Kentucky Fried Cuckin’

At the outbreak of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln famously declared, “I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky.” The Midwest and especially rural Appalachia have become a flashpoint recently on account of Trump’s campaign vaulting itself into the White House in large part on reaching out to a White working class which the political class had a gentleman’s agreement to ignore.

Once again, Kentucky finds herself hanging in the balance of a nation tearing itself apart. This time, the forces of globalism which dominate state and national politics are fighting desperately against a popular uprising of working families who see through their lies. They are looking for authentic representation and support. We don’t have anywhere near the support of the majority of Kentuckians, but we do have enough support to warrant a panicked series of attacks on our party and its outreach initiatives.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels once wrote “If someone is attacked by the Jews, that is a sure sign of his virtue. He who is not persecuted by the Jews, or who is praised by them, is useless and dangerous.” In the American context, the Jews like to hide behind their various minions whenever possible: the degenerate left and the their “cuckservative” controlled opposition. Being attacked by these forces should be considered an endorsement of the highest regard, because when the forces of Organized Jewry are set on the warpath, it means that you are onto something.

The government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is up in arms about what is happening in their state. They’re not horrified about child poverty, the rampant drug epidemic, high unemployment, stagnant wages, mountaintop removal, poisoned tap water, or local corruption. None of those are urgent concerns. What’s urgent is that the Nationalist Front is planning a conference, parade, and charity project in Pikeville in a few weeks.

White Nationalists in the Traditionalist Worker Party, the National Socialist Movement, the League of the South, American Vanguard, and several other organizations are coming to town for the purpose of donating food to a local food pantry and raising money for local charities; while having a conference on ideology, sustainable living, and activism strategies.

This is just too much for Kentucky’s politicians.

These political hacks have abandoned East Kentucky for generations, coming out every few years to garner votes and make empty promises; but at the end of the day they have ignored the cries of hungry children, the suffering elderly population, and families who don’t see a future in the land their ancestors settled and built.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has condemned the upcoming rally and the Traditionalist Worker Party, stating that he “totally opposes” our mission. That is the best endorsement I think we could have received. Senator McConnell has the lowest home state approval rating of any Senator, so by him condemning us, he basically is condemning anyone who actually wants to help his constituents, who hate him with a passion.

Senator McConnell has no problems voting for the sons of Kentucky to be sent off to die in Jewish wars or to give massive support for Wall Street, but that’s par for the course for most GOP politicians. Just look at a few votes that Senator McConnell has weighed in on.

  • Voted NO on repealing tax subsidy for companies which move US jobs offshore
  • Voted NO on including oil & gas smokestacks in mercury regulations
  • In 1985 he led the anti-apartheid bill through Senate
  • Voted NO on limiting NATO expansion to only Poland, Hungary & Czech
  • In 1994 he firmly supported NAFTA and GATT
  • Voted YES on Congressional pay raise
  • Voted YES on establishing a Guest Worker program
  • Voted YES on allowing more foreign workers into the US for farm work
  • Voted YES on authorizing airstrikes in Kosovo
  • And voted to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Given the views of the vast majority of Kentuckians, I am not sure how much Mitch McConnell knows about “Kentucky values.” After the election, McConnell said “I didn’t think President[-elect] Trump had a chance of winning.”, when of course he represented a state that Trump carried by over 12 points.

Donald Trump, who won Pike county by over 80% and the national election by 36 Electoral College votes, was expected to be dropped “like a hot rock” by Senator McConnell. McConnell also greenlit Republican Senate candidates to “run ads against Trump” during the election. How out of touch does one have to be with the citizens of your state, and the overall public feeling to be solidly supporting the Democrats in the year of the Trump Train?

McConnell supports more cheap third world labor, bombing nations around the world, sending millions of jobs overseas with crony capitalist “free trade” agreements, and allowing energy corporations to poison his constituents with mercury and other cancer causing materials.

Mitch McConnell also supports spying on his constituents and all Americans with his vocal support for the Patriot Act, saying that “the law protects national security” and he accused Senator Rand Paul and others who opposed the Patriot Act of running “a campaign of demagoguery and disinformation.”

Senator McConnell has done nothing in his time in the Senate other than be a tool of the International Jew and Wall Street, leaving his constituents by the wayside. While he’s consistently opposed bringing money to his state, he’s never missed an opportunity to bring money into his own pockets. He voted for pay increases, despite being the 10th wealthiest Senator.

McConnell’s condemnation is a badge of honor for the Traditionalist Worker Party and our movement in general. The list of politicians opposed to us continue with Democratic State Senator Ray Jones II. Senator Jones has led the fight in the Kentucky Senate to pass a proclamation condemning our charity event and saying in an interview “we’re not gonna accept this in our community.”

Senator Jones is now pushing forward to rename two streets in Pikeville for World War II veterans, to honor the men who in his words were fighting to oppose the “Nazi nemesis.” I wonder what Senator Jones would say if he talked to the men who actually lost their lives in that tragic and horrific war.

In 1944; the year these two men were killed, Kentucky had laws on the books banning interracial marriage, interracial adoption, and had over forty Jim Crow style laws passed in its history.

Some of these laws included requiring separate coaches for white and African American passengers. All schools were required to be racially segregated. There were separate but equal accommodations for Whites and Blacks provided in nursing homes. No person or businesses was allowed to rent an apartment in an apartment complex or other housing buildings to a person who differs in race from the other occupants.

That’s a sampling of the politics of the Kentuckians who fought in WWII.

I find it hard to believe that these men were fighting and dying for the progressive multicultural agenda. More than likely, if these men could see what their victory would entail, they would have put down their weapons or joined the German side. Regardless, Senator Jones by his rhetoric would hate the majority of Kentuckians throughout history due to their views on race.

Senator Jones has voted to establish marriage licenses for gay couples, in a state where only 33% of the State supports homosexual marriage, and has voted to increase taxes on Kentucky residents on multiple occasions.

One of the counter demonstrations will now include “Holocaust survivor” John Rosenberg as the keynote speaker.

Mr. Rosenberg says that in 1938 he was “moved to an internment camp in Holland for a year” according to his entry in Kentucky’s Everyday Heroes. I find it odd that he was moved into an internment camp in that year, because Germany didn’t enter the Low Countries until May of 1940.

To be placed into an “internment camp” in a sovereign nation other than Germany, and then claiming to have taken the “the last boat bound for the United States” in 1939, when Germany permitted emigration from the Reich until November 1941 and there still was significant time between Mr. Rosenberg’s alleged time of being released from said camp and the declaration of war; I find highly suspect.

Rosenberg “working under mentor John Doar, was part of the team that prosecuted the murderers of three civil rights workers in the noted U.S. v. Price case in 1967… From 1962 to 1970, Rosenberg was involved in voting rights, school desegregation, public accommodations, and employment discrimination cases largely in the South. In a time when core values were challenged, and needed to be—often against bitterly hostile resistance—John Rosenberg was positioned squarely in the dynamics of fundamental civil rights change in America.”

From Holocaust “survivor”, which as a title I find odd, considering he wasn’t even in Europe during the alleged Holocaust; to a civil rights agitator; Mr. Rosenberg is the epitome of the Jews that came to America to undermine her from the inside out.

Failed US Senate candidate and current Kentucky Secretary of State, Alison Case Lundergan Grimes, declared on her Twitter account that “This kind of hate is not welcome in Kentucky & should not exist in America” in reference to our charity event. Grimes must have her hands full though, making sure that the unborn can be killed at any age. Grimes publicly supports all forms of abortion, stating she is “pro-choice down the line on abortion” and opposes efforts to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks.

Kentucky Secretary of State Grimes also is a massive supporter of immigration, opposes the creation of a border wall, supports amnesty, and stands against the Trump travel ban.

Grimes Tweeted “#NoBanNoWall” on several occasions, tweeting, “Say it loud, say it clear: Immigrants are welcome here!”, is a feminist who loves saying that “the future is female” (I thought she was supposed to represent all Kentuckians) and actively supported the “Women’s March” that called for late-term abortion as one of its demands, and supports restoring voting rights to felons,because what convicted drug dealer doesn’t deserve a chance to vote in Kentucky?

Grimes campaign staff and local Democratic operatives were discovered in 2014 admitting that Grimes was lying to the people of Kentucky. While Grimes said that she supported the coal miners of Kentucky, the truth is that her campaign staff all admitted that she was lying on released undercover videos.

One such individual, Warren County Democrat Juanita Rodriguez said “politics is a game. You do what you have to do.. It’s a lying game unfortunately…She’s gonna say whatever she has to say or do. And that’s the way the political game is played.”

In these videos the undercover videographer asked, “If we can get her elected do you think she is going to do the right thing and she’s gonna try to wipe out that coal industry and go for better resources?”

To which Fayette County Democratic Party operative Gina Bess replied “I absolutely think she is.”

Alison Lundergan Grimes supports open borders, the most radical pro-abortion stances, and has her own campaign staff admitting that she is a liar to the families in poverty stricken East Kentucky coal country. Another politician, putting herself above the interests and the views of her constituents.

The forces assembled against our upcoming charity event are the sort of foes that we want to have. These are the career politicians, the hucksters, and the profiteers who for too long have been tolerated as the representatives of the people.

Our upcoming event in Pikeville will bring nationalists together to show that we are the only ones who truly have a vested interested in the future of the communities and families of East Kentucky. While we chose Pikeville in part because of (discreet) local support, we’re confident that we’re developing a track record of humble service and support for working families which can prove that the Beltway and Frankfort insiders are the ones who should be unanimously denounced.


Isaac Shelby Baker

Grimes, Jones, and most especially McConnell, have no clue what Kentucky values are. They do however, have an excellent grasp of Louisville values and Lexington values.

Matthew Raphael Johnson

This is one of Matt’s best pieces. Taking these politicians apart one by one exposes what fraud the present system promotes.


Great article-as someone with Pike Countian blood flowing through their veins, I can’t even tell you how glad I am to hear about this, and how much hope it gives. I have always believed there is a great hidden, occult, force in them thar hills, and God bless Tradworker and the other organizations if you are able to bring it forth! Very sorry I’m too ill and poor to attend, but wish you all blessings and hope that many mountaneers are able to hear your message through the haze of the Lugenpresse, and the lies of the vile, traitor politicians.


I salute the Kentucky folks & hope they really screw it to the bastards. That said, I have absolutely no way of attending anything in that region of the country; it’s simply out of the question. I wish I could be there to show my support.

Fr. John+

I’ve been waiting for a post from you guys for a long time, and then to read this one does not disappoint. The wait was worth it! May God richly bless your efforts in this section of Kentucky and may the liberals and sodomite activists at Pikeville University, be in fits over your presence!

Brandon Lashbrook

If the New Black Panther Party showed up marching with guns an saying they where going to kill white babies an Jews. I bet the politicians of KY. would be silent.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Nazis-by-brand would be ‘neo-nazis’ and the like.

Nazis-by-action would be those who act like Nazis.

In today’s world, Jewish globalists are Nazis-by-action. They seek racial domination over other groups. They have waged wars in the Middle East that killed or displaced millions. They use the media to dehumanize entire populations, especially white gentiles. They use globalism as hyper-imperialism to invade and destroy every gentile nation. Only Israel is spared or passover-ed because Jews are deemed special, superior, and unique.


France & Sweden have No-Go Zones due to the fear of crime. Even the police and ambulances dread venturing into those areas overrun with Africans and Muslims].

But the entire West have No-Go Zones(or Know-Go Zones or No-Know Zones) due to accusations of thought crime. So, entire subjects are either ignored, sugarcoated, or spun in accordance to PC dictates.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

“Peele and his former partner Keegan-Michael Key both have black fathers and white mothers”

So, this is the wonderful promise of interracism. Black men use white wombs to produce people who make movies like this funded by the Tribe.

As for all the white people involved in the making of the movie or paid money to see this junk to score Virtue Nazi points, what a bunch of pathetic cucks. Such tools.

“This film is how racism feels,” said Kaluuya. “You get paranoid and you can’t talk about it. You can’t voice it. No one around you gets it, so you can’t speak about it. And in the end it just comes out in a rage.”

Funny. If that’s how he feels about ‘white racism’, why did his people flee from beloved Uganda to come to live in white nations?

As I recall, it was blacks who were actually harvesting black bodies — and still do — in Africa.

Idi Amin was rumored to have been a cannibal.

And white-skinned albinos are killed and sold for body parts.

But blacks and Africans seem to be projecting their cultural pathology onto white people who ultimately ended slavery even in Africa. (Of course, white Virtue Nazis love to wallow in masochism as long as they get to hug themselves as conscientious redemptive whites at war with white deplorables who are still race-nazis instead of Virtue Ones.)

By the way, it was black Africans who also captured blacks and sold them as slaves to whites. And it was in white nation that blacks, even as slaves, had promise of better future.

Jews project onto Russia all the things they are doing in America.

And blacks and Africans project onto whites all the voodoo craziness that happens in Africa.

Together — Jewish money and distribution AND black writing and directing — , they just gave us something 1000x viler than Nazi movie JEW SUSS.

Btw, if white ‘racism’ is paralyzing his black ass, he should go back to black Africa and be with his own kind.

And why do black men reject black women and sexually harvest white women’s wombs to create vile hateful creatures like Jordan Peele?

Jungle Fever promoted by Globalism is the colonization and harvesting of white wombs to breed the scummy enemies of the white race.

One thing we can hope from this movie.

I hope all blacks take this movie to heart, see whites as evil, and move away from white folks.

Yeah, whites are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil. Don’t go anywhere near them. Return to Africa. Or go to Jamaica. Go back to Safe African Home.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

A people without a compelling sense of identity, history, purpose, and unity will grow decadent, weak, confused, and purposeless. Or, to seek meaning, they will turn to radical destructive ideologies like antifa(that is disease where the the body attacks itself, like with multiple sclerosis) or crazy sub-cultures like with ugly tattoos, funny hair color, or piercing.

So much of today’s reality is Crazism or Crazy-ism. Just look at Homomania and Trannymania. It’s no exaggeration to say American Culture is run by Crazists. Everything, cultural and intellectual, is infected with Crazism. Cold War is long over but we are to fret endlessly about RUSSIA.

What held the Jews together in their two great Exoduses, the Ancient and Modern one?

In both cases, the trek to the Holy Land and development of desert-wasteland into a modern nation was arduous and daunting. But why were so many Jews willing to carry the burden and make sacrifices? Why did they do all that when they could have had easier lives elsewhere? Because they thought their deeds had a purpose and meaning. Why? Because they felt a connection to the past and felt that their achievements would be passed down to their ethnic and cultural heirs. There was a sense of collective self-interest, collective shared purpose, collective destiny. Without such, the exodus wouldn’t have been possible.

This is why capitalism works better than communism in the sphere of economics. Under capitalism, what you earn is yours and you can spend it on your family and kids. So you work with an incentive in mind.

Under communism, despite the big talk of social justice, the state takes everything and gives you just enough to live no matter how hard you work. There is no incentive under communism. Communism does offer moral incentive in the sense of feeling noble about working for mankind. But the command economy is too cumbersome, and it soon dawns on everyone that most of the goodies are going to the New Elites who hog everything.

But even in cases where there are no individual material rewards, a person is much more likely to be motivated if the themes and passions appeal to him in some strong specific way. This is why the Batista regime lost to Castro’s men. Batista’s men were better funded and armed, but they had no incentive to right. They saw their own leaders as pigs who served imperialist gangsters from America. They were paid to fight, as Michael Corleone said. In contrast, Castro’s men believed they were on the side of nationalism, independence, sovereignty, and anti-Yanqui-imperialism. Most of them didn’t understand fancy Marxist theory, but they understood they were fighting for Cuba whereas Batista’s men were fighting for Casino moguls.

Same thing in Vietnam. The South Vietnamese had more men and more equipment, but no one there had any compelling theme for which to fight for. Themes are priceless. Without compelling themes, one is a mercenary, not a soldier. Among civilians, lack of compelling themes makes on a consumer, not a patriot. A mercenary, believing in nothing, will do anything for money and money alone. A consumer, believing in nothing, will do anything for money — even flood his own nation with foreigners if it leads to ‘economic growth’.

Israelis, in contrast, made great soldiers because they’ve had a compelling reason to fight and defend Israel. They feel a connection to history and ethnicity. This rooted-ness gave them meaning in the present. And they feel that what they do now will pass down to their kids.

So, an Israeli soldier feels that even losing his life in battle is worth it because his deeds will be in the service of his own people. Why would anyone want to die for NOTHING? Or why would anyone want to die for strangers who don’t care about him? Would Jews in Israel be willing to fight and die for Israel if there felt that Israel in 50 yrs will be overrun by Chinese, Hindus, or Muslims? Why make such sacrifice for strangers who don’t even care for your own people, culture, and history?

When the US was founded, posterity was one of the central themes. So, when white folks went about settling the huge land with much effort and trouble, they did it with the sense that future white folks will remember them, honor them, and appreciate them. Why would anyone go through all that trouble to build something great to hand it to the children of an alien people?

You should be handing it your own children and your own people’s children.

But the rise of hedonism made whites forget. Rise of PC made white kids spit on graves of their own ancestors. (There is recent controversy about desecration of Jewish graves, but PC is a desecration of white heritage. And look how they are removing Confederate monuments in the South. It is sheer desecration. Sure, one can argue they fought for wrong cause, but one’s ancestors should be honored, like Japanese do at Yasukuni Shrine. After all, every people are tainted. Should Israelis spit on founders of Israel cuz they ethnically cleansed Palestinians?) With US defined by PC that infects all new arrivals, we have non-whites pissing on white graves figuratively(which could turn out to be literally. Yale is removing white symbols). So, white people are becoming demoralized, dispirited, and dissipated. If the future of the US is PC and anti-whiteness, why should whites bother to do anything? Why fight? Why make sacrifices? It all seems meaningless. Sure, the smart ones can succeed and make money and have a good life. But is that long-term vision? Some whites will be do-gooders and define their lives by doing nice things for OTHER races, but do they really think non-whites will really give a shi*? Really? They are just being taken for a ride as suckers and cuckers.

White folks no longer have compelling themes. They either have self-loathing or hedonism. Self-loathers may feel rich in virtue-signaling, and hedonists might feel rich in having fun stuff. But it’s not wealth with meaning that really arises from blend of past and future.

Real meaning comes from doing things in the present in honor of those in the past with the conviction that your own people in the future will remember and honor you and your deeds.

That sense is what needs to be revived among whites. But globalists forbid it… even as they push it for Israel.


J.j. Cintia

McCuckold is a traitor on many levels. His race mixing agenda is in his failed gene pool as well. You can see it in their face. The flabby rotund cheeks, the diseased complexion and of course the weak chin. Weakness of mind, body and lack of character. They don’t care about race, because their failure is always there. Deep in their genes. Like that sad mongrel Kalergi, most of these scum are the result of poor breeding. There is a reason the enemy pushes their mongrel agenda. They know the value of race and breeding. Their denials are all the proof you need. Mongrels have no people, no character, and no future. They are scum, without family, or principles and without any sense of self or intrinsic values. Our enemies are the dessicated corpse of failure and sin. Their vile habits are the result of low morals and lack of character. They seek Evil because that lowly level is as far as they can rise. Morals and principles require character and good breeding. The enemy opposes them for reasons. They hate us because WE ARE BETTER. BETTER THAN THEY ARE, BETTER THAN THEY CAN BE. They can only lower us, they cannot raise themselves. THEY ARE SCUM.

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