White Lives Matter Rallies Against the BLM Kidnapping in Chicago

TradWorker was honored to team up with the Nationalist Front, the National Socialist Movement, and a strong showing of some trusty TRS shitlords to respond to the brutal kidnapping and torture of a young White man in Chicago earlier this week. It was something of a victory rally, as public pressure has forced the hands of the anti-White system already.

The local government wanted to hide it, downplay it, and under-prosecute it. The national media wanted to silence it. Then when that failed, the national media tried for a spell to re-frame it as having to do with the man’s disability rather than his whiteness. They tried to insist that it’s apolitical, since they weren’t wearing #BlackLivesMatter uniforms while they repeated Black Lives Matter talking points as they tortured him. Finally, after the popular outcry reached a fever pitch, Barack Obama came out for the first time ever to explicitly denounce an anti-white hate crime, confirming it was a hate crime to be perceived and punished as such.

White Lives Matter in ChicagoSo why did we go ahead and protest? We protested because while we’ve forced a victory in this specific case, Chicago’s Black community and the BlackLivesMatter movement are still viciously anti-white. The government and the media both attempted to exercise systemic anti-White bias against this victim. We protested to keep the pressure on this community and these institutions, which will be as anti-white as we allow them to be. We protested to let other vulnerable Whites in Chicagoland and across America know that they have advocates ready to fight for them.

We can continue to help by giving generously to the man’s wildly successful GoFundMe campaign. We can help by staying on top of every single jot and tittle of the case of these four anti-White radicals who committed this hate crime long after the government and media expect us to get distracted and move on. We can also help by continuing to raise awareness of the anti-White hatred, harassment, and worse which continues to go on every day across America.


Misquel Kuno

It seems the world is moving to a kind of universal primitivism.

It used to be that civilized peopled invaded primitive folks and tried to civilize them.

Today, the most powerful civilization in the world, the USA, has adopted primitivism as its main culture. There is the primitivism of Afro-ugabuga-hip-hop-dong-booty-ism. When civilization was about struggle and survival for good health, enough food, and education, the main themes were about hard work, sacrifice, and unity. But the modern world came very rich, and even poor people could get fat and indulge in leisure. So, hedonism became the main locus of society. After all, if people consumed only for basic need, they wouldn’t spend so much money. To maintain the current economy, people need to eat more than they need to and indulge in more fun and products than they really need. It keeps the economy expanding and makes the industries richer. We went from virtue economy to vice economy. From herculean economy to hedonistic economy.

Since modern folks seek pleasure above all else, they seek the greatest kind of pleasure. And wild pleasure comes from sexuality. And black savage ugabuga music is most sexual. It’s about women ‘twerking’ their booties like they are having sex. And it’s Negro guys going on and on about ‘muh biatchass ho’s and muh dic*’. Also, Afro-power in sports dominates. Since blacks are the most savage and wild race that excite the senses, Afromania has become the new icon of the West, the most advanced part of the world.

Paradoxically, the civilization(of the West) that rose to the greatest heights of achievement is now obsessed with the most primitive, savage, and wild kind of human expression of dong-kong-ism and booty-swag-twerkism. And it worships black muscle that punches fastest and jumps highest. Even in China, the yellow minions worship Negro NBA stars. So, all this great science, technology, and feats of human organization serve to extol, elevate, and worship the Brutish Negro as object of greatest pleasure for cucked out boys and jungle-feverish ho’s.

But blacks are least intelligent, least civil, least orderly, least intellectual, least reverential, least respectful. They have predatory instincts among the men and booty-jive-wallop instincts among the women.

So, we have the most advanced civilization with the richest history, culture, and heritage promoting the most savage modes of behavior and expressions that extinguish respect for order, knowledge, history, heritage, spirituality, and etc. (Some blacks are spiritual, but it’s mostly about using churches as dance clubs.)

It is strange when the US, the greatest culmination of the science-technology-economics-literature-philosophy-culture-history of Western Civilization, is the main purveyor of the most primitive, stupid, savage, wild, and beastly modes of emotions, thoughts, and behavior. (But then, the West is contradictory. On the one hand, it pushes the narrative that the wild dynamic Negro ‘liberated’ white folks from their ‘Victorian’ or ‘puritanical’ repressions. In this sense, it was the Negro who freed whites from their own cultural enslavement. Negro, aided by Freudian Jews, taught the repressed and uptight white folks to be free. But there is another narrative by which the West flatters itself as having elevated the savage Negro to civility and knowledge. After all, Oxford and Harvard are awful proud of their well-heeled Negroes who learned to appreciate Western philosophers, scientists, and artists. Brit elites beam at an African who has become an expert on Shakespeare. And one of the appeal of Obama was he was Negro who done good by learning Law and acting with good manners more associated with whitey. Whitey culturally elevates the Negro in elite communities, and the Negro sensually liberates the whitey in pop culture.)

Anyway, American Pop Culture is mostly debased. Much of it is afro-savagery or high-tech primitivism. It’s savage, wild, beastly, and thug-whore-ish. It is also increasingly immature, even infantile. So, even as sexual content expands, the culture grow more childlike. It’s like auto-pedophilia: reduce minds to kiddie status, engage genitalia in adult manner.

And over-indulgence in this culture has made white folks forget their identity and roots. After all, if whites are addicted to culture that gives them insta-orgasmo gratification, then they will be dismissive of anything that is ‘lame’, ‘boring’, and ‘dull’. But most of Western Culture is ‘lame, boring, and dull’. It takes time and effort to appreciate much of Western art, music, culture, philosophy. And it takes sobriety to appreciate a sense of ancestry and heritage. Without such seriousness, you end up like the shallow tart played by Shelly Duvall in NASHVILLE. Even when her aunt dies, all she cares about is herself and skips out on the funeral.


So, white Americans have been primitivized, savagized, Afro-ized. The neo-savage rapper thug pimp is the iconic image of the West. And much of the music is about the booty of Negresses ‘twerking’. It’s a high-tech version of what happens in African tribes. The half-naked women shaking their booties, and the men jumping up and down, thinking, ‘that ho mine’. Perhaps, this isn’t really anything new as the Great Roman Empire also fell into debauchery of games and sex.

In a way, this is useful to the Jewish Globalists who are now the ruling elites of the world. It is in the interest of Jewish Power to sever whites from their identity, culture, history, and heritage. All the easier to control them. After all, a strong sense of belonging and connected-ness to one’s race leads to sense of unity, pride, duty, legacy, and power. If whites of today feel a strong bond to whites of the past, they will want to preserve their identity, heritage, and history. But if whites are made neo-primitive and neo-savage, they will be slaves to their most animal urges that will come to identify most with the Negro since blacks are most powerful in displays of power, volume, excess, and wildness. Thus, whites will look to blacks for awesomeness. Whites will want to be like the White Negro of Norman Mailer, and since Negro is the Master Alpha Dude, white males will think the most attractive white women belong to black men and should have mulatto black babies.

Also, the cult of ‘white guilt’ was useful in making white people reject their past. If the Narrative says ‘white people were always oppressive and evil’, why would any white person want to identify with their race and ancestors? The only reason for remembering white history would be to apologize, atone, and grovel before other races, especially Jews and Negroes.

Primitivism is useful in gaining power over another people. There are two kinds of primitivism: cultural and technological. The primitivism of technology is an obvious disadvantage. The people with more advanced weapons and technology will defeat a people with inferior arms or crude defenses. After all, the Romans crushed the Jews who weren’t military very powerful. But Jews were not culturally primitive. They had a rich sense of history and heritage; they had their own written culture and a spiritual system that was as, if not more, rich and deep as those of Romans and Greeks.

A people can be defeated physically, but they may still survive as a race and culture if they have a powerful and deep sense of ethnos, history, spirituality, and culture. They have the power of laws, values, and sacred memory.

But if a people are primitive in culture, they can be totally conquered. While all human communities, even the most primitive, have cultures and traditions, the primitive ones have shallow memory due to lack of written language. Also, their spiritual/philosophical system is weak. It’s mostly folklore and superstition. They only have an oral culture and few if any high concepts of laws, meaning, or depth.

Such a people can easily be conquered and controlled. Their identity and heritage can be wiped out or trampled without much resistance. They are, after all, ‘childish savages’ without much historical memory, cultural heritage, and political organization. They don’t have a rich legacy of their own.

Consider the West’s encounter with primitive folks of Pacific Islands and with the complex cultures of East Asia.

The Pacific Islanders didn’t have much culture. They had no written language. They had folklore but no deep sense of history. Their spiritual system was mostly hullabaloo and dancing with twirling spears and flashing tongues and making grunting noises. Such people could be defeated easily because they had primitive weapons. But the defeat went much further because the people lacked a culture resilient enough for preservation of autonomy. Jews could be technologically defeated by the Romans and others, but they had a powerful culture, and as such, they could survive as Jews and regain power as Jews. Jews might learn from other peoples and change in their own ways, but their own culture still provided them with a backbone that allowed them to walk upright as an ethny.

But consider Hawaiians, Polynesians, and American Indians who came under white domination. Their savage cultures, though interesting and colorful in their own way, were insufficient to provide them with meaning, strength, agency, and pride enough to counter the forces of invasion, either to quell it, absorb it, or to gain power over it.

Being primitive, they lacked cultural/spiritual/historical depth. So, they fell easy victim to stuff of Pop Culture and Consumerism. To be Hawaiian today means to eat lots of tater chips, watch too much TV, drink too much soda, wear Hawaiian shirts, roast a pig, and shake booty for tourists. Hawaiians have a weak sense of identity and history. They don’t have what it takes to shield them from the vices offered by foreigners. They are like children or childish savages. Same with American Indians for whom alcohol and canned chili became the main culture. Indian culture was about being a noble savage with direct connection to their land. Once they lost the land and their ways, they had little left. They had no deep record of history, no advanced philosophy, no complex spirituality. They might have worshiped the bear, but once the white man killed off the bear, the gods vanished.

But the Chinese and Japanese were different. Chinese were offered opium, and lots of Chinese fell for that stuff. By hooking the Chinese to opium, the British agenda was to rob the Chinese of their sense of identity and history. The Chinese would be addicted to the la-la-land of the pipe dream. They would forget about life and duty and nation. They would just fork over their money to buy more dope to escape into their own fantasies of joy and bliss, even if totally illusory. BUT, as it turned out, the Chinese did have their own history, heritage, literature, identity, and culture. And with these resources, they began to awaken, organize, and begin the movement of resistance and recovery.

Likewise, the Japanese had their sense of history recorded in their own language. They had their own sense of polity and unity and duty. They had their own sense of culture created from fusion of Shinto, Confucianism, Buddhism, Bushido, and other stuff. So, even though China and Japan were at a technological disadvantage vis-a-vis the West, they could marshal their cultural forces & assets to protect their own civilization and remake it and resist foreign control.

If Chinese and Japanese had been at the cultural level of Amazonian Indians, black Africans, Hawaiians, and American Indians, they could have been totally taken over and dominated. With such a weak and shallow culture, they would have just surrendered to the offerings of the invasive advanced civilization. It’s like the primitive peoples of Papau New Guinea are happy to accept soda pop, cigarettes, and junky trinkets for the new culture. As they have little culture of their own, they are clueless as to how to come together to forge a means of resistance. Thus, they easily and totally fall prey to the vices offered by the invading force. They become like American Indians with alcohol. If Chinese were like such primitive folks, they would have totally surrendered to the Opium trade.

So, in order for a people to resist foreign power and maintain(or regain) autonomy and independence, they need a deep sense of history, a powerful sense of culture, a complex system of laws and values. They may adapt their laws and cultures to gain progress or to catch up with stronger powers, but they must have something that is powerfully, uniquely, and meaningfully their own, especially when it comes to a sense of history and moral values.

We say the Islamic World won’t make progress because of its religious baggage that is too resistant to the West. This is true inasmuch the Muslim world won’t adopt rationalism and science. But this criticism overlooks the fact that the powerful sense of Islamism also shields the Muslim World from the neo-primitivism of the West that is actually civilization-destroying. After all, Afromania and Homomania are forces of savagery and decadence, true diseases of the West. While Iran needs to liberalize in some ways, its powerful sense of Islamic values and heritage keeps it resistant to the culture of afro-debauchery and homo-vanity that have gripped the West. If Afromania is a rejection of civilization, homomania is an over-ripening of civilization into decay or degay.

Anyway, one thing is for sure. Those with primitive mindset are easier to conquer and control. Because they are like childish savages, they could be impressed with trinkets and fun stuff.


A people with a deeper sense of culture are not so easily wowed or dazzled by such stuff. Even if they find value in the foreign objects, they seek mastery over it. To be sure, excessive resistance can sometimes lead to stupidity. When Chinese were offered gifts of great Western technology in the early 19th century, their sense of cultural pride made them blind to the larger implications. Still, even in that arrogance there was a sense of autonomy that refused to be easily impressed by foreign objects. Perhaps, this was one reason why Jews banned idolatry. Idol-worship would have made Jews easily impressed by and even won over to other gods of other tribes with awesome sculpture and stuff. Ban on idolatry was a way of saying that they, the Jews, have a great God, the only God, of their own, and shouldn’t be dazzled by stuff like the Golden Calf that made people dance like Broadway fruits and do orgies in TEN COMMANDMENTS. The ban on idolatry made Jews focus more on their own God and develop their own culture than chasing after other deities who had more color but lacked depth and demanded the sacrifice of kids to Mammon(like American parents now offer their kids to Mammon as mindless consumers).


A people with primitive culture can easily be conquered and controlled since they are childlike. They have little in the way of cultural, spiritual, or intellectual resistance to the Hedonism and Vices. Just like kids can be made to believe in Santa Claus, primitives can be made to adopt coca cola, tobacco, and chewing gum as their new culture.

In contrast, people with deep history & complex culture can resist foreign forces. They can reject it outright or, even if they adopt it, they can learn to limit its effects. So, if American Indians totally surrendered to alcohol as their new god and culture, Japanese might sometimes get drunk but not see alcohol as the be-all and end-all of life. And even though Chinese might drink coca cola and burp, they’ll have a sense of culture that goes beyond the fizz. In contrast, Hawaiians live for tater chips, soda pop, and donuts. That just up sums up the entirety of their new culture.

Anyway, since it is easy to gain control over the primitives, one way to gain control over foreign civilizations is to primitivize them. If you reduce them from a spiritual, philosophical, and literary culture to a sensual, wild, and hedonistic culture, you can bypass the cultural resistance. Once wild hedonism takes hold, resistance weakens. It’s like a man can more easily take a woman if she is given alcohol and made to dance to whore-music. Her inhibitions fall off and she is reduced to childlike-animal state. Her animal side takes over, and it just wants fun and pleasure.

And the US seems to be doing this all around the world. It seeks to primitivize all civilizations. After all, it worked in America with the white masses. White gentiles used to be restrained by Catholic Culture, Anglo culture of self-control, family values, historical pride, and moral values. But Jews used pop culture and hedonistic pleasures to turn whites into a bunch of youth-culture-addicted morons who never grow up. They are addicted to easy sex, easy pleasure, easy everything. Just crank up the volume, and they are shaking their booties, acting like whores, aping pimps, and flipping out like chimps. And with legalization of pot, Americans will be even more doped out. Anglo-Americans used to be full of pride, self-control, agency, and autonomy. Now, they are totally cucked out sensual slaves of jungle-jivery performed by blacks and controlled by Jewish moguls.

So, if white gentiles came under the control of Jews this way, why not other peoples?

And it seems to be working in Vietnam, Japan, and S. Korea. With spread of rap, Negromania of sports, and other razzle dazzle, the youth of Asia are being primitivized. They still attend school, learn to do math, and etc. But culturally and soulfully, their core culture is one of mindless videogames, dance music, orgy-porginess, trashy narcissism, and cartoonland. Indeed, especially since so many students are stressed out from homework, they seek escape from stress by indulging in the insta-pleasure of high-tech primitivism.

And Linh Dinh’s account of Vietnam seems a perfect encapsulation of the high-tech neo-primitivism spread by the US. Vietnam may not be World Class Civilization, but it does have a long rich history of autonomy and resistance. And this consciousness fueled its heroism in the resistance against French, American, and Chinese imperialism. In some ways, no nation garnered more admiration in the second half of 20th century in the Third World. Cuba was the other example, but Castro’s road to power was relatively easy. For Vietnam, the struggle was much bloodier. This resistance couldn’t have been possible without the sobriety, depth, and discipline of the Vietnamese with powerful sense of history and culture.

But it seems all of Vietnam is now falling under the influence of high-tech primitivism. As Vietnamese men are turned into Viet-cucks and Vietnamese women are saigonized into ‘me so horny’ tarts, all they care about is wild negros shaking booties and kicking balls and blonde bimbos shaking their tits. They are willing to sell their nation down the river for soda burp, negro cussing(in rap), and dumb hollywood movies about comic book heroes. It’s one thing for Viets to enjoy that stuff as diversion, but Pop Culture in the globalized world is becoming the ONLY CULTURE. And globalism isn’t about all cultures being appreciated equally but about a handful of cultural products and expressions(mostly from US) dominating the entire world. So, Vietnam now wants to be mini-USA. Globlaism is mostly about Negro beat/meat, homo vanity/decadence, Jewish finance and media monopoly, white women as sex products, videogames, and mindless PC(as ideology).

But globalism has another wing of attack. Other than neo-primitivism, there is the neo-puritanism pushed by PC. For those who prefer education and ideas, they are drummed with the dogma of PC with its catechisms of ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, ‘equality’, ‘racism’, ‘homophobia’, and etc. Since it’s not easy to think, the educated prefer an ready-made formula with which they can pretend to be smart, ‘more evolved’, and intellectual. Chanting the PC mantra makes thinking unnecessary. You can seem ‘progressive’ and ‘more evolved’ just by memorizing a few slogans.

Btw, there is a certain paradox in the power of resistance. True, an advanced civilizations — like that of Japan, China, or Vietnam — have the resources to better resist alien forces than primitive cultures do. On the other hand, their relatively advancement also allows them to better imitate the more powerful civilization. In doing so, there is the danger that they may become its near-exact copy.

Vietnam may be imitating the West to play catch up, like Japan copied the West in the 19th century to become strong and defend itself. But the very process of copying may make it gradually lose its autonomy as a slavish imitation of the other civilization.

And this may be the dilemma of East Asia. It is both better able to resist the West and more likely to fall under its influence. While primitive folks are easier for the West to conquer, their crude and childlike ways means they will never catch up to the West or live up to ‘Western Values’.

In contrast,East Asia’s advanced culture makes it more resistant to total Western domination. But precisely because East Asia can catch up with the West, it may become too much of a ‘Western Double’ in its values and agenda. So, those with the most power to resist also have the most power to learn, and in learning from the enemy/competitor, they may become just another version of the enemy/competitor.



Civilization has become like a Christmas Tree.

A tree is alive in the soil. It draws water from the roots in the ground.

And with the water from below and sun from above, it grows big and tall.

And true cultures are like that. That is why they survive for so long. Rich or poor, a civilization has to maintain its roots and connection to history, culture, and heritage. There is a connection between the now and the past. And the future is defined by the present’s awareness of the past.

Before there was Pop Culture, the main culture was that of family, community, spirituality. Even illiterate people in a Russian village had a sense of ancestry, culture, and heritage.

As humans are social animals, they need a sense of belonging, of connectedness.

And people used to feel this connection to the past, to their forebears. For one thing, older people had to be taken care of by the family. Young people grew up close to grandparents.

But in the modern world, so many people are constantly on the move and have little sense of loyalty to anything. Many children grow apart from grandparents, and many parents are divorced. Many mothers are single, and kids grow up with fathers.

And there is the TV, the stereo, the gadgets. Kids grow up feeling connected to electronica of celebrity, glitz, entertainment, idolatry. Kids in Europe hooked to this Fake Culture identify more with some Nigerian soccer player, Brazilian globe-hopper, or Arab fashion model or some blonde ho than to their own people, ancestors, and culture. There was a time when the Europeans sacrificed millions to defend and preserve the meaning of European identity and culture. Now, they pass it out like candy to anyone who might offer entertainment or win prizes for Europe. So, if some black guy wins a track medal in the Olympics, then the Europeans can pretend they won it because the African is now ‘European’. I suppose each European nation should now field black athletes. Negroes-for-hire-to-win-medals. And of course, those athletes surrender their own nationality and become ‘European’ solely for money and fame. There’s no sense of patriotism or loyalty. Thus, national identity and culture are rendered meaningless. It’s about dollars and medals than roots, identity, and etc.

What is the worth of European identity if some Brazilian who doesn’t even know the language is also ‘European’? It is a dissolution of European identity. After all, if some foreigner with no roots in Europe is just as European as a European whose roots go back 1000 yrs, what is the point? It means a 1000 yrs of history is no more valuable than a piece of legal paper sold by deracinated crook bureaucrats. Is it worth gaining a sports medal at the cost of losing the meaning of one’s identity? Globalism only makes one think of the insta-glory than long-term meaning. Besides, who really believes that a European guy won? If Europe fields a Nigerian athlete in the Olympics and if he wins, no one will think that a European guy really won it. They’ll just see it as Europe hiring some Negro be ‘European’. What a joke.

Thus, new Europe is like a tree cut from its roots. It is like a Christmas tree, chopped off and taken into the globalist dome. Inside, it is decorated with shiny stuff and wound with electric flashing lights. It all looks so alive and dazzling… but it’s a dead tree. It is no longer alive within. It no longer draws water from the roots. It no longer takes light from the sun. It is part of a fake world, the globo dome. It thinks it is more alive than ever because of the shiny ornaments and blinking lights and all that glitter. But it’s all fake culture, artifice. It’s plastic, not organic. It is an illusion, not reality.

A nation that replaces its real ethnos and culture with globo-man is no longer a real nation.

A society that replaces a real religion or real culture with a fake new ‘religion’ or neoligion like homomania has lost its connection to the soil. It has been cut from the roots.

Globalism has all the fazzle-dazzle of modern Christmas Tree fitted with lots of lights and shiny toys, but it offers fake culture. It is a giant dildo for mankind’s anus. It is titillation without meaning or purpose.

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