They Staged a Bum Fight (…and they lost)

August 30, 2017

As foreshadowed by pretty much every altright voice who was actually there, and many of the anarchist voices who are being completely honest, Charlottesville was a premeditated attempt by the leftist city government to host the Alt Right’s paramilitary defeat at the hands of their antifa allies. It didn’t play out like that, but slowly and surely, piece by piece, what actually happened is making its way out from behind the wall of hysterical media-driven bullshit.

As predicted, documents are leaking and the objective truth is coming into focus. The Narrative Collapse is happening in cascading stages:

Narrative #1: Gonzo Nazi Terrorism

The narrative the mainstream media and the local government ran with in the critical minutes and hours following the event is that “gun-toting[A] nazis[B] invaded[C] Emancipation Park[D] to attack[E] locals[F].”

A. [Gun-toting] While there were assuredly some perfectly legal concealed carriers in our woodpile, the nationalist side was defined by its relative lack of offensive weaponry. Lacking the ballistic and chemical weaponry in ample supply by the radical anarchists, the nationalists ended up prevailing pretty much exclusively with their shields and their fists. The only people who really brought guns were the non-partisan militia types, who happened to be superior to the government’s actual military at intelligently and responsibly navigating the tense situation. They’re trying to make a big to-do about our side’s single firearm discharge, gliding right over the fact that it was to dissuade an antifa with an improvised flamethrower from attacking a third party.

B. [Nazis] We here at TradWorker and the NSM are arguably Nazis. We’re Nationalists and Socialists. We were firmly outnumbered by the Southern Nationalist League of the South, the patriotic and capitalism-friendly Identity Evropa, and a large contingent of (unsung, memory holed) civic nationalists and mainstream Trumpers who aren’t even pro-White. There was that one single unaffiliated guy who showed up with a big beautiful swastika flag. You’ve seen the photo of him. Everybody has. God bless him, even if he did accidentally violate the explicitly dictated style guidelines of the event.

C. [Invaded] We had a federally bonafide permit. Even if some of us had agreed that the change of venue was acceptable, the event was confirmed for Lee Park and we attendees had no choice in the matter. There was no nationalist permit for McIntire Park on Saturday morning. Jason Kessler and several other event attendees and supporters are themselves local, and all of the organizations made a special point to avoid milling around in Charlottesville independently of the event that weekend on account of the risk of useless private scuffles with antifa. The American Nazi Party vs. Skokie verdict has been around longer than I’ve been alive, and I’m sorry to anybody and everybody who doesn’t understand how America works.

D. [Emancipation Park] Fake and gay. It’s Lee Park.

E. [Attack] Given our intel on the National Guard being out in full force, with nearly as many law enforcement officers as attendees present, and surprisingly low antifa turnout, we thought we were going to have a peaceful and uneventful day at the park. Why would we be so concerned in our leaked private forum about the Port-A-Potty logistics if our plan was to dive in and start a riot? We prepared for the worst, and the worst is what we handled just fine. But the notion that we came there thirsty to instigate violence is fake news.

As Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent and the League of the South notes, the only common denominator with politics and political violence has been the antifa. You’re damn right we fought back, and we won’t apologize for winning that fight. But as Berkeley demonstrated last weekend and has been demonstrated time and again, the folks whose explicit platform is political violence to silence dissent were the ones who caused political violence. I technically sorta kinda am a Nazi, but they don’t care. You’re a “Nazi” to them even if you’re a transgendered Latino in a Trump hat.

F. [Locals] I know antifa like to chant “Who’s streets? Our streets!” They make a big game out of “turf,” as if they’re teenage weed dealers who take their gig too seriously. But it turns out that streets are actually for cars. Furthermore, the claim that we imposed our will on the unwilling is fake news. TradWorker was invited there by a Charlottesville local to help him support a local historical monument. Both the people of Virginia and the people of the United States, by majority, want the monuments to remain standing. Furthermore, the vast majority of the antifa were also bussed in from out of town and out of state.

Every single aspect of this first narrative implodes on contact with readily demonstrated reality. As is the media’s modus operandi, a large subset of folks will never hear any more about Charlottesville than the Nazi Terror narrative, since they never trumpet their corrections as loudly as they trumpet their naked lies. Fortunately, though, the alternative media has reached a point where you’d have to be a real mouth-breathing turbo-normie to not be exposed to the fact that this narrative has crumbled.

Narrative #2: Kessler Set Us Up

Kessler has only been pro-white for a few years, and was an Occupy Wall Street supporting Obama voter many years ago. Any rapidly growing political movement is going to be largely comprised of relatively recent converts. We can’t all be Matt Parrott, White Nationalist from birth, after all. The usual paranoiacs did what they do best and ran with a bunch of half-truths, outright falsehoods, and wishful thinking to contrive a narrative that all of the leadership of #UniteTheRight were in on some elaborate ruse to have all our guns confiscated or some other boomer nonsense about liberty or whatever.

I’m a crisis actor and/or a fed, Charlottesville isn’t even on maps, the Lee Statue is a hologram. If you’re betting on this one, I pray that you have a strong network of family and trusted friends to help you cope with your condition. You probably aren’t even reading this since you’re so averse to government and media lies that you went ahead and stared at the eclipse earlier this month.

Narrative #3: The Police Screwed Up

The next narrative is that the police officers on the ground all just happened to accidentally screw up and fail to do their paint-by-the-numbers job at the exact same time in the exact same way. From an apolitical crowd control and logistics perspective, there was no breakdown in the intelligence. If anything, the number of attendees and how armed they were proved to actually be below the DHS estimates going in. Whether it’s G8 conferences, political party national conventions, or other fiascos, maintaining a semblance of order when two large crowds of people converge to oppose one another isn’t rocket surgery.

Especially in light of the grief they took from the leftists for protecting the klan rally the previous month, law enforcement was certainly fine with adopting a laissez-faire approach. According to their math, the “Nazis” were going to be overwhelmed and humiliated, anyway. So for them, it was going to be a fun show. I saw the looks on their faces and heard their snarky remarks on the ground, so the notion that the cops just all decided not to do their jobs isn’t entirely without merit. But they’re to follow orders. And there certainly hasn’t been any evidence presented by the City exonerating itself by proving that the cops disobeyed direct orders to do their jobs.

This can’t be pawned off on the workaday beat cops and lone National Guardsmen. That’s not how government works. That’s not how any of this works. Their orders were consistent with allowing the “Nazis” to get beat to death.

Narrative #4 (Final): They Staged a Bum Fight (and lost)

To call the coordinated law enforcement stand-down a mistake is to misunderstand the motives of the state and local government in control of the event. They made an informed decision, based on their dinner napkin math that if the police hold back, the leadership of the Alt Right will be defeated, humiliated, and perhaps even worse on national television. In a parallel universe where things worked out as planned, Richard Spencer is in a coma, Matthew Heimbach is still in physical therapy, and the City is proudly affirming that they tried to protect us but the antifa were simply too numerous and powerful to hold back.

In this alternate timeline, Mayor Signer and Vice Mayor Bellamy are folk heroes of the Left, the visionary leaders who stood up to the Nazis and put a stop to the sinister rise of the evil fascist Alt Right. The antifa actually did their dirty work for them, so their hands are clean. The media works overtime to pitch the exciting narrative and national celebrities with national political futures are born. Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong for them in the Hadron Collider. The timeline we’re actually on is one where the antifa had low turnout and low energy that day, and the “Nazis” decisively prevailed as police stood there with stupid looks on their faces as the leftists and locals begged them to restore order.

They lost. They can try to arrest a couple of our guys with charges that won’t stick in a desperate flailing attempt to save face and shift blame. But it won’t go anywhere. As per usual, our side can barely scrape up enough money for even the most basic defense of our unfairly arrested guys, much less mount a slam dunk class action lawsuit against the City and State. But here’s the real kicker: the anarchists also have standing, and they actually have big money corporate attorneys and retainers. Like the supervillain in the final act of a comic book storyline, Signer, Bellamy, and McAuliffe will be attacked and destroyed by their own as we ride off into the sunset.

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