Solidarity with the Men Behind the Wire

A famous Ulster loyalist song ends with lyrics that we should remember in our current struggle.

And when this war is over and our victory is won,
Let us not forget the sacrifice made by these loyal sons,
They were staunch and true for me and you so lift your glasses higher,
Where would we have been without them, the men behind the wire.

In the march towards victory, each step comes with a price. Many of us, myself included, have been physically attacked, threatened, and lost jobs. Others have lost their homes, their businesses, and in some cases, their lives or their freedom.

Nationalist struggle is not a game, it is not a hobby, and it is not a passing fancy. Each and every one of us must be prepared to be willing to give up our physical comforts, our status within the society, our freedom, and even our lives in the struggle for the preservation of our extended family and culture.

As many of us are enjoying holiday festivities and time with those we love and hold dear, we must remember our comrades who are currently sitting behind the wire, sitting in lonely jail cells for the sake and survival of our people.

With the growth of nationalism, the System has decided to begin a systematic crackdown on nationalist movements, especially in Europe. As the European Union teeters on the brink, the Jewish oligarchs and their minions are looking for any way to stop the advance of the forces that will soon be the destruction of their New World Order.

Leftist organizations have been given more resources and leeway to attempt to use violence to shut us down. From firebombings of the offices of Golden dawn and assassination of two of their heroic comrades, to police handcuffing a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement in a paddy wagon with unrestrained antifa, the Establishment and the Left are working harder than ever to attempt to break us.

The Jewish media has been put into overdrive in this past year, spending billions of dollars around the globe to slander and smear nationalists, lie to the public, and promote war with Russia.

Establishment parties and pop-up civic nationalist groups have been lavishly funded and praised from the rooftops by a corrupt lying media and members of the Establishment. These “respectable” movements are quickly withering as more and more people realize that only true nationalism can answer the call to save our Faith, Family, and Folk.

With all of the standard practices of the Establishment falling flat, they have turned to imprisoning our comrades to attempt to break our spirit.

The men who have been incarcerated on lies and trumped up charges are martyrs for our Cause, ones that we have a duty to write, pray for, and hold up as heroes. The unbroken nationalist, standing tall even when faced with horrific persecution, should be an image of inspiration for each and every one of us.

Let us all take a moment to remember comrades who are in prison or facing jail time such as:

Jesse Torniainen

Joshua Bonehill

Laurence Burns

Alison Chabloz

Paul Pitt

Jack Renshaw

…and many others around the world.

The System has now banned National Action in the UK and is trying to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland. A corrupt Finnish prosecutor and court have sentenced NMR member Jesse Torniainen to two years in prison for defending himself against a radical Leftist and known drug addict. The System is working in South Africa to pass a law that makes any “racist” comment by Whites up to a ten year jail sentence.

The System is trying to ban the NPD in Germany because of the NPD’s belief that the German people have a right to exist. Romania, at the urging of Jewish groups from around Europe, has made it a crime to fly the symbol of the Iron Guard or defend the legacy of Corneliu Codreanu.

This list goes on and on of the persecution that our people are facing in Europe and around the world. This persecution by the System however, comes from a place of weakness. The Jews and their lackeys are afraid of us because we are winning the hearts and minds of our people. With each attack on us, we grow stronger and the regime shows more strain and frailty.

As Gandhi famously said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” The enemy has ignored us, thinking after the Second World War that they had defeated us. The enemy has mocked us, lied about us, and persecuted us in the press for decades. Now the regime is fighting us, trying to break our spirits. But each day we come closer to what will be our final victory, our total and utter defeat of the globalists and a new age for our people.

No matter how many of us are thrown into prison, no matter how many groups or symbols are banned; we as nationalists become only more dedicated to our Cause. This persecution only unites us more strongly, as we put aside old rivalries and battles to come together once and for all as Europeans and as nationalists.

The only reason we are here today is because our ancestors were willing to suffer, sacrifice, and even die; in order to ensure that their people would live. The blood of the defenders of Vienna, of Tours, Lepanto; and countless other battles, flows through our veins.

Our civilization is built on the sacrifices of our gallant martyrs, from the dawn of time until today. So let us remember, as hard as it gets, as large as the cost might seem, we are on the path to victory. Let us raise a glass to our fallen, and let us support our comrades behind the wire.

Take this holiday season to write letters to our POW’s, to send them books and donations to their commissary accounts. Let’s remind them how proud we are of them, and how much support they have, and how when we win, they shall be viewed as heroes, because they already are, in our eyes, in the eyes of their ancestors, and in the eyes of all future generations of Europeans.

Nationalism is about family, and each nationalist is our brother or our sister. It is those of our blood that are behind bars for the crime of believing our people have the right to exist and that we should be able to call out the lies of this despotic New World Order.

This battle will be long, it will be hard, but we will win. The Truth shall triumph in this struggle, and the Truth is one our side. Remember our POW’s and martyrs this holiday season, and let us honor their sacrifice by pushing onward to victory!


Andrea Ostrov Letania

Elites invoke Universalism to renege on their Responsibility to the National People

For most of history, it was difficult for mankind to trek and communicate across great distances. So, the elites of a community developed a strong bond with the people on their allotted territory.

This bond between elites and people was most resilient among the Jews, not least because their nomadism required strong tribal bonds to keep the community together. The paradoxical nature of the Jews is their preferred mode of existence tended toward the division of elite and people yet their commitment to Tribal Will demanded conservation of unity. The Jewish Will of the Tribe grew stronger against the Jewish Nomadic Drive. Under normal circumstances, the Tribal Will should have weakened under the pressures of Nomadism, but Jews forged for themselves a culture of blessed particularity and unceasing paranoia(and humor of contempt) that militated against the Jewish loss of identity and unity, especially between elites and peoples. Jewish Culture claimed that Jews are a specially chosen people of the only true God and, furthermore, warned of decay and downfall were Jews to give into temptation of assimilation with other peoples and their wicked ways. Thus, even though the Jewish mode of nomadism was naturally most conducive to weakening of identity and unity, the Jewish spiritual worldview fed on that very existence to produce the opposite effect. What should have made Jews weaker as a Tribe made them stronger as a Tribe. The Jewish example illustrates how a people can rise above or triumph against Determinism with a special mindset. It is like the sport of Judo where one channels the force of the opponent against the opponent. What is naturally directed against you ends up favoring you against the opponent. If he pushes, you pull. If he pulls, you push.

If, in the past, the difficulty of travel, trade, and communication drew the local elites and local masses closer, the ease of worldwide networks has had the effect of pooling together the elites or the best-and-the-brightest all around the world. Thus, globalism acts against the unity of the elites and the masses in any national community(with Israel being an exception because Jews have a special mindset). It is natural for the best-and-brightest to favor other best-and-brightest, just as it is natural for the rich, the famous, and/or the beautiful to seek the company of other people of comparable status or qualities. Since the rich and privileged can travel and communicate easily around the world, they’ve come to disdain the local community of ‘losers’. Why would a rich Briton care much about ‘dumb and dirty’ working class Britons when it’s more fun, thrilling, fulfilling, and glamorous to hang around with rich Hindus, rich Asians, rich Arabs, and rich Russian Jews? (To be sure, the internet has afforded this ‘privilege’ to the masses as well, and this accounts for the rise of the Alt Right made possible through independent worldwide networking of Eurosphere nationalists. Since the white elites no longer care about white masses, the white peoples around the world have formed an international network of voices sharing their disillusionment with the globalist elites and their venal ways, especially in ‘cucking’ out to Jewish Globalists whose advantage depends on white-elite-collaboration with the likes of George Soros. And yet, Alt Right networks, even though international in reach, has an agenda at odds with globalism. If globalism is a neo-aristocratic pact among elites around the world to bond closely with one another than with their own peoples, Alt Right’s neo-nationalism is about mutual pact among different nations and races to respect each other’s borders, histories, and unique narratives.)

Since the globalist elites have chosen neo-aristocratic privilege over identity-and-unity with their own peoples — Irish elites feel closer to Hindu and African elites than to fellow Irish masses — , they must make up for their moral deficiency. After all, favoring one’s globalist elite privilege above the interests of one’s people sounds rather vain and greedy. An Irish elite member who prefers identifying with rich Asians, Africans, and Muslims has pretty much betrayed his own countrymen.

So, how does he go about regaining moral legitimacy.

1. One is universalism over nationalism. The elites may argue that nationalism is too narrow and petty. It’s about us-versus-them, whereas universalism is about the good of all humanity. This may sound nice and noble, but it’s just a pipe dream invoked as an excuse to abandon what is real and doable. It is doable for national elites to look out for the interests of their national people. In contrast, it is impossible for even a nation as powerful and rich as the United States to save and redeem the world. So, lofty rhetoric used by globalists is just a convenient utopian hat-trick to morally excuse their reneging of responsibility to their national folks.

The truth is the elites of any nation can effectively rule over the nation, but even the grandest project by all the elites of the world cannot fix or redeem the world. It’s like a father and mother can feed their own kids but cannot take care of all the children of the world.

The lofty-impossible is a useful crutch to excuse one’s dereliction of duty to the real-possible. Parents who neglect their own kids and let them starve in the name of caring for and saving all the kids of the world are just fooling themselves as they throw a party for themselves in the name of saving ALL the kids.

This is a definitely problem in the black community where leaders are full of Big Talk about ‘social justice’ bu utterly lacking in down-to-earth actual deeds that might make a real difference. So, when a globalist elitist yammers about humanity-over-nationality, it’s just an excuse for him to indulge his own narrow interests. After all, if one’s goal is the lofty-impossible, one can stick to mere rhetoric while doing next-to-nothing since nothing real can be done to save all of humanity. When national leaders take after celebrity phonies like Bono and George Clooney, they no longer care about their own people. Just take a look at Justin Trudeau who can’t tell the difference between Hollywood and nation.

2. Another is Multi-Culturalism and Diversity. Generally, a nation has a dominant racial, ethnic, religious, or cultural group that defines the essence of the nation. It’s like Greece is defined by its majority Greek population and Turkey by its majority Turkey population. So, the core national duty of the national elites is to be mindful of the interests of the national majority. Greek interests should trump all else in Greece, and Turkish interests should take precedence over all others in Turkey.

But this is problematic to the globalist elites that now rule many nations, especially advanced ones. The ruling elites don’t much care for their own people since their main identification is with globalist elites they rubbed shoulders with at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, and etc.and whom they meet at globalist gatherings and conferences.

Still, as national leaders, they come under pressure to look out for the interests of the national masses. So, a kind of tension develops in these globalized national leaders. They feel closer to the diverse membership of the Global neo-aristocracy but are obligated to represent & serve the identity and interest of their national masses.

So, what is to be done? Multi-culturalism, mass immigration, and Diversity are meant to do the trick. If their own nations are made more diverse and multi-cultural, it means their nations are no longer defined by a dominant history, narrative, or culture. Their nations are now just another globo-diverse nation. Since all nations are to be defined more by multi-cultural ‘minority rights’ than national-majority-interests, the globalized national elites no longer need to be mindful of representing and serving core national interests. After all, if each nation is just a diversified mini-version of the World, there is no such thing as national interests, and national leaders can more legitimately pursue global interests while neglecting national ones.

If UK is made into a mini-version-of-the-world with its Africans, Hindus, Chinese, Pakistanis, and etc. who are all said to be equally British, then there is no need for British elites to favor British interests since Britain is just one more carbon-copy colony of the Globo-Community.

Also, the intermarriages among the elites of the world, like intermarriages among the European aristocrats in pre-modern times, tend to favor globalist privileges over national interests. If Chinese in America or Canada marry whites or Jews, they are going to feel closer to globalist empire than to China the motherland.

3. Pop Culture as Core Culture. In order for the globalist elites to justify their own privileges, they’ve given up on the notion of High Culture and Serious Art. Sure, they might still attend classical concerts once awhile, but they’d rather have fun, like Princess Diana did with celebrities and trash culture. The globalist elites prefer the Pop Art of Andy Warhol and his imitators than serious art or high culture that may be deemed as elitist and ‘exclusionary’. So, with pop culture, Pop Art, dance music, and Hollywood as the centerpiece of globalist elite culture, the impression is created that the richest, most privileged, and the most powerful people are ‘just like us’. After all, there is Hillary at a rap concert. There is Justin Trudeau hanging with famous homo celebrities. There is even the British Queen who’s into ‘hip stuff’ now. There’s some national leader taking a photo with Bono or some Hollywood star. And in some cases, these phony celebrities, like Oprah, become a member of the elite. Elites ‘hipsterize’ themselves to seem like any other consumer.

But in the end, all of this for the globalist elites and for them alone. For the rest of humanity, there’s just tattoos, piercings, and obsession over 50 genders as the meaning of their life.

Lance Rogers

Nope, and this. Shit is garbage grow up and join america

Scotcho Rouleau

I’m with you, brother, I’m a white nationalist, but the Ulster Loyalist song at the top of the article was ill advised. They aren’t native Irish. They were sent in by Cromwell from Scotland to denude Ireland of the Irish race. It’s modern equivalent is the Democratic Party’s ambition to flood the USA with mestizos to make whites a permanent minority.

That’s one hell of a fuck up, Heimbach.

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