Chris Cantwell Did Nothing Wrong

August 25, 2017

A lot of folks who wished they could have joined us in Charlottesville to take a stand now have that opportunity to make a stand every bit as important and valuable as fist fighting the nightmare swarm of surgically self-mutilated degenerate Communists. We have an opportunity to stand for and support Chris Cantwell, who was recently arrested for self-defense. Alongside¬†Will Planer, TradWorker’s “Sacramento Spartan” who’s being held in a nearly identical case of textbook self-defense, we all have a solemn duty to send a clear message to future fighters that if the system comes after you, you will never be left behind by your nationalist comrades.

Cantwell was defending himself.

On three separate occasions over the course of a single weekend, Chris was threatened by leftist assailants openly attempting to harm him. On Friday, I remember hearing buzz about Cantwell being ambushed by antifa in a random parking lot. Because he had a gun, the left tried to get him arrested for that. At the actual riot on Saturday, Cantwell was alongside us, being singled out for attack. And, of course, at the torch parade on Friday night, the antifa tried to attack Cantwell and he also defended himself.

That incident, at the parade, is the one they decided to charge him at. Nationalist activism is a mug’s game where if you win, you’re charged by the antifa’s police state co-conspirators and if you lose you’re seriously injured or worse. It’s still necessary, as occupying public space is required for escalation, growth, and legitimation of our cause, but it hurts to see honest activists who played by the rules and attempted to exercise their very basic right to assemble entangled in the game.

Planer and Cantwell are just the first in what will surely be many more who are abducted by this increasingly panicked state. It could’ve been me. Some day, it could be you. Some will criticize leadership for organizing events knowing beforehand that these risks are possible. I understand and respect the sentiment, but retreat simply isn’t an option. We cannot concede public space to the antifa just because Mitt Romney and the Governor of Virginia would like us to. We can take more steps to protect ourselves from the antifa’s powerful attorney supporters and their conniving “lawfare” strategies. But both Planer and Cantwell knew and accepted the risks of daring to be a White man in broad daylight, and they now need our unqualified support, not our monday morning quarterbacking.

Cantwell is being held without bail.

Cantwell made very clear in his videos that he had no intent to flee. He has no lengthy criminal record or other precedent for holding him without bail. The reason they’re holding him without bail is that their case is flimsy and they need to squeeze as much punishment as possible into what’s called “the ride,” the jailing and financial nightmare that comes with being held before the trial. Cantwell is a political prisoner for White Advocacy, and we as a movement are only as good as we are when one of our own is down.

Cantwell needs your support.

Cantwell is currently being held in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail in Virginia (VA)¬†and will likely be there for a few weeks. Ironically, it’s easier to financially support Cantwell now that he’s in jail than it would be if he weren’t in jail, given the hysterical Corporate Internet censorship campaign and the boycott against nationalists being pushed and promoted by the major credit card processing companies. If you do use the messaging tool (I haven’t tried to use it), please be mindful that his guards and the locals will all be reading it as well, and he won’t benefit from radical or normie-offensive rhetoric.

Money Orders:

c/o Christopher Cantwell

PO Box 7626

Charlottesville, VA 22906


Christopher Cantwell #631424

160 Peregory Lane

Charlottesville, VA 22902

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