We the Captain Now: Trump’s Renouncing Trumpism

September 14, 2017

A couple hours ago, shortly before I sat down to watch the new South Park episode based on our Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, I saw a news update claiming that Trump is working with (((Chuck Schumer))) and Nancy Pelosi to broker a solution to the immigration problem where there will be a complete amnesty for most illegal immigrants (through the DACA paperwork loophole) and no wall, in exchange for some vague promises that congress will attempt to pass more border patrol legislation in the future.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the best deal that the guy who wrote the book on deals was able to work out.

What’s coming together is a beautiful moment for the AltRight, as Trump will be signing the legislation condemning our movement on the very day that it’s announced that Schumer pressured him into betraying his constituents on the landmark issue that delivered him the primaries and propelled him into the White House. This moment right here is why mainstream political trolling matters, because our core message: the Jews will not allow the people to have the immigration policy they want, could not have been so clearly underscored had there not been the strikingly clear anti-immigration mandate around Trump’s neck.

The relationship between Trump and Schumer is the story of the West in a nutshell, with the gentile capitalists working hand-in-glove, and often against their own better instincts, for the powerful Jewish deep state. Only a rigorously disciplined nationalist inner party, not unlike what China and Iran possess, can possibly resist this force. While democracy can be and has been a force for authentic nationalism in the past, democracy’s useless when Jewish Power controls the instruments of education and indoctrination of the masses. And now that they’re losing their grip on that mindshare monopoly, the imperative of this shadow government appointing a new citizenry becomes more urgent.

White Americans need to have their noses shoved in this moment right here, a moment where the only men who stood and fought for their identity are being maligned as “terrorists” by a government dedicated to their wholesale replacement. Parker and (((Stone))) are chortling about our “You will not replace us!” slogan, claiming that anybody who fights back against our erasure is an uneducated buffoon who can’t handle “change.” What could possibly represent less change than Schumer, Pelosi, Ryan, and McConnell all leaning on Trump to perpetuate an immigration policy which has remained unchanged since well before I was born?

We are the ones who represent change, and they are the ones who are afraid right now. They’re frightened by these early tremors of an authentically nationalist revolution in its first stages of meaningful growth. They’re confused and frustrated that their insults and ridicule no longer work, because they fail to understand that many White Americans have already achieved that esoteric revolution which makes the exoteric revolution inevitable: They’ve stopped giving a damn what these cultural and political elites think about them.

For those who are new to the subject, Prof. Kevin MacDonald, a retired Psychology professor, has written the definitive volume on the Immigration Act of 1965 and its Jewish origins and orchestrators. The same script is playing out today, but it’s the Jewish oligarchs who are walking into a trap this time. They don’t understand that the Internet’s alternative media will catch them and hold them accountable. They don’t understand that they can’t actually censor the Internet, and they’ll just end up achieving a (((Streisand))) Effect wherever they try.

While things have moved very rapidly over the past couple years, nationalists need to be prepared for a very rapid awakening. We can’t afford to waste time with angles, incrementalism, or “milk before meat” analogies. The timeline’s accelerating, and the only thing that matters is ensuring that we’re delivering the truth at the moment when people have ears to hear, …and that we have a proven track record of consistency and strength. While Trump’s notorious for waffling and may well temporarily walk back to an anti-amnesty position, a likely outcome we should be prepared for is the administration moving forward with this naked betrayal and (more importantly) the lid being blown off of public discussion of the Jewish role in unlimited illegal, legal, and “refugee” immigrant resettlement.

People need to know about Schumer’s entire political lifecycle of pushing Jewish degeneracy and globalism on America. They need to know about the powerful Jewish networks he relies on to achieve his influence and leverage. They need to know about Trump’s Wall Street connections and how he’s working with Jewish financiers to achieve the deregulation which is causing another series of sham investment instrument bubbles right now. We even need to tell them about how he’s Amy Schumer’s first cousin (once removed).

Amy Schumer actually does sort of matter here, as she’s the prototypical example of Jewish influence and privilege run amok in this country. She’s not funny and would not be on your television if she weren’t Chuck Schumer’s cousin. Her powerful Jewish connections empower her to bully the studios into featuring her fat boring standup act and then bully the studios into paying her as much as successful and talented comedians like Dave Chapelle. It’s all of a piece, and it can and will come unraveled very quickly if enough Americans are afforded the basic critical thinking toolkit to identify Jewish influence when it presents itself.

Ordinary people don’t want to be “antisemitic.” They don’t want to be “white nationalist.” They don’t want to be seen by others as those caricatures presented by South Park, of the ugly, stupid, cretinous goyim. But piece by piece, the undeniable case is coming together for them. If they do not name and blame the Jews for being anti-White, their way of life and this nation are doomed. Decades of cultural programming to discourage identitarian attitudes and actions must come crashing down, as it will.

Many White Nationalists are despairing on social media right now, but they must understand that this moment is not our defeat. This moment is a necessary defeat for the civic nationalists, for the MAGApedes, the Proud Boys, and the Republican Party’s hope of absorbing this revolt the same way that it absorbed the Tea Party and prior populist waves. This is the moment where even the maniacal billionaire who ran on a marquee platform of deportation and a big beautiful wall ended up bending the knee to Jewish Power.

The popular mandate is now ours on the altright and only ours. Trump signing the congressional bill distancing himself from us couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Please. Denounce the altright and the wall at the same time. We were fighting before Trump announced his candidacy and we’ll be fighting long after he’s shuffled off the political stage. Trump’s candidacy busted the lid off of national populism, creating this exciting new world of opportunities and platforms to exploit. It is what it is. But if Trump insists on distancing himself from his eponymous revolution, …then we are the captain now.

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