Proud Boys Are Cordially Invited to Unite The Right

Update #1: Within a few hours of publication, the Proud Boys Official post disavowing the Unite the Right event and denouncing its organizers has been removed. We’ll patiently await clarification, but the rumors are promising that a less confrontational, divisive, and insulting approach to the rest of the movement may be in the works.

Update #2: An entirely new post under the original hyperlink has been uploaded. All of the attacks and insults have been redacted. Local chapters are welcome to attend by headquarters at their discretion. We at TradWorker appreciate this positive development and look forward to fighting alongside our Proud Boy comrades allies in whatever capacity they’re comfortable with.

“Based in Colorado” has clarified the “official” Proud Boys™ position on the Unite the Right event coming up in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th. Gavin and crew unironically disavow the very ambitious and rapidly growing event on account of there being “racists” afoot. “So here’s the deal Proud Boys, if you want to go to the rally, I can’t stop you. […] Remember, we don’t allow racists in Proud Boys, if you decide to rub elbows with those people, you very well could find yourself being disavowed next time.”

We at TradWorker can assure any Proud Boys considering going rogue that they won’t be attending a “racist” event. While our organization and a couple others in attendance are indeed pro-White, the event’s not about race. It’s about freedom of speech and defending our historical monuments. Matthew Heimbach was a civil war re-enactor long before he became a White Advocate, and both the leader and TradWorker members will stay on message, welcoming and supporting non-identitarian and non-White allies at the event.

The majority of the organizations which will be in attendance are not “White Nationalist” by any stretch of the paranoid imagination, much less “racist” in the “racial hatred” or “supremacist” sense. Organizations which promote racial hatred and can’t work with others in a unity context won’t be there. As an added measure to try to keep the peace, we’ll refrain from roasting Gavin and go out of our way to help any Proud Boy supporters of free speech and heritage feel right at home at the event.

In a rare decision by the Elders, Gavin McInnes has officially announced that the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, scheduled on August 12th, has been disavowed. I personally am not surprised by this. The rally is not about “uniting the right,” it is an attempt to lump civic-nationalists in with ethno-nationalists in order to make them seem like the same thing.

The principle organizers are civic nationalists with a solid reputation in the altright. To directly accuse them of organizing the rally with the actual intent of “smearing” civic nationalists is hysterical and unprofessional.

This rally, hosted by Jason Kessler, has speakers such as Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Workers Party, a writer for the Daily Stormer named Johnny Monoxide, Mike Enoch of the Right Stuff, and Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South.

Here’s the deal, I don’t really consider most of these people to the right. Since when is how far right you are decided by how racist you are?

Defining what’s “Left” and what’s “Right” is and has always been a tar baby since it became a thing during the French Revolution a few centuries ago. We at TradWorker believe it’s largely a waste of time, standing for Faith, Family, and Folk regardless of where that puts us on some arbitrary Internet quiz’s plot diagram. Fortunately, we do have a clear and reliable way to understand who’s Left and Right in the context of this event. The men and women standing for our nation’s heritage, our monuments, and our First Amendment are Right and the Antifa radicals standing against them are Wrong.

The Traditionalist Worker Party are socialists, in my mind that disqualifies you from being on the right. I cringe every time I hear a Traditionalist Workers Party member refer to another member as “comrade,” which they regularly do.

This is exceedingly petty, and willfully ignorant of how global capitalism is a powerful and reliable force for the Left. Right wing fighters the world over call one another “comrade,” of course. But Based in Colorado is attempting to imply that we’re somehow Marxists, pandering to the Cold War boomer association of political comradeship with Soviet Communists. Either way, the event’s not about economic policy and raising our Third Positionist economic positions is a petty attempt to seize the moral high ground without any standing or fighting.

We at TradWorker believe that the moral high ground in this struggle is earned with defending our values and defeating our enemies, not in signaling against allies. Proud Boys are welcome to join us on that moral high ground in a face-off with the actual Leftists on August 12th. Gavin’s argued himself into a corner, agreeing to play the Left’s game of disavowing everybody within one’s camp for petty and optical reasons with the hope of not being called “racist.”

We all know Gavin’s not racist or racial. But Proud Boys are assured that how frequently they’re called “racist” by the mainstream media and the antifa won’t change one bit whether they show up to Unite the Right or not. Even the non-White Proud Boys and Proud Boys with blended families are somehow called “racist” by this machine, and it won’t stop until people stop playing into it, as Gavin’s doing here.

The wolves will keep chasing you as long as you keep running. It doesn’t matter how many allies Gavin throws off the sleigh to keep the wolves of political correctness at bay. George Soros will just hire more wolves.

Looking at this rally, it doesn’t even look like a rally that fits in with Proud Boys. The imagery looks like something that comes from 1930, where are your American flags? Or are you trying to appease those speaking in your group who aren’t even proud Americans. Nearly every single one of your speakers do not believe in American values.

Let’s clear this “problem” up by having Proud Boys sign on and promote the event with plenty of Americana promotional materials, featuring Gavin McInnes himself as a speaker to help balance out the ticket. Patriotic civic nationalist folks are organizing this event and there will be plenty of American flags on display.

The truth is, we don’t need white supremacists in Proud Boys. We are western chauvinists, not racists, and welcome anyone who agrees with that. We don’t give a shit what the color of your skin is, but nearly all of the speakers at this event can’t seem to do anything but talk about skin color.

Seriously? White Supremacists? I know we have some major and important differences, but resorting to Leftist smear tactics is ridiculous. Both non-Whites and non-identitarian opponents of the Radical Left are cordially invited to not only attend as equals against the antifa, but to personally shake our hands at the rally. The notion that TradWorker members must necessarily hate non-Whites merely because we are advocates for our own belongs in the Huffington Post, not on the Right.

I also understand that the left doesn’t disavow their extremists in antifa and Black Lives Matter, but we’re better than the left. We are able and willing to take the trash out and distance ourselves from our extremists.

Those who lack the discipline to refrain from insulting and attacking the men in the same barricades when our heritage and rights are on the line are the “trash,” and they’ll soon enough find themselves taken out by a movement which hasn’t the time or patience for these tiresome and destructive label games. Proud Boys and other civic nationalists will find Based Stickman and numerous other patriots who are certainly not trash fighting side-by-side with them.

Remember, we don’t allow racists in Proud Boys, if you decide to rub elbows with those people, you very well could find yourself being disavowed next time.

That’s a clear and direct threat to call anybody a racist who happens to attend an event which is attended by somebody else who’s also called a racist. While I respect that Proud Boys aren’t pro-White or White Nationalist, and have an implied obligation to ensure that their non-White members feel welcome and comfortable, this is clearly an attempt to appease the Leftists. It will fail. Unless we learn to unite, we’ll all lose this fight. And we’ll eventually also all lose our rights.

Each and every Proud Boy–of every race–should confirm attending in numbers strong enough that Gavin’s forced to reconsider his threat. If enough of you push back against this ill-considered decision, there’s still room for your boy Gavin to take his spot on the stage and the Proud Boys to earn their credit for participation in this historic event.



Parrott is far and away the most level-headed thinker in the Alt Right for my money. Level-headedness isn’t always exactly what we need, but when you need it and don’t have it, it really sucks. I’m glad we have a Matt Parrot on our side.


Matt is the most consistent and trustworthy by far. Five years ago when the alt-right was fringe there were dozens of alt-right sites I would read. Now the only one I care about is Tradyouth, since the rest became all about posting frogs on twitter and mingling with the alt-lite Ziocucks to fight “Islam”.

Matt Parrott

I intend to get back into writing more.

I’ve had a lot of exciting personal developments and major life changes afoot, but I need to keep writing.


That’s great to hear. I also enjoy A. E. Stern’s writings a lot. Any thoughts of adding one or two more regulars as replacements for Striker and Fr. Johnson?

It seems that all my favorite authors that attracted me to the movement in the first place like Michael O’ Meara and Mark Hackard are not active anymore and their whereabouts unknown.

Mac Tírè

I’ve been wondering for years what became of Michael O’Meara. He was one of the best. Anyone know?


Without you there almost isn’t a movement etc, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been putting in 3-4 hour days writing myself. For God’s sake, don’t stop–we desperately need you.

Mac Tírè

I’m a dues paying member of TWP and it is largely because of Matt P. And I’m no longer a Christian!


I’m extremely disappointed that TWP is participating in an event with Mike pEiNOviCH, and I believe that, in time, this kind of compromise will reflect badly on the trust level that many in the pro-White movement have for the TWP. Nobody expects any kind of disavowal or attacks from TWP on/against TRS, but at the same time, getting in bed with them damages YOUR reputation.

Honestly I feel better about TWP sharing space with honest “civic” types, or even Nation of Islam, than I do with deceitful traitors. It makes me sad, because you guys were pretty much the one “name” in the 2.0 movement that I had much respect for.

Pic related.

Matt Parrott

Mike Enoch is a very gifted, talented, and dedicated movement asset and his TRS project is a central driving force behind the miraculous growth of our movement over the past few years. Like it or not, the rapid growth we need will require working with and allying with folks a lot more personally and professionally compromised than Mike.

To unite for a rally against a common enemy doesn’t entail that they endorse everything about ourselves or vice-versa. Our separate projects remain separate. But they have no choice but to work with us and we with them if there’s any realistic hope of building on this momentum and expanding the reach and impact of our nationalist message.


Peinovich is married to a jewess who was the head of her b’nai b’rith chapter in high school, and he, among others at TRS such as the Freemason Musonius Rufus, actively hid this from the members of the site and his audience.

What’s next, Matt? Letting actual jews into “the movement” and not just people married to them?

Matt Parrott

This “Unite the Right” rally is inclusive of non-whites, active race-mixers, and presumably some Jews.

We’re not the primary organizers.

Even if Mike’s utterly pozzed beyond recognition, this event would be inclusive of him.

I’m familiar with all of the charges against Mike. He’s no longer with the wife. He’s doubled down on his investment in the cause. We’ve made a decision to be supportive of the TRS project in light of that situation, knowing that some will find that unacceptable.

With all due respect, please take further complaints about Mike and TRS to Mike and/or TRS.


Matt, you’re having problems with reading comprehension, so go back and read my initial comment, again.

I’ll wait.

Or if you’d rather, let me reiterate.

It’s not the presence of non-Whites, civics, etc., that I object to you consorting with in terms of a limited action, rally, etc., where inclusivity or broad agreement is wanted, and where you and they are all conscious that you aren’t them and they aren’t you. I even referenced NOI in that comment, as you’ll see if you look, and obviously negro psuedo-mohammedans aren’t pro-White or part of the pro-White movement, but I can see where a common interest (such as physical separation of the races) might be cause for a meeting.

It’s the consorting with known liars and traitors, like TRS and pEiNOviCH, people who have claimed to be part of the movement while actively deceiving members of the movement.


Secret Jews push Jewish agendas as if tey were white agendas. For example, TRS had no trouble posting this hate article by secret Jew Joshua Goldberg. Since we now know Enoch is likely Jewish, was Josh or Michael Slay’s Jewishness unknown at the time and is this the message TRS wants to send to reprsent white ppl?
originally posted at the right stuff
Also, Shall I state the obvious. Weev is a Jew who pretends to be white. Look over at the kind of articles he pushes to know what Jews want whites to look like

Brent Damery

I agree. Mike has done and continues to do a lot of good work towards the cause those here claim to champion. Our ultimate goal of “14/88” has NO chance of reaching fruition if we do not find ways to unite with ALL who share this goal. White opinions are obviously diverse, but let’s stand with those who want the MAIN thing we want, and we can work out the issues we have with one another’s opinions on arguably much smaller topics AFTER we have reached our goal.

It seems some wish to “stand by their principles” like some cuckservative who is willing to let the entire ship sink rather than do what is necessary to save it out of notions of “purity” in thought. How many among us hatched from infancy with our current views? As cucked as much of the leadership of the so called “Proud Boys” movement is, the rank and file who are willing to get out and attend rallies are likely more than halfway between our views and those of the standard white normie population. Bringing them the rest of the way is our duty to ensure the best chance we will meet our ultimate goals and make the struggle worthwhile. We have truth on our side, and we will NEVER grow enough if we merely wait for all those who don’t yet agree with us (or never will) to come to us begging for our truth.

It is worthwhile to unite where we can and strategically bring more to our side. That does NOT mean compromising our values. It means ensuring they spread to the masses.

Australian White Goy

Why not team up with Anti-Fa like co-founder and suspected jew Daniel Friberg is/has done (pic related and story). There’s no way of squirming out of this one; all ‘leaders’ of the altright have been tainted.

To such an extent even a Jew-leader of the altright who keeps on being called a ‘[email protected]’ cannot even be allowed entry based on ‘character’ into Australia after stupidly revealing his intentions to travel here.

I’m no fan of Greg Johnson but he makes valid points. Of course, I want nothing to do with him regardless of his work when it’s clear he is a homosexual-pederast pusher (I’ve listened to the JIMPACT episode revealing the unspeakably evil details of ‘grooming’ thank you).

Good luck trying to bring NORMAL people into this freakshow which presents itself as being a ‘vanguard’ of White/European interests.

Australian White Goy

No, it’s not off topic.

Want to know why?

The (((Rebel Media))) has included – or recruited I should say – particular personalities that appeared as guests on The Convict Report hosted by the Dingoes.

One such person was a one-time, former opposition leader Mark Latham.

I don’t need to explain to you the INTERNATIONAL nature of (((Rebel Media))), Ezra Levant the International Jew and his International Jewish controlled op media.

Then there’s a US-Australian correspondent whose name escapes me, calling herself ‘UStralian’.

And of course Gavin McInnes.

you are really allying yourself with neo-Bolshevik International Jews.

That Mark Latham was likely controlled op. He got booted from Murdoch’s (((Sky News))) for race-related reasons. Also, another currently sitting member of Australian Parliament, actually had a part to play in destroying the Dingoes (((TRS)))-aired The Convict Report after more than 70 shows.

This isn’t off topic but should show WITH WHOM you are allying here.

Even giving the appearance of being associated with the Jew-alt-lite is bad. Everybody knows this. Has it come to this level of desperation you need to align with “I love israel” Gavin McIness?

What happened to your previous stance of No Jews in the Alt-Right?

I have spread your name extensively since I’m an anti-Zionist activist? Now I presume you support Zionism because ‘Muh Based White Jews’ and all.

Matt Parrott

I haven’t backed down one bit from opposing Jews. I haven’t disavowed the NSDAP or carried on about “based jews.” We don’t have anything to do with Rebel Media, as should be clear from their vicious blast of us.

Trying to get real world shit done necessarily alienates those who insist that we not work with anybody who’s worked with anybody who’s problematic.

Call back when you’ve caught us being up to shady business. Right now we’re clearly and openly working on bringing together a large nationalist event.


It’s not a nationalist event if non-Whites, race-mixers, and Jews are welcome. That’s just a fact. Nothing you can say will change that fact.

Australian White Goy

You lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised to wake up with fleas…

Interesting that an ‘altright leader’ is buddy-buddy with a notorious Anti-fa leader.


You have to ask yourselves these questions.

I have been hearing the Alt-Right is also more and more disavowing Hitler and National Socialism in favor of neo-Bolshevism and Stalinism.

That pic speaks for itself.

Brent Damery

No one is calling for teaming up with traitors. There is a place for ideological purity, and quite another for working to bring others to our side. This does not mean compromising our values, but if our values are to NEVER associate with ANYONE who is not full on Hitler worshipping and National Socialism PUBLICLY, then our message is likely doomed to share the fate of the movement of the ’80s and ’90s, which we know for all intents and purposes is virtually dead. As much as I admire Dr. Pierce, Commander Rockwell, and yes, Hitler, the masses are so brainwashed as to be completely incapable of accepting this message in a non-diluted form. Just as the Jews have incrementally changed the views of our people to outright denial of their own right to exist, we must incrementally re-Nazify them. There are many tactics that will be required here. Parrot and Heimbach appear to realize this, which is why spitting on the likes of the RANK AND FILE “Proud Boys” is likely to win NO ONE save for the choir of those publicly proclaimed ideological purists who don’t need winning over.

Hitler’s movement did not rise to power through straight up refusal to finesse the German population into seeing the truth. Had he attempted to accomplish this feat absent strategy that likely some in his ranks would feel amount to temporarily cucking, then they would have remained a small marginalized group. The leaps and bounds made by the Alt Right have come through leading people here by pushing them in our direction based on what they currently know and can accept. For example, one who is just becoming ready to accept race realism is probably not ready to hear “THE JEWS, THE FUCKING JEWS MUST BE DESTROYED. THOUGH THE SO CALLED HOLOCAUST DID NOT HAPPEN, IT SHOULD HAVE.” If you take this approach, don’t be surprised when your movement is best represented by Dr. Pierce preaching to the choir from a trailer in WV.

In this fight we need an “all of the above” approach that not all among us will agree with. I would NEVER call for working with open traitors to our people and cause, nor do I think that would help our movement. However, I do believe in redemption based upon one’s actions. Mike Enoch of TRS is definitely one of those people who is doing good work for our movement, and it appears since his doxing he has come out of his shell with nothing left to lose. Choosing to label him a traitor or worse because of decisions he made prior to being fully awoken is a recipe for failure. It is my goal to actually see the secured existence of our people and a future for white children. Yes, I have done the research and believe whole heartedly that the Shoah as it is portrayed did NOT happen. I have come to see that Hitler was a great man who could have been the savior of the world. I see how worldwide Jewry colluded to bring him down and, in turn, destroy us all. However, I am not naïve enough to believe I can start a conversation with a normie that centers around these facts and achieve ANY of my goals. Am I being unreasonable here?

In summary, fuck neo-Bolshevism, Stalinism, or any other Jewish poison that has been unleashed in this world. We owe the Jews all that they have claimed has already been done to them (though it has not), and I will be tactful in reaching a path that can bring this to reality rather than some fucking pipe dream as I attack those taking a different approach than I would necessarily prefer. I hope all here understand where I am coming from. If not, then keep preaching to the choir, but don’t be surprised when the faces in the crowd don’t change or grow.

Daniel Friberg

The pic does *not* speak for itself. It was taken by myself while doxing leftists at a nationalist rally (I took similar photos with all leading leftists at the location). Please stop spreading false rumors invented by the notorious homosexual Greg Johnson.

Pat McGilvary

That is full and fair disclosure. With that statement, I don’t believe any further criticism is warranted.

Fair Use

Not only that, but he’s implied 2 or 3 times he’s half Jewish himself. See “Mike Enoch Admits He’s Jewish”


I agree. TradYouth/ the TWP was the last group that had me interested in the ‘alt right’. (I may as well become ‘anti-racist’ and ‘anti-fa’ now.)

Or rather, which I held out any hope that this dubious, predominantly online movement, would do anything to reverse the inevitable death of the West, indeed irreversible death of the European race.

Just look at the demographics (births-deaths of Whites worldwide). I don’t know why I even bother caring to be honest anymore.

I’m at the point where I’m really done with anything that even whiffs of the JEWISH controlled opposition known as the ‘alt right’. There are other ethno/racial nationalist groups, as well as anti-Jew/ Zionist groups. And let’s be honest, the alt-right is pro-Israel with its inverted anti-Zionism (hey, look at how great Israel is treating those dirty Palestinians; let’s do the same; long live Our Greatest Ally and those based White Jews!)

Nevertheless, I wish all the best to all parties involved as they continue to sell out.

I do, understand, however, considering the Communist, one-party, Zio-Jewed nature of the West and its ‘politics’ little can be done to remedy this, even as time is of the essence and our end as the White race is drawing nearer each day.

Our thoroughly Jewed existence now, of course, traces back to the WW2 victors ‘winning’ against ‘evil Hitler’ (notably the UK, USA, France and USSR/Russia… incidentally 4 of the 5 permanent members of the UNSC).

Though, arguably, one could trace this back, of course, to the degenerate French Revolution, but Hitler and the NatSoc’s was a chance to return to FAITH, FAMILY & FOLK and to throw out the LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY poison that has genocided us through Jewish-inspired egalitarianism than racial/ethnic solidarity. I digress…

Anyway, thanks TWP/TradYouth for your previous work – you had me inspired and going for awhile. But this smells of subversion, co-opting, and the like.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re (either or both Matts) jockeying for a place on the board of (((The Rebel Media))).

Ironically, the (((Daily Stomer))) had a piece only a few days ago about why JEWS (or their affiliates, sympathizers, etc) shouldn’t be in the alt-right.

Actually, I’m also I.P. banned from for speaking out against including Jews in the altright, my sympathetic attitude to NatSocialism, etc.

Again, best to you and whatever the ‘altright’ is evolving into (if it wasn’t Jewish controlled opposition from the get-go). It was ‘fun’ while it lasted. However, I was informed earlier this year about the dubious nature of some within TWP/TradYouth. I didn’t want to believe it; but this type of article has sort of reinforced it.

I mean no disrespect to anybody. But I couldn’t help but expressing my shock that, of all groups, I have been misled. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’m the fool here for not believing that source months ago. But I thank you for ‘outing’ yourself !

PS. I truly mean no offence and I’m a very open-minded person, despite being a very very Traditionalist minded person. The type which has me thinking – when the altright is so full of faggotry, pederasty (at its highest levels/ leadership), godlessness, paganism, etc. Why would somebody such as myself want to promote this type of ethnic/racial ‘movement’.


Come to /pol/. aka full-pol is the best, cuckchan aka half-pol is mostly good for trolling or redpilling the occasional normalfag.

Matt Parrott

We can’t address or resolve issues that are hidden from us.

Joining a broad consortium in an allied event against antifa doesn’t make for proof of subversion. We have a simple policy among our directorship proscribing any secret combinations. We steer clear of the constant churn of secretive groups and schemes which bubble about in the swamp, favoring simplicity in both action and messaging.

You apparently don’t believe us, and we can’t prove a negative.


So basically, the “Proud Boys” (which sounds like a gay dance troupe anyway) believe their position is to wave American flags while kowtowing frantically to leftist b.s. and licking the boots of every Fake American they can find? How does this differ from every other losing cuckservative ever?

Just another bunch of cucks and traitors who want the white race exterminated in their homelands. You’re lucky not to have simpering filth like that attending.

Matt Parrott

A lot of rank-n-file Proud Boys are solid guys, many of whom have personal or professional situations that limit their participation in non-dildo projects.

Gavin’s arguing himself into a corner and will sooner or later crack on this attempt to polarize or he’ll fall behind and go the way of Milo, Ben Shapiro, and others who failed to keep up with the steady drift to the right on identity issues.

Fair Use

The problem with pretending is pretty soon, you’re not pretending anymore. With the exception being the method-acting race of impostors, who seem to be biologically incapable of assimilation.


This is more like co-opt the right to Breitbart patriotard controlled opposition. It’s not a matter of retracting insults but of principles and vast ideological differences. I always root for antifa when they fight these ziotards. TradWorker should stay away from anything involving the Plowed Boys.


you know that symbol looks like a camouflaged pyramid, just saying but it does go well with 6-6-6 or faith, family, folk. Coincidence or cohencidence

Fair Use

The devil poker arrows are pointing in the wrong direction. That makes it the opposite of AntiFa and their downward-facing devil pokie arrows.

And lightning is frequently a a Satanic symbol, worn by the Catholic Germans who all got exterminated after the war.

And Jesus didn’t come to unite, but to divide. Even members of our own family. Uniting is a losing proposition.

Most of the world is made up of dead weight. As is most of the white race. Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. Abraham did. Noah did. Pay attention to what they did differently: #1 – Being different.

In a world full of uniters and believers, Jesus put the Jews away from harm for 1,000+ years. (Since emancipated by Napoleon in 1806.) And he did it by dividing families. Not by uniting them.

Fair Use

Proud Boys. Even their name is a dangerous sin. They should be scared away by it. By the tattoos and other sins. Saving a Proud boy, who is, at his heart, a tribalist gang member, is like saving a homosexual. You don’t want people getting sucked into that filth, and you hope they’ll come to Christ and trust Him. If not, they’re not with us. And if they’re not with Christ, who died for them and rose again, then they’re against Him.

Lugenpresse Watch

‘Based’ stick man is an active race-mixer and miscegenation (race-mixing), along with flooding our White nations with non-Whites, are the two reasons White Genocide is happening.

The Jewmedia and Jew-pushing multi-culti groups are the leaders in this as we know.

(((Rebel Media))) is Jewmedia, as is its International Jew founder (((Ezra Levant).

Anyhow, ‘based’ stick man – if he wants to redeem himself – and if the alt-right don’t want to name Jews and befriend them (good luck, they’ll always be against us), should be OPENLY and LOUDLY speaking out against how MISCEGENATION = WHITE GENOCIDE.

And to be clear, Jews are not White. They are deceptive subversives who want “Whiteness” when it suits them, but have deployed it to destroy White/European interests.

This was all pretty much agreed upon, especially here at TWP/TradYouth.

I’m really sad to see TWP/TradYouth go down the Alt-Lite compromising path. I refuse to have anything to do with my enemies appearing as sheep but in fact being wolves.

I still think TWP/TradYouth has good intents, though time will tell if (((Rebel Media))) turns TWP/TradYouth kosher. I’m so used to this.

Everyone, heard of Christian Picciolini lately? The staged/ gov. plant to ‘steer’ people away from ‘racist hate’ groups.

I don’t want TWP/Trad Youth to ‘sell out’! For heaven’s sake, isn’t the death of the European/White race serious enough?

Why yoke ourselves with unbelievers in the cause?


By inviting a bunch of non-Whites and gays under the banner of “proud boys” to attend?

Them’s some fighting words if I ever heard them, lol.

Ezra Levant and Gavin McCuck said we were mean White Soopreemists so we’ll pozz the fuck out of this event for any real nationalists who were considering attending”

You sure taught them.

Pat McGilvary

Mr. Parrott was clear in his reasons for welcoming the Proud Boys to the “Unite the Right” rally. I was reporting and not opining in my post.

The JQ is #1 with me, and I have vehemently criticized Richard Spencer when I felt he was avoiding it. However, I agree with Mr. Parrott in opening a dialogue in “uniting the right”. My opinion is that many Trump supporters are gravitating further and further right.

J.j. Cintia

“Proud boys” eh? Well cuck a doodle doo, Yankee. When someone says they want to remain true to “conservatism” I stop listening. We’ve heard this drivel before. Billy Cuckly and his Lincoln Log Cabin. So true to enemy values and ever ready to abandon all pretense of fighting. Enjoy the scraps, lap dog. Live on your knees and suck. You will die just the same. Being nice has no place in War. That’s what this is now. Make no mistake, War was declared fifty years ago. They just didn’t bother to tell you, so they could kill you while you were still asleep. The sleeper must awaken. White supremacy is normal in a White Nation. The Founders were ALL WHITE NATIONALISTS. That melting pot is a brown sludge slavery mill.

Foteen Ateyate



The men of old would look at the movement in disgust and contempt if they saw what the movement is doing today.

Associating with faggotry, jews, and race traitors for the sake of attempting to gain closer ground towards victory is insulting. You might as well slap GLR/WLP right in the face if they were to appear before all of you right now.

Fucking disgusting.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

This DIVERSITY argument got it upside down.

It wasn’t Diversity that made the West great. It was unity and solidarity, which become frayed with diversity.

After all, the US became a superpower BEFORE the mass immigration beginning in 1965.
And UK was a great power before any non-white immigration.
And Japan and Germany became giant economies without or before immigration.

Instead of diversity making those nations rich, it was their richness that attracted diversity.

After all, if whites had utterly failed to build an economy and stable order in the US, would diverse peoples from all over the world want to go there?

No one comes to the US or any Western nation for diversity. They go there for the wealth and success and rule of law. After all, if diversity is the main attraction, why shouldn’t immigrants choose Brazil or Venezuela over Canada or Australia? Surely, Latin American nations are more diverse. And why are people running from diverse North Africa to white Sweden? Sweden is cold and has long winters and is still less diverse than North Africa. So, why do people go there if diversity is utopia? Because Sweden is rich and better-run than most societies(until diversity ruins everything).

Diversity didn’t make America. America attracts diversity because it’s rich. That’s it.

It’s like a tree. If a tree grows big, it produces lots of fruits. Fruits attract monkeys. Monkeys didn’t make the fruits. The tree did. The monkeys just came to feed on the fruits. It would be fallacious to say ‘Monkeys lead to Big Tree with Fruits’. The tree is tall and hanging with fruits not because of the monkeys. No, the monkey climbed the tree because the fruits were already there. Tree made the fruits, and monkeys came to feed on the fruits. Likewise, diversity didn’t make America. Diversity came to feed on America.

The real formula for the success of the US was already developed in Northern Europe. America was essentially the extension of the Northern European people, values, culture, and formula. (Later, other Europeans remolded themselves to conform to the Northern Model.) It was unity and solidarity of these peoples and principles that made America. Diversity had nothing to do with it.

Imagine an alternative founding of the US. Suppose America was settled by every ethnic group in the world in equal representation. So, if the world has, say, 200 ethnic groups, each people compromise only 0.5% of first Americans. So, the first Americans are a crazy quilt of all 200 ethnic groups from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, etc. It’s truly diverse. Would this kind of nation have amounted to anything? Of course not. But PC diversity freaks would us believe that diversity is the reason for America’s riches and power. It’s just a BS excuse to feed on whitey. By invoking diversity, even peoples who had NOTHING to with American success lay claim on America because they are part of ‘diversity’.

Because America is now diverse, PC pushes the fallacy that the US is rich and powerful because of diversity. So, we are to believe diversity is the reason for success of America. In fact, Diversity came to feed on the success created by white unity and solidarity. Diversity is Our Parasite.

Now, one can make a case for blacks and their contribution of labor to the economy. But blacks were only useful when they listened to whitey who knew better. Once blacks got ‘uppity’ and insisted on doing it their way, they messed city after city. And in the end, blacks took far more than gave to the US with their uppity parasitism.

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