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August 21, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, Daily Stormer hasn’t been kicked off the Internet. The Corporate Internet, the one you see when you download Google Chrome and Google something on your Google Chromebook, is leveraging its monopoly to turn its neoliberal political screws on White Nationalism’s flagship website. It still exists, and it’s still delivering the finest post-ironic infotainment around, but you’ve got to take a couple very simple steps to get to it.

Do so. The fate and future of our very movement depends on you, the audience, taking a moment to figure out how to get around the censorship storm currently taking place.

Create a Gab account

After you’ve created a Gab account, follow @AndrewAnglin. Gab is like Twitter, but dedicated to a censorship-free platform which works the way the Internet is supposed to work; only censoring flooding, human trafficking, actual incitement to actual crimes, and the targets of court orders. Be sure to also follow myself, @MattParrott, and @TradWorker while you’re over there, as well. Our audience is dramatically smaller than DS and we believe our hosting solution’s got a proven record of network neutrality, so we’re still in the clear for now. But you never know.

Weev, the legendary hacker who admins the Daily Stormer site, is trying to get the site back on the Corporate Internet because many people haven’t bothered to get set up on the Dark Web. This past week, he’s been up against incredible and unprecedented tech challenges as one layer of the network stack which allegedly supports “network neutrality” kicks the site off of its service after another. He’ll probably eventually prevail somehow, as he’s weev. But in the meantime, the site’s still fully online on the Dark Web.

Download the TOR Browser

Forget everything you’ve heard about buying cocaine or schoolboys on “The Dark Web.” Sinister stuff can and does happen over there, precisely because hidden services on the .onion web can’t be easily monitored and shut down. But more importantly, it’s a safe haven for free speech. The project founders like to pretend that it’s all about protecting gay Persian journalists from the angry ayatollah, but everything that’s created to help homosexual libertarians always ends up helping fascist shitlords even more.

The TOR Browser isn’t complicated. It’s basically just a rip-off of Firefox gutted and tweaked to help it be more anonymous when browsing regular sites and also browse secret “.onion” sites. Download it. Install it. It’s safe.

Then hop on over to dstormer6em3i4km.onion to catch up on the several days of hilarious and relevant commentary you’ve been missing out on. Be sure to skip over the articles discussing gender issues, though.


Get Bitcoins

Forget all the techno-futurist bullshit about how Bitcoins are going to change the world. That stuff’s all true. And, basically, if you’re not investing heavily in them, you’re missing out. But forget all that for now. Forget all of these confusing infographics you’ve seen trying to “explain” how Bitcoin “works.” Your wife has absolutely no idea how credit cards and fiat currency work, but she knows damn well how to go shopping with it.

Same for you and bitcoin. It’s incredibly easy to go shopping with it. First, create a CoinBase account, link it to your bank account, then purchase as much coinage as you’re wanting to donate or spend. Don’t worry about the fluctuating price of the coin or how you’re probably only buying a fraction of a bitcoin. It’s all just decimal places in a machine, so it doesn’t matter. After a couple days to transfer from your bank, the bitcoin value will land in your CoinBase account.

Do not spend the coins directly from CoinBase to DailyStormer or anything else. CoinBase is a cucked corporation which is going out of its way to prove that it’s “legitimate” and “respectable.” They could and would disable your account or even freeze your funds if you’re “caught” donating directly to Anglin or anybody else Wall Street banksters disapprove of. Take five minutes to download the Electrum wallet onto your Android smartphone and then transfer your funds from your CoinBase account to your phone. From there, you can scan the QR code at Daily Stormer or TradYouth to rapidly replenish our coffers.

The address to donate to Daily Stormer is: 19m9yEChBSPuzCzEMmg1dNbPvdLdWA59rS.

That would be a lot to type in. Fortunately, your phone can use those square barcode looking images to save you the trouble. As an experiment, donate 1.488 millibits (0.001488 bitcoin), around $5 zogbucks, to that address to confirm you’re set up correctly.

There are a million side notes that could be added. There are different ways than CoinBase to end up with bitcoins. There are different wallets than the Electrum wallet on Android. There are different places to spend it than Daily Stormer. There are even different coins out there, like Ethereum and PIVX, which you can get mixed up in. By all means, dive into the rabbit hole, as our men and women need to know this stuff. As our movement continues growing and continues threatening the (((globalist))) hegemony, they’ll do more and more to try to censor and silence us, and we need to be prepared.

Several folks who were injured or imperiled after Charlottesville are relying on people knowing how to use bitcoin to help them out in their hour of need. The oligarchs are aggressively censoring any and all fundraising platforms for nationalists, even injured nationalists who are just trying to cover their medical expenses. is one such site that could use your support and hosts several important and active causes.

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