Who’s Responsible for the Violence?

August 19, 2017

The mainstream media narrative is that nationalists like myself are responsible for the deaths and mayhem that broke out in Charlottesville. After all, if we had never shown up to our permitted event, the logic goes, there would’ve been no mayhem. With what happened in Boston earlier today, we see what happens when the right side actually doesn’t show up. With the exception of Based Stick Man and about a dozen other MAGApedes who deserve respect for facing down incredible odds, the Boston event was almost entire unattended by the right. Yet the chemical warfare, projectiles, urine, feces, fire, fists, and fury were all still on display.

There’s your A/B testing, ladies and gentlemen. The antifa have been isolated as the ones who cause violence.

And what about when we have our own unopposed events? What happens when only nationalists show up? White and non-White waitstaff alike confirm that we’re exceedingly genial, tip generously, and are welcome back next month. While leftist ideologues insist through a rather convoluted, indirect, and unfalsifiable logic that White Nationalism is an “ideology of violence,” antifa is literally, simply, and unabashedly an ideology of violence. They prefer the term “direct action” and the legal framing of “pre-emptive self-defense,” but they arrive with no goal, purpose, or vision above or beyond “punching Richard Spencer in the face.”

We want safety and self-determination for our stateless nationality. They want to punch us. QED.

We showed up with shields and speeches in Charlottesville, because we intended to protect ourselves at our permitted event. The antifa showed up with gallons of bleach, bear mace, urine, and God knows what else with the exclusive and expressed intent to physically harm people they politically disagree with. At this point, none of that matters to the “big brain centrist” normies, who will at best hold us equally┬ámorally accountable for the mayhem for having the audacity to make a public stand for our heritage and identity.

That’s to be expected for the boomers and comfy suburbanites who don’t realize or care what their grandchildren will be faced with if we don’t organize and mobilize rapidly in defense of our heritage and identity now. For them, we’re needlessly provoking mindless college leftists and getting people harmed by the leftists in the process. For them, we’re the only ones in the equation with agency and it’s our fault for whipping the leftists and minorities into a hysterical frenzy of mob violence.

For those who believe our movement’s goals are essentially about marketing, Charlottesville and every other event has been problematic, to say the least. No matter how well we dress or how honorably we comport ourselves, we’ll always be presented as evil and stupid. Meanwhile the unbathed degenerates flinging their own excrement at pedestrians, smashing up and looting local shops, and burning American flags on behalf of anarcho-maoism or whatever will be presented as plucky folk heroes making a stand against pure and simple villainy.

There’s no way around that, and we can’t simply desist from fighting until the alternative media reaches that point at which it can completely eclipse the (still monolithic) mainstream media. We’re just going to need to look like jackasses for a while longer. If you can’t tolerate that, then that’s understandable. Just hold back and do your part to financially support those of us who can lay that preliminary groundwork for a movement which can and will develop “respectable” spaces in due time.

Where most “strategists” in our movement miss the target is in believing that our cause must be focused primarily on persuasion at this stage. According to this logic, our work is similar to contemporary corporate marketing, …product branding. Our branding efforts have failed and will continue to fail with comfortable bourgeois audiences precisely because they’re comfortable, as we’re offering a solution to a problem they don’t have. Their fences, homeowner’s associations, economic segregation, and demographic inertia are working quite well to secure the implicit whiteness and concomitant social and physical security of their own communities.

While we should always strive to look our best and present ourselves as well as pragmatically possible, the only optics which truly matter at this early stage in the struggle are the optics of strength. The only target market audience which truly matters at this stage is alienated young white males. Don’t deliberately alienate the contented, the mature, and the females, …but what we need at this stage are more radicals, radicals who are converted rather than persuaded.

Conversion is a different game from persuasion, and the corporate branding lessons simply aren’t applicable. Conversion to a radically different worldview, social circle, set of life priorities, and standard of living requires a demonstration of strength, of honor, of loyalty, of principle, and the propaganda of the act itself. What was demonstrated in Charlottesville is that TradWorker and our allies can and will defeat those who would silence us. We demonstrated solidarity with one another and sacrifice for our vision. While the art of persuasion entails qualification within the mass cultural context, the art of conversion entails constructing a new context and inviting the audience to qualify themselves to us.

These young men are being degraded and humiliated by their parents, by their peers, by an educational system that explicitly and directly declares that they belong to a discredited and obsolete identity they cannot discard. Mass culture offers these men nothing, while we offer them dignity, respect, a sense of place, and a future worth showing up for.

This mass culture can go ahead and pretend we shot down helicopters and plowed through hapless folk heroes in our Dodge Charger just because we’re bad people. All the better to further develop the dichotomy where we’re the cardinal opponents of American mass society. We are. And there wasn’t the slightest overreaction by the Corporate Internet when they mercilessly ripped out as many cables as possible in a frightened attempt to silence us when their rent-a-mob had failed to do so. If we’re allowed to keep talking, to keep fighting, and to keep inspiring young men with a message of dignity, identity, and hope, their neoliberal globalist vision for the future will burn.

We didn’t start the violence in Charlottesville. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with Virginia’s mayor and governor who willfully decided not to follow the standard protocol demonstrated in Skokie, Pikeville, and Boston. They made a series of decisions gambling that their leftist allies would prevail in the street combat and came up snake eyes. As I stated before clumsily losing my balance on international television last weekend: They staged a bum fight and their side lost.

This mass society is far more fragile than is typically presumed. The notion that we should be pandering and posturing for its approval is a dreadful strategic misstep we as a movement have wasted untold time and energy on. We’ve made more progress with Moon Man rap videos than we have with HBD lectures and we’ve made more progress prevailing in that notorious parking garage ambush than we have in attempting to feign grief for the young woman who lost her life blocking traffic along with her violent mob.

This is a fight for our lives and for our future, not a debate. We’re developing a parallel subculture which can and will blossom into a full-fledged culture, identity, nation, and state if we fight hard enough. Debate, persuasion, and stylistic considerations only matter within moral frameworks; not between them. We possess an entirely different sense of past, present, future, as well as moral right and wrong from this mass society because we’re a separate nationality altogether from the globalist mass identity. The ethnogenetic process is already well underway, and you’re invited to join us.

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