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August 18, 2017

In his latest post, National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson, an elitist neocon economic reductionist Boomer, can’t figure out what the “Angry White Boys” in Charlottesville were protesting about. He gets Teamster protests for more money and stuff. He gets all of the other rallies where money and stuff are on the line. But he’s positively baffled that anybody would actually be passionate enough about the future of White folks and families to stand and fight.

A necessary precondition of that is their knowing what they want. I could have told you, to the dollar, what the Philadelphia Teamsters wanted from me. The Indian Communists publish their party manifestos to tell us what they want, PETA wants us to pretend that 40 pounds of beef is morally equal to 40 pounds of toddler, Yale kids want to scalp any white girl not named Elizabeth Warren who dresses up as Pocahontas for Halloween, Black Lives Matter wants less aggressive police procedures, the Libertarian party wants weed and porn and low taxes, the Puerto Rican independence movement wants Puerto Rico to move to independence.

What do these angry white boys in Virginia want?

There is some value in taking them at their word, or the 14 of them that make up the basic creed of the white-nationalist movement: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

For the Neocon Boomer, the notion that White displacement and replacement is a real thing eludes them. You can visit any elementary school in the nation to see just how rapid and real this process is, even in communities and regions traditionally known for being historically White. You can visit the Census Bureau’s website, where you can confirm for yourself with a couple taps of your touchpad that White folks will become a minority by 2042, …presuming there will be no reinforcing feedback loops from growing non-White political representation to further accelerate the process before then.

Well, all right. I suppose there are a few campus radicals who oppose the existence of white people, though so far as I can tell this is mainly rhetoric rather than a plan of action.

Kevin suffers from a complete disconnect from objective, statistically verified, observable reality. For him, the rapid clip at which White folks are demographically disappearing in both America and the rest of the White world is just some leftist radical nonsense with no coherence beyond the most radical corners of the most radical university sinecures. What he’s really trying to say is that his White people, the White people in his age and socioeconomic cohort are quite comfortable and secure, thanks.

A Charlottesville protester named Nicholas J. Fuentes, raging against the “rootless transnational elite,” vows: “You will not replace us.” I have reviewed the passenger manifest of the Mayflower, and there is not a single “Fuentes” to be found.

The neocon boomer resorts to the very same arguments relied upon by the pink-haired radicals they ostensibly oppose when one attempts to discuss racial issues. Because White Latinos have had a complex history in America, they have no right to a White voice. They attempt to peel off everyone who’s Mediterranean, Eastern European, Catholic, or has a Cherokee great-great-grandmother, pretending that an entirely obsolete and irrelevant Anglo-centric definition of “White” entails that they’re not truly “White.”

Who needs Berkeley radicals to deconstruct and oppose “Whiteness” when you’ve got the National Review so eager to do so?

“A girlfriend,” comes the mocking answer, and there’s probably more to that than mockery.

While marching toward the rally, several of the antifa in attendance accused me of having a small penis. Whether or not I have a girlfriend or an adequate member is part and parcel of the politics of emasculation and humiliation which radicalizes the young men flooding my inbox right now to join us in standing and fighting for their dignity, their identity, and their stake in the future. “Mom’s basement whites,” as Williamson calls us, are the constant targets of this active effort to shame and humiliate us into silence and submission.

And when shame and humiliation won’t do, Williamson’s antifa allies (What do they disagree on?) break out the acid, improvised blowtorches, and flaming projectiles. We will not be silenced with violence. We will not be silenced with shaming and humiliation. We will not be silenced with the digital censorship taking place from every major Silicon Valley corporation right now. A movement as pointless and pathetic as the one Williamson and others imagine would not face the panoramic show of institutional, systemic force exerted against us this week.

That’s what National Review has been reduced to, mocking the sexual adequacy of young conservative men who are standing against virulent globalist radicals with (((Freudian))) innuendo. That’s supposedly the “right” side of the contemporary mainstream political duopoly.

But their motive is not to be found in their exterior circumstances, which are pretty good.

Maybe too good: A great many of these young men have an interest in evolutionary psychology and evolutionary sociology — they like to think of themselves as “alpha males,” as though they were living in a chimpanzee troop — but it never occurs to them to consider their own status as rejects and failed men in that context. Online fantasy lives notwithstanding, random girls do not want to have sex with them. How do we know this? Because they are carrying tiki torches in a giant dork parade in Charlottesville. There’s no prom queen waiting at home.

My pregnant wife actually half-jokingly declared, “Return with your shield, or on it” as I climbed into my rented van to head off to Charlottesville. Your mileage may vary.

If we credit their own sociobiological model, they are the superfluous males who would have been discarded, along with their genetic material, by the pitiless state of nature. The fantasy of proving that they are something else is why they dream of violence and confrontation.

We had a permit and had speeches prepared for a peaceful event where we were defending a historical monument. We didn’t go there to prove that we have giant cocks, can easily beat the living shit out of our enemies as the National Guard looks in abject horror–afraid to intervene, and can run off with their womenfolk back to our mountaintop retreat. It just sort of worked out like that. Sorry not sorry.

In the morning, they wake up with the same faces. And there is something in the faces. James Alex Fields Jr. has more than a little whiff of Dylann Roof about him, and we know what Dylann Roof wanted: to murder black people. Sometimes, it is worth taking angry white boys at their word.

Then take me at my word, Kevin. We despise arrogant cosmopolitan cucks like yourself far more than we could ever despise minorities. Minorities are largely just hapless pawns in your insecure elitist game to attack, defeat, and humiliate the white working class, and the future belongs to either those minorities or to us angry white boys. It certainly doesn’t belong to you and yours.

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