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September 1, 2017

I posted my immediate account of Charlottesville on my Steemit account because I was heading for my arraignment the following morning and I wasn’t entirely sure whether I would be held. I knew we had provoked a hysterical reaction and that powerful forces had been set in motion. By winning that street fight, we had achieved an escalation, notarizing our escape from the confines of an “Internet Movement.” Steem’s service runs on an innovative blockchain-driven technology which makes it so that my account of events would not have been able to be fully censored.

Fortunately for us, the brunt of the censorship campaign was aimed primarily at Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer. While we’ve lost critical services right and left, our registrar itself hasn’t yet faced the pressure aimed at those daring to register Anglin’s high-traffic flagship blog. It doesn’t matter to us now. While there may still be some successful DDOS attacks here and there while we’re optimizing our server configuration, we’ll remain online one way or another no matter what.

Corporate Internet

For now,,, and remain fully functional. We have not yet been denied our domain registration. Until that happens, those addresses are all perfectly acceptable and secure ways to access our web sites. We’re closely watching Daily Stormer’s ongoing effort to achieve a regular TLD. Somewhere out there, there may prove to be a TLD with the geopolitical autonomy and commitment to Net Neutrality necessary to secure a conventional address.


Our sites are also available at http://www.nfunity.bit, http://www.tradworker.bit, and http://www.fashemporium.bit. The catch is that you must first install the PeerName Browser Plugin (available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera). The browser plugin allows you to browse .bit, .eth, and other top-level domains which are resolved by decentralized DNS services that can’t be censored. One issue is that SSL certificates don’t work on this setup. This means that you’ll be a bit less secure than usual. Trust visiting these addresses as much as you trust your wireless network’s router configuration.

This solution is very attractive, since it doesn’t require downloading and installing an entirely separate browser. Just install the Chrome plugin and you’re good to go. While the security certificate problem needs to be worked out, moving toward decentralized DNS alternatives is the best way to stick a fork in the eye of the registrars who are exploiting their cartel’s monopoly to suppress political speech. Through complacency and misplaced trust, we’ve allowed a handful of people to “control” the web, and NameCoin has been on deck for a long time waiting to solve that problem.

Tor Browser

Our sites are also available at http://nfsiteui4tt7jqnf.onionhttp://tradpofeikzes6o4.onion, and http://fashfgbb7jruubb3.onion. Those addresses only work if you’re using the special Tor Browser. This is the safest and most reliable way to access our websites, with rock solid end-to-end encryption, no proven way for a man-in-the-middle attack, and a special web browser designed to be especially secure.

The problem with Tor is that if (and only if) you browse non-onion websites, you’re vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. The network can be very slow at times, also. Tor Browser is a bit clumsy and inappropriate for workaday browsing for baking recipes and your normie social media account. But unless you’re an absolute bugman with absolutely nothing to hide from anybody and no edgy political beliefs, you really should already have this browser installed and available.

Tor Proxy Services

Our sites are also available at https://nfsiteui4tt7jqnf.onion.link, and The service,, takes whatever’s on the Dark Web and allows one to view it on the Corporate Internet by simply adding “.link” to the address. Pretty neat. The problem is that these nifty proxy services can be pressured to remove our links, so they’re not guaranteed the way Dark Web addresses are. Also, since they’re trusted to pass the data back and forth on their servers, there’s a non-negligible risk of some sort of man-in-the-middle capture of data you send to and receive from the website.


There will be a separate blog post fully covering the relationship between the altright and cryptocurrency, including a full primer on how to use it for the uninitiated. The short answer is that I, personally, don’t even want to solve the credit card problem. Over and over again, our payment processors have buckled to the financial institutions they answer to. I’m sick and tired of devising gateways and modules for systems that can and routinely do “shut it down” at the first political objection to what we stand for.

There’s a handful of Jews who literally control access to all of the money and they do not allow those who claim there’s a handful of Jews who literally control access to all of the money to access the money. We’re an FEC-registered political party which has not been accused of financial impropriety. We have not broken any laws. It doesn’t matter. “Do not challenge Jewish Power” is the prime law from which all lesser laws are derived in this corrupt and derelict regime. Antifa are welcome to proudly fundraise on GoFundMe for injuries they received while attacking people and may attempt to raise money for my priest who was attacked is instantly rejected.

You could sit there and lament the unfairness of it all, or you could spend a couple hours figuring out how to use Bitcoin. Your call.

The Future

Ultimately, the situation is much less scary than it appears. These corporate oligarchs don’t truly control the Internet. They only control the domain name resolution component. Public key cryptography pretty much guarantees that our voices cannot and will not be censored. We mustn’t overestimate our opponents or lose heart. The biggest danger, one they’re banking on, is that you won’t spend the few minutes necessary to figure out how to access and engage voices that are censored by their registrar cartel. It takes ten minutes to install Tor Browser, two minutes to install the PeerName browser plugin for .bit addresses, and less than a minute to save the bookmarks for the proxied dark web addresses.

We’re looking into additional options. We may devise a plugin that mirrors all of our content on the Steem blockchain. We may set up shop on i2p. We’ll likely add options in the near future in addition to bitcoin for financial transactions. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. They took down our MailChimp, so we’ll have more secure newsletter service. They took down our Stripe, so we’ll get hip to crypto. They took down our social media accounts, so we’ll cultivate our own social spaces out of their reach. As startling as it is for an aging Linux geek to see the multinational corporations play out this worst case scenario, the good news is that we actually have the upper-hand in the long game.

The answer to Judeo-Mason is Diffie-Hellman.

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