Antifa tomorrow.

For groups like mine, Antifa are a godsend who protect us from the actual threats to our progress, which are civic nationalist and AltLite opportunists stealing the more attractive aspects of our platform and messaging. The exact opposite of what the Antifa had hoped for this Summer has come to fruition, thanks in large part to them. The more moderate civic nationalist and AltLite voices have been denied fundraising tools, de-platformed, defeated in the street fights, and demoralized. Within the American Right, we racialists have this big beautiful open field that we’re running unopposed, thanks to Leftist aggression and overreach.

Many imagine that the Antifa are “useful idiots” of the globalist oligarchs. This is half-correct. They’re idiots, but they’ve certainly not proven useful. Following a very short honeymoon as folk heroes in the wake of Charlottesville, they’ve been exposed to enough daylight and held to account for enough quantitative performance metrics that the powerful neoliberals who once smiled and winked at them are now turning on them. Even the SPLC just explicitly denounced them.

Antifa aren’t useful idiots, they’re useless idiots. It turns out that menacing random popcorn vendors, smashing up local businesses, and bludgeoning Latino trannies in Trump hats doesn’t work. Even “punching Richard Spencer in the face” didn’t work, and it just elevated his platform and profile all the more. By its fundamental nature, it’s categorically resistant to critique, to direction, to self-improvement or leadership. It’s “leaderless,” cell-based, structured as liberal black comedian Trevor Noah described, like “Vegan ISIS,” …without the agile command structure or combat training.

The Left can’t self-correct and won’t self-correct. The correct strategy to defeat me is obvious. It’s so obvious that I, like an overconfident comic book villain, can state it directly: (((Bernie))). Bernie attempted to offer a liberalism which was ambitious and attractive to struggling families, but Black Lives Matter thugs literally stole his microphone and forced him to prattle on about race. Then the DNC literally stole his nomination and forced him to endorse the neoliberal kleptocrat Hillary. They’ll continue to punch themselves in the face more directly and decisively than they punched Spencer because of a defect at the heart of the American Left which cannot and will not be resolved peacefully.

The American Left cannot self-correct because a third of it’s about non-white identity politics, a third of it’s neoliberal corporate and federal graft, and a third of it’s sincere globalist socialism. Globalist socialism is defective and I oppose it, but it’s the leftism capable of winning elections. Up until Barack Obama came along, there was an understanding among minorities that the liberal platform necessarily had to appeal to White folks first. Up until Barack Obama came along, the notion that the DNC was primarily a vehicle for minority empowerment wasn’t tenable. It was Obama who lied to them over an extended period, leading them to believe that their time for full empowerment, political dominance, and even revenge for perceived historical and contemporary unfairness was now.

Barack Obama’s charismatic visage led the identity faction within the Left to believe that demographic power dynamics were about three or four decades further along than they are. Do the math. Minorities will not have enough registered voters to defeat White people without a large subset of White people on their side for several decades. They won’t even be a simple majority until around 2042 or whenever. Even then it’ll be decades more until that trickles down to a simple majority of people old enough to vote who are registered and willing to vote.

Most of us will be dead of old age before America reaches that demographic threshold where their South Africa style demographic coup against Whitey can be achieved, and yet Obama’s unicorn-like cult of personality and their partisan echo chambers have emboldened them to actually believe that day’s already here. The only way for the Left to repair itself is for somebody to tell the Brown people to shut the hell up and clap along with a Bernie-style race-blind message about economic uplift for all Americans. Can you imagine the contemporary Left doing that? They can’t. The Leftists reading that just panicked and spilled their coffee. Things will just continue to get more and more Trumpy (and worse than Trump) until they figure out how to dramatically lower the expectations of tens of millions of minorities who are under the impression that it’s “their turn.”

Liberals who try to work through this crisis will be shamed as “privileged whites” if they’re White and traitorous Uncle Toms if they’re not. Obama’s created a monster of unrealistic expectations of American minorities and anti-Whites for which Trump is just the first in a series of devastating reality checks. They can’t fix the problem internally, because there is no language or voice for doing so within the American Left. The only unifying thing for the left right now is fear and loathing of the right, with ever more delirious witch hunts and crowd panics that Antifa both feeds on and feeds off of.

The implied goal of Antifa is defeating guys like me. By that metric, they’ve only served to polarize and radicalize the right by helping us weed out the vulnerable, weak, and opportunistic from our ranks. But the future of Antifa as a faction within the modern Left is very bright indeed. Their opposition to ideas themselves, anti-liberalism, and centering themselves on violent opposition to a villainous “other” is a perfect fit for a contemporary left-wing milieu who have no ideas, little common interest, and an utter lack of common feeling. The only thing the privileged white feminists, minority underclass, globalist financiers, anarcho-marxist sexual deviants, government employees, and neurotic Jewish ideologues have in common is an overwhelming urge to punch the rest of America in the face.


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