Surviving the Censorship Storm

Major changes are afoot for this website and our project which were already underway before Charlottesville. In light of what happened there, they must now become our first priority. The change is a sweeping shift toward relying on blockchain-driven technologies instead of the traditional corporate Internet for both our private communication and our public outreach.

There will be some frustration and disruption with this process, but it’s imperative in order to maintain communication security, secure our propaganda platforms, and guarantee our financial streams we rely on to fund our rapidly growing movement. What we already knew in theory was manifested in practice this week: Google, GoDaddy, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and the rest aren’t neutral platforms like the phone company but deeply and profoundly hostile actors eager and itching to leverage their monopolistic control of communication channels to silence our political speech.

The whole thing was a bit startling, as in the past there’s typically been some cursory attempt to feign objectivity, to bother to show where we supposedly violated their Terms of Service in some manner. PayPal just pulled AmRen and VDare, academic journals which had nothing to do whatsoever with Charlottesville, as part of a deliberate putsch to ensure that the leftist narrative got out and our narrative got silenced with violence.

The future is already here. We as a movement have simply failed to effectively seize it yet due to being all too comfortable on the familiar platforms. The TOR Project allows us to have websites which categorically cannot go offline. Bitcoin and related currencies allow us to donate money without Wall Street’s permission. Steem allows us to blog post without K Street’s permission. All of the solutions are already on the workshop table. We just need to work harder than ever to piece those together into a movement that’s even more anti-fragile than the impressively robust movement we’ve already assembled.

We won’t be retreating entirely from the Corporate Internet. We’ll keep trying to occupy whatever space we can for as long as we can. We’ll continue to keep the Filipino sweatshop contractors who delete our posts and comments very busy in the months to come. But what we will be doing is shoring up our position in the Dark Web and Decentralized Internet which will eventually overshadow the Corporate Internet, anyway.

We are now going into a decentralized mode, and White Nationalists will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, nationalism will not survive. What we’ll need from our supporters is cooperation, learning how to use bitcoin, learning how to use TOR Browser, and learning how to use the apps and services which empower us to communicate and collaborate without neoliberal permission.

Ultimately, the answer to Judeo-Mason is Diffie-Hellman. As our First Amendment right to free expression proves no stronger than the rotting paper it was written on and the institutions created to uphold it are turned against it, we turn to mathematical algorithms to deliver humanity from the Orwellian clutches of neoliberal globalist hegemony.

Every single fallen website, project, and communication server will come back stronger than ever after the brief inconvenience imposed on us this week by the Corporate Internet. This, like their attempt to defeat us on the street and their attempt to defeat us in the mainstream media narrative, will also prove disastrous. This system helpless against the numerically and financially small altright because we possess two things: The truth, and the means to deliver it without censorship.


Fr. John+

DS is back! So is info Stormer. And read the article on DS.LOL about how Vladimir Putin gave them a domain!

John D Maelstrom

“We are now going into a decentralized mode, and White Nationalists will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, nationalism will not survive.”

I damn near died of laughter!


White christian nationalism will never die. The daily stormer was too much on the old Nazi stuff with years of Zionist/Jesuit anti-white propaganda behind it. Just plain white christian people protesting to get their nations back from our cultural Marxist enemies for our posterity as intended.

Fr. John+

Zeitgeist, you’ve obviously never read Michael Hoffman, E. Michael Jones, Rousas Rushdoony, Sand, Koestler, or Freedman. Everything daily Stormer stood for, was based in history, fact andobjective statistics. That you don’t like them, is immaterial.

Mac Tírè

DS is very popular with Millenials and Gen Z’ers. Their use of humour, especially over-the-top humour, has been very effective at de-mythologizing the System’s sacred cows. Don’t bother refuting the Pseudocaust with facts.. Ridicule it!
But we should NOT use NS symbols at rallies. Use Christian ones – especially Crusader symbols.


Is TY capable, technologically, of undertaking these efforts?

Why do you think that use of the TOR network means that a site “categorically cannot go offline”? What specific TOR Project technology will you use to this end?

What specific blockchain technology will be used, and for what projects? Who will be collaborating? How will this be implemented?

Do you have the programming/administration chops to do all (or any) of this work? If not, who will do it?

Paul Rain

Lol. White people built this country- and the internet- and y’all think we can’t keep stuff up because certain statements in this article might be a little vague?


The TY guys being white doesn’t mean that they have the ability required to do any particular thing. I’ve met a lot of stupid white people. And you don’t need to be stupid to not be able to do some of the things TY it seems (we still need clarification) wants to do.

Matt Parrott

TOR does not mean that a site categorically cannot go offline. It’s still vulnerable to Denial of Service attacks.

For the blog, I’m working on a steem-powered solution that relies on a blockchain to store content. That, in conjunction with an onion-first approach and several third party archiving services fallbacks means that it will be dramatically more difficult to silence our speech.

I already have multiple dark web sites online. I just got lazy and didn’t realize it would be so soon that this quite straightforward FEC-registered political work would require that degree of protection.

Stay tuned, comrade!


Matt, here’s my only major realistic problem with all this (nothing personal): OK, the stuff is on the dark web etc. What happens when the FBI or whatever puts child porn on one’s device & the judge, jury, your family etc are going “Yep, uh-huh, he was on the dark web all the time and there’s ‘only 1 reason people go on the dark web’ [ie for illegal purposes etc]”?
Hope to God you guys know what you’re doing.

Matt Parrott

There’s an inescapable marginal degree of risk associated with doing what we’re doing.

As we’ve seen this past week, you never truly know when they’ll rip open the curtain of classical liberal practices and processes to shut someone down.

Fr. John+

” “If there is a bedrock principle of the First Amendment, it is that the government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable.”
Justice William J. Brennan 1906 – 1997, United States Supreme Court Justice


Genuinely I mean no disrepect, but things re: the internet companies etc have played out exactly as I believed & publicly & privately posted etc they would.
Wish we’d been doing this from the beginning; oh well…better late than never.

Matt Parrott

We have had everything in place to make the transition to a more robust and decentralized model in anticipation of this.

We never went offline, and will have our other aspects rebooted within a couple days.

Mac Tírè

Matt, On an unrelated note, can you discuss TWP’s connection with the NSM? They are the group that best exemplifies the Hollywood caricature of a nazi. Only the klan has worse optics. Hard to believe Schoep is not taking shekels from ZOG.

Matt Parrott

Schoep has been at this struggle for decades, with no record of arrests, plots, stings, or other things typically associated with being a Fed being tied back to him.

They have re-branded without the swastika, projecting a branding which is overtly fascist yet updated for the contemporary political context.

TradWorker operates on a methodical fact-based approach which examines the evidence and arrives at the best possible conclusion. In Charlottesville, their men were well-dressed, very disciplined, on point with their swastika-free uniforms, and hard charging in the middle of the defensive fighting.

We don’t ride the hamster wheel of baseless accusations of being a fed, and of kvetching incessantly about optics and stigma. There are plenty of fine organizations which do, which folks are welcome to support instead of our own.

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