Lawfare and Charlottesville: Choosing our Battles

August 24, 2017

The officer with the Carmel Police Department smiled warmly, assuring me that they would ensure that David Irving’s conference I was helping host would be monitored by an officer in an unmarked car. It was a decade ago, and I still believed that America was basically the constitutional republic it alleges to be. I was aware of bad apples, “crooked cops,” and exceptions to the rule. But I believed that, all things being equal, law enforcement generally existed to equally enforce the letter and spirit of the law.

While helping lay out his history books in the hotel conference room, that same officer burst into the room and ordered us all to immediately leave. He had a knowing smirk on his face when he looked at me, the smirk of a man who knows he’s fucked you and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. It’s the exact same smirk on the faces of the officers in Charlottesville earlier this month, a smirk which has surely fallen as the chaos they helped unleash resulted in dead locals and dozens of their leftist allies critically maimed.

We were able to host a successful historical book club meeting in my apartment despite being driven out of our conference room by the cop, with a dedicated man on lookout outside my apartment to ensure that the antifa weren’t storming my home. Police officers are a threat, and protecting ourselves from violence is our own challenge alone. The next day, after the antifa had thrown a brick through the restaurant they mistakenly thought we were meeting at, the Indiana State Police wanted to meet with me. Naively again, I assumed they wanted information on the vandals targeting protected political speech. There were more people there than I had been told, and everybody at the table was only interested in digging into me and mine!

Even as my attempt to host a historian’s lecture is being actively threatened with vigilante violence, this system’s law enforcement officers still regarded me and mine as the criminals to interrogate and observe. While I generally believe that deep state surveillance has been and probably remains on the backfoot with monitoring and manipulating the altright, that’s assuredly changing in the coming months and years ahead. Do not, whatever you do, trust any government employee to be a simple partisan of law and order. It doesn’t matter how forthright and strictly legal you think you are, being a White Advocate exists in a murky gray area in the modern American “Clown World” system where it’s only technically legal and is pursued and treated as if we were a crime syndicate.

It’s been a couple weeks now since the riot in Charlottesville, and the initial hysteria is giving way to more patient and thorough analyses of what happened, analyses with facts and records about what actually happened. Bellamy and (((Signer))) are growing ever more uncomfortable as their own liberal and leftist allies are asking tough questions about their maniacal plot to lead the nationalist event attendees into a planned slaughter which fatally backfired. To be clear, nobody’s angry about the plot itself, …only that their plot failed.

“Dead Nazis” would have been a cause for nationwide celebration, and that was Signer’s goal.

We have very few nationalist-friendly attorneys, brave men who sacrifice potentially lucrative careers and endanger their very bar cards to defend nationalist unpersons. I’m not going to ask any of them to take up my Class 3 Misdemeanor case with a maximum $500 fine pro bono. We have nationalists like Chris Cantwell and Will Planer who are in far more urgent legal jeopardy, after all. I’m not going to fundraise for it, as those funds are better invested in true forward motion for our cause or support for those in real legal jeopardy.

The ACLU, an organization which once earned a reputation for protecting civil liberties regardless of context, has also succumbed to the naked tribalism of our age. Earlier today, they tweeted about how white supremacy is supposedly everywhere, …even in an innocuous photo of a blonde child waving an American flag. They’ve explicitly confirmed their support for removing the historical monuments. ACLUVA has confirmed that it will not represent me in any way, because my skin’s the wrong color.

Imagine if the races were reversed, and the NAACP were being blamed for the violence which erupted when the Klan targeted and attacked their permitted peaceful event. Imagine the narrative being that it was the fault of the NAACP for provoking the attack by daring to flagrantly exercise their civil rights. After all, uppity Negroes daring to congregate in broad daylight is a naked provocation to violence. Imagine the NAACP organizers and attendees being held liable in a likely successful class action suit for damages and injuries in the ensuing mayhem as they fought like hell to get to safety as cops stood there smirking knowingly.

In Clown World, Lady Justice peeks over her blindfold to check the races of those involved and pushes her thumb on whichever scale is on the side of globalism, mass migration, and forced integration. And I’m not even complaining about unfairness or double standards here. I’m not whining, just laying out the stark contrast between what America says on the label and what’s actually in the can. I’m not begging America to return to its constitutional commitment to common law traditions and due process. It can’t. It won’t. “Justice” is demographically obsolete, replaced with a fanatical and mob-driven conception of tribal “social justice.”

We’re already neck deep into the neo-tribal future where the whole notion of equality before the law has given way to these “who, whom” kangaroo courts. I’ll probably just pay the fine or skip the date and end up with a bench warrant or whatever. I don’t care. I’ve got a couple weeks to decide what to do, but what I won’t do is achieve any semblance of justice. In the minds of the judges and potential jurors in Charlottesville, I’m a comic book villain who unleashed gonzo Nazi Terrorism on their hometown.

A decade ago, I was very insistent that I’m merely a White Advocate and always strove to clarify that I’m non-threatening, non-radical, and not “one of those people.” I’ll never be a “rough man.” I know my nature and I know my limits. But I no longer mind striking fear into these people. They have every reason to fear me, because while I don’t possess control of the legal system, I don’t possess much money, and I don’t possess much power, I do possess the truth. I possess a righteous truth which is resonating with today’s youth.

White Americans have become a stateless people under the thumb of a hostile regime which is systematically working to displace and replace us. Folks can point to economic data confirming that we’re still plenty wealthy and successful as an overall group, but I needn’t wait until we’re as bad off as White Africans before I start struggling to avoid their plight. This fight isn’t about my comfort or about economics, but about mastering control of our own destiny as a people. Besides, I don’t answer to my enemies in this struggle, but to my God, my ancestors, my comrades, and my future generations.

In today’s courtrooms, we’re completely vulnerable, and my civil liberties are the object of open mockery. But the technological, economic, and social preconditions of their world order have already all given way. Their economic order is on borrowed time. Their conventional military and law enforcement tactics are powerless against 30 million illiterate Afghans, …imagine how useless they’ll be against twice that many White Americans who’ve decided to reject a future of guilt, shame, and submission. Their institutional mind control media operations are becoming irrelevant echo chambers for the senile and the stupid.

We must continue developing our fundamentals as a movement. We must invest in mentorship, stewardship, and solidarity. The greatest threat to our victory isn’t our profoundly clueless and clumsy opponents. The greatest threat is our own egos, our own vanity, our own sloth, and our own lack of seriousness as we lay the groundwork for the future our grandchildren deserve. What comes of my little case doesn’t matter, as even a victory would be within an illegitimate and obsolete regime’s silly little context.

The fantasy of the ACLU and others rushing to defend my rock solid case, with me walking down the steps of the courthouse victorious because I’m correct, is an antiquated Norman Rockwell delusion which belongs to an America which no longer exists. If I do show up for my court date next month, I’ll have no legal defense, will be up against smug kleptocrats who don’t give a damn about truth or justice, and will have a dicey time making it back to my car without being attacked by a feral mob of leftist vigilantes and malicious media jackals.

None of that matters. What matters most is delivering on our movement’s implied promise to the young White men and women who turn to us for a comprehensive solution to the alienation and humiliation they’re being relentlessly subjected to. What matters is proving to our people that we’re prepared to stand with and for them in the local and neighborhood level. We must carefully choose our battles. We can’t afford to not make legally risky public stands, as a movement which doesn’t demonstrate its ability to occupy a public platform doesn’t matter. We’re decisively winning that battle. But the more important battle lies in investing in our future leadership and our future supporters.

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