Surviving the Censorship Storm

August 17, 2017

Major changes are afoot for this website and our project which were already underway before Charlottesville. In light of what happened there, they must now become our first priority. The change is a sweeping shift toward relying on blockchain-driven technologies instead of the traditional corporate Internet for both our private communication and our public outreach.

There will be some frustration and disruption with this process, but it’s imperative in order to maintain communication security, secure our propaganda platforms, and guarantee our financial streams we rely on to fund our rapidly growing movement. What we already knew in theory was manifested in practice this week: Google, GoDaddy, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and the rest aren’t neutral platforms like the phone company but deeply and profoundly hostile actors eager and itching to leverage their monopolistic control of communication channels to silence our political speech.

The whole thing was a bit startling, as in the past there’s typically been some cursory attempt to feign objectivity, to bother to show where we supposedly violated their Terms of Service in some manner. PayPal just pulled AmRen and VDare, academic journals which had nothing to do whatsoever with Charlottesville, as part of a deliberate putsch to ensure that the leftist narrative got out and our narrative got silenced with violence.

The future is already here. We as a movement have simply failed to effectively seize it yet due to being all too comfortable on the familiar platforms. The TOR Project allows us to have websites which categorically cannot go offline. Bitcoin and related currencies allow us to donate money without Wall Street’s permission. Steem allows us to blog post without K Street’s permission. All of the solutions are already on the workshop table. We just need to work harder than ever to piece those together into a movement that’s even more anti-fragile than the impressively robust movement we’ve already assembled.

We won’t be retreating entirely from the Corporate Internet. We’ll keep trying to occupy whatever space we can for as long as we can. We’ll continue to keep the Filipino sweatshop contractors who delete our posts and comments very busy in the months to come. But what we will be doing is shoring up our position in the Dark Web and Decentralized Internet which will eventually overshadow the Corporate Internet, anyway.

We are now going into a decentralized mode, and White Nationalists will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, nationalism will not survive. What we’ll need from our supporters is cooperation, learning how to use bitcoin, learning how to use TOR Browser, and learning how to use the apps and services which empower us to communicate and collaborate without neoliberal permission.

Ultimately, the answer to Judeo-Mason is Diffie-Hellman. As our First Amendment right to free expression proves no stronger than the rotting paper it was written on and the institutions created to uphold it are turned against it, we turn to mathematical algorithms to deliver humanity from the Orwellian clutches of neoliberal globalist hegemony.

Every single fallen website, project, and communication server will come back stronger than ever after the brief inconvenience imposed on us this week by the Corporate Internet. This, like their attempt to defeat us on the street and their attempt to defeat us in the mainstream media narrative, will also prove disastrous. This system helpless against the numerically and financially small altright because we possess two things: The truth, and the means to deliver it without censorship.

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