Lessons Learned From Trump


Trump turned out to be yet another deep state puppet. That sucks. I have nothing to say which hasn’t already been said about the audacity of Trump’s reversal, the depth of betrayal, or the depressing prospect of looking forward to business as usual in Washington. We had a nice season in the sun, but it turns out that we’ll have to actually earn the revolution we envision with real sacrifice and struggle rather than selecting the revolutionary option on a touch screen.


The Trump Train turned out to be another undervalued property that Trump had the foresight to slap his branding on for a quick profit. It’s not his train. It’s our train, the White working class, the nationalist revolutionaries, and the opponents of the global capitalists and Jewish oligarchs of every identity. And the train still has no brakes. Join us in Pikeville in a couple weeks to learn what our next steps are to fight for our people from the grassroots on up.

In between the depression naps and self-harm incidents, we should step back and take stock of what’s been gained and what’s been learned.

National Socialism Sells

Trump is a marketing expert, and his election campaign was rooted in a classic A/B marketing strategy where he would test different messages in a ruthlessly agile manner. What happened was one of the most fascinating stories in American political history. Iteratively, Trump’s campaign message drifted piece-by-piece toward a fundamentally fascist platform by way of guess-n-check. Decades of political wisdom and popular assumptions about the appetites and inclinations of the American public were trashed by a candidate willing to simply reflect what the people actually wanted back at them.

That he was just mirroring voters to get elected is beside the point. The fact that Trump won the general election on a Fascism Lite platform remains a watershed moment in American politics, one which vaulted Third Positionism in American politics from obscurity into a major faction with a growing base of self-conscious “nationalists.” Regardless of where Trump goes from here, tens of millions of Americans have experienced the ASMR tingle of standing for an unapologetically America First platform.

Aggression Sells

Up until Trump came along, there was this persistent myth among nationalists that our problem was that we hadn’t convinced the American people that we’re friendly and fancy enough. We must speak in a dull and dry academic voice about the social science and statistics of the predicament. We must avoid appearing angry or passionate, because it will frighten people away. We must feminize ourselves in both action and affect.

As Trump has proven, you can insult your way to the White House. Anger electrifies folks, and directness is more appealing than cleverness and polish. The most important thing in messaging is authenticity, of course. But we’ve learned from Trump’s campaign that the boundaries of “professionalism,” “seriousness,” and “manners” in national politics are contrived spooks orchestrated and enforced by corrupt hucksters.

The folk want and need strength, …strength of conviction, strength of principle, strength in presentation, and direct physical strength when it’s called for. As the leftists grow more aggressive and American politics grows more hostile and polarized, it’s imperative that we avoid becoming beautiful losers, loyal opposition, and whining dissidents. Power and respect are both earned, and a political position which cannot occupy public space without police protection does not truly exist.

There is no way out but through the Jew

Trump’s progress and his wealth of Jewish supporters created this mirage that perhaps it was possible to at least delay or de-prioritize what Derbyshire dismissively calls “the Jew thing.” Perhaps there’s a meaningful contingent of “good Jews” who will join us against the Zionists, neocons, and globalists? Maybe, just maybe, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, and this dazzling new wave of Jew-friendly nationalists will empower us to step over the most polarizing challenge facing our movement?


The Jews traveling with Trump were laughing at the altright the whole time, and were the ones playing 6,00,000-D chess at our expense. There will continue to be increasingly desperate and convoluted effortposts begging us to give Trump the benefit of the doubt for months and even years to come. But this is no time for cleverness. It’s a time for simplicity and first principles. Even if the mythical “good Jew” does exist out there somewhere, you’ll know who he is because he’ll tell you not to trust himself or his kinfolk.

Trust nobody who fails to name the Jew, who fails to explicitly and consistently oppose the Jew, and who preaches cleverness or nuance on the JQ. Iteratively, folks are learning that everything short of outright antisemitism is an opening which can and will be exploited by the Jewish oligarchs to sabotage any attempt at an authentically national populist political revolution. Those who don’t get or accept this must be quarantined and excluded from authentic nationalist organizing and activism work.

I wish it weren’t like this. I also wish scorpions didn’t have stingers and junk food wasn’t fattening. It’s like this, and men who retain sympathy or support for the Jewish nation must be driven out as if they were a recently infected loved one in a zombie film. Mercy for them is treason to yourself and your future generations. Every single aspect and dimension of Trump’s betrayal intimately involved a direct Jewish influence. Anybody who fails to see that is either blind or deliberately holding his eyes wide shut.

Millennials Aren’t Hopeless

When I first showed up over a decade ago, I felt like the only young person with nationalist views. There were a few colleagues, but many of them were the sons and daughters of nationalists. It really looked and felt like I was part of a dying movement, one which had taken its best shot with George Wallace long before I was born and which had largely become a sort of fraternity of aging and dying losers. And then the kids started showing up, and they keep showing up, and there’s reason to believe that the generation following the Millennials will show up in even greater numbers.

What happened? The Internet happened. The Internet broke the monopoly on information which the oligarchs had possessed throughout our educational and entertainment institutions. Every critical thinker now has access to the tools to recognize what’s happening and there’s a steady awakening, one-by-one, of young men and women discovering that they have an inheritance, discovering that it’s worth defending, and discovering who’s threatening it. This is global, and it’s not only White kids, actually. The global capitalists and Jewish oligarchs hate our people in particular, but they’re enemies of every nation. The kids get that.

It’s Not Going to be Easy

Admit it. This all felt just a little too easy. The nationalist revolution will need to be earned, with orders of magnitude greater investment, risk, and sacrifice than we were asked to offer the Trump campaign. We’re capable of that, and now is the time to double down in order to cash in on all of the momentum we’ve gained in the past year. Donald Trump is making a calculated bet that he’s the rocket and we’re the spent explosive charge to be discarded. If we can seize this historic moment, we can continue growing and advancing as Trump’s administration crashes back down to earth without us.

Globally, it’s clear that we’re the future and Zionist imperialism is the past. Our ideas, our messaging, and our loyalty to the White American working class were what put Trump over the top. And if we can learn from and grow from the amazing process which took place in the past year, we can mature into a force capable of actually advancing the interests of our people rather than just theorizing and whining about them. It will require investment, risk, and sacrifice, though.

Are you in?



Trump is the commander-in-chief. He could have said no to the Syrian missile strikes no matter what any Jew demanded he do. He choose to go this route for whatever reason, and he is the one who is mainly responsible.

John D Maelstrom

Do you have “Make Identity Great Again” hats on order? I bought three of those MAGA hats. Should have spent the dough on you guys.

*wipes snot and tears away* *climbs back on feet*

Fr. John+

I’m in.

Death to the Christ-killers, this Week of all weeks.

May the promise of Matthew 27:25 be fulfilled in my lifetime.

“Live in peace with your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and not the enemies of God. “-Saint Theodosius of the Kiev caves

J.j. Cintia

Holding up signs only works when it advances the enemy agenda. Same thing with so-called “peaceful demonstrations”. If you want freedom the Founding Fathers showed you how it was done. The Second Amendment was put there to show you how. They knew this day would come. Don’t wait for miracles.

Pat McGilvary

Richard Spencer just went full on Jared Taylor. You get banned for bringing up the JQ at altright.com. You have a rich faggot who probably likes WN because he is only sexually attracted to white males.

“I don’t see much of the reform. I screamed and yelled to the point of people calling for my getting banned(not on this forum) from a prominent alt right forum. I said Trump had hired a record number of jews, our number one enemy, that they came from Goldman Sachs, etc. Yet, 90% of people followed hopes and dreams…..with Jews you lose.”


Well that’s a tad disturbing. I know he’s avoiding the JQ, but I thought for tactical reasons. To get banned for a comment is not good. And he’s the one doing speeches on free speech ffs.

Pat McGilvary

Altright.com just changed their policy two days ago. There was a minor shitstorm brewing.

aodh macraynall

No heartbreaks here. I made a vow before George Bush was elected that I’d never vote Republican again. Yes, it did seem too easy and I felt that even if Trump won and did some of the things he said he would do that it wouldn’t be enough. He’s too much of a negotiator. Negotiation is fine when you’ve got something to gain. We have nothing to gain by negotiating with Modernism,or liberalism or Judaism. Did Christ negotiate with Satan? No, because He had nothing to gain and everything to lose. My goal is to live long enough to help put a stake in Modernism’s black heart. There is no negotiating with Marxism. There is no negotiating with Liberalism because they will never, never stop until we are all dead. God, grant me the opportunity to go to Pikeville.


Thank you for this post.

I’ve been saying all along – as have you from whom I’ve learnt much – that somehow we cannot disentangle ourselves as White preservationists from the Zio-Jews.

Here’s a short clip showing how Marine Le Pen is compromised by Zio-Jews. Many “alt” sites are trumpeting her as they did Trump, Geert Wilders, etc. Who are all “Israel First” and hardly European/White people preservation/ rights.

But pragmatically speaking it appears the Jews have us in a double-bind where their approval is needed, otherwise we get nowhere. It’s a horrible situation to be in. I pray somehow we will prevail in the end and all the White intra-division ends. I can’t help but see so much division when compared to other races and I try my best not to engage in intra-White disputes.

Anyhow, here’s the expose on Marine (she isn’t anything like her father). Hopefully this will go through:


Thanks again for all your work. I’ve become accustomed to disappointment but try and remain somehow optimistic that the White race will prevail over our (((enemies))) first and foremost.


God granted me the opportunity to move to the Puget Sound region. Here I am and here I remain. It was a lot of hard work, actual suffering and hardship, for years, current cost estimates are over $15K, but I did it.
I’m in–all in.

I continue to await contact with TYN/TWP comrades. I still have some settling in issues to take care of, but i look forward to getting to work ASAP.

Focus Northwest Northwestfront. org


Uh…you all were taken by surprise, I wasn’t. I knew what Trump would do, & my posts are a matter of record.

I’m genuinely sorry to say I told you so…but I told you so…


Clearly, the orchestrated leadership of the racialist movement that claims to be Jew-wise that supported Trump knowing he was a Jew tool is to blame. It’s called controlled opposition. They are expected to give you reasons to support the system as is so they whispered, “Trump secretly hates Jews!” in your ears
On another note, I have stated that I believe Jarod Kushner may be being set-up to assume the anti-christ role in the not so distant future.

We never hear from him directly and only get incredible tales of skills only he possesses. The one time I did actually hear him speak he came off as effeminate which makes sense for a Jewish anti-christ to be
Recall, his family purchased building 666 across from Rockefeller centre at apparently much more than the claimed market value. We know Jews signal us with future occurrences through the entertainment industry. Jarod looks an awful lot like Damian Thorn in “The Omen”.

To finish, Trump gave many signs he was using white nationalists and didn’t respect them still the leadership all solidly stood behind him., Not a realisitc way to resist and now we have all these pretty females that can’t say the word Jew telling us what to believe on you-tube and being promoted at Alt-right.com.
Seems plantish to me since the number of WN women are small and all these brilliant minds look like former Victoria Secret Models. Another Jew psyop that our leadership is supporting?
You know what Hitler did, he started fresh and he kept his movement pure, at least at the top. Why doesn’t anyone want to do that?

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