What We’re No Longer Importing…

Slate’s Joshua Keating, a Jewish neocon who specializes in persuading Americans to take the kosher side in foreign affairs, has written an article, “What the refugees Donald Trump is banning are fleeing from.” I’ve interpolated some commentary to his article in blue. Everything in black is Zionist propaganda.

Donald Trump has issued an executive order temporarily banning refugees and blocking visas from being issued to anyone from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, and indefinitely banning refugees from Syria. […]

Here’s a brief look at the conditions in those seven countries:


Iraq was already one of the world’s top refugee-producing countries under Saddam Hussein’s rule, and the 2003 U.S. invasion made things worse, with around 15 to 20 percent of the country’s population displaced either internally or externally by sectarian violence and the collapse of public order. More than 3 million people have been displaced in Iraq since ISIS fighters began taking over parts of the country in 2014, including the more than 160,000 displaced by the recent fighting in Mosul. Many of those displaced have fled the possibility of massacre, torture, or enslavement by ISIS or sectarian killings by pro-government militias.

America has the leverage to establish, fund, and secure refugee settlements in Iraq itself. There are refugee settlements for Syrians, already. So perhaps the Iraqis could flee to the refugee settlements in Iraq. If not, there are dozens of stable neighboring regimes which share their language, culture, and values where they would be more appropriately placed.

The commercial cost of a flight from Kuwait City to Detroit for an Iraqi family with three children is over $6,000. It was idiotic to invade Iraq, and it’s also idiotic to solve the problem we created by going over there with bringing them here.


The U.S. saw a major influx of refugees and immigrants from Iran following the 1979 Islamic revolution, many of them religious minorities, young men fleeing military service, or professionals seeking education and job opportunities in the U.S. Numbers of asylum seekers from Iran have fallen off in recent years, though discrimination against women and minorities as well as persecution of the political opposition continues to be dire. Even after the 2015 deal lifting sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, the U.S. and European Union continue to maintain sanctions on Iran for its human rights practices.

Iran is a perfectly stable nation which is not at war. We can’t afford to house and support everybody the world over who disagrees with their sovereign native government.


According to the U.N.’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, more than 2.5 million people in Libya are in need of protection or assistance as a result of the country’s ongoing violence. The political chaos in the country since the overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011 has escalated to a state of virtual civil war, with rival governments claiming legitimacy and a patchwork of local militias, including ISIS, fighting for territory. According to Human Rights Watch, “Forces engaged in the conflict continued with impunity to arbitrarily detain, torture, unlawfully kill, indiscriminately attack, abduct and disappear, and forcefully displace people from their homes.”

Libya is a festering hotbed of Islamic radicals and ISIS affiliates. There are stable neighboring countries which we could broker arrangements to resettle refugees if necessary. We chose to cause this nightmare for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Libya’s now porous borders mean that a good share of “Libyans” are economic migrants from further south, anyway. If we must accept them, I insist that they all be resettled in Chappaqua, New York.


Somalia has been mired in civil war since the late 1980s. Though the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabaab militia has lost most of the territory it once controlled, violence continues as shown by Wednesday’s coordinated gun and bomb attack in the capital, Mogadishu. The country also faces alarming rates of malnutrition and food insecurity, exacerbated by a crippling ongoing drought. More than 2 million people born in Somalia now live outside the country. While populations in Europe and North America have grown, the majority live in the Horn of Africa, including in Kenya’s sprawling Dadaab refugee camp, the world’s largest, which the government there controversially plans to close within the next few months.

These refugees have proven themselves to be a menace and a blight on whatever American community they’re resettled in. The cultural disconnect is simply too great. Bringing Somalis to America is as absurd as sending them to Tibet. They’re not welcome here. They’re not comfortable here. The cost of bringing them here is astronomical. Work out a deal with Kenya or another stable local partner.


Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in Sudan by armed conflicts, particularly the government’s attacks on civilians in the South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Darfur regions, including indiscriminate bombings, the deliberate destruction of villages, and sexual violence. Activists and human rights defenders, particularly women, have faced harsh crackdowns as well. The country’s president, Omar al-Bashir has been charged with genocide by the International Criminal Court.

Any psychiatrist who specializes in sex therapy will confirm that these habits and thinking patterns are very difficult to break. Even if homosexuality isn’t genetic, by the time a man’s a grown adult, if he’s gay, he’ll probably remain gay until he dies. So what process is in place to deprogram these people who are habituated to sexual habits of rape, genital mutilation, and vicious misogyny? 

Nothing? Got it. For the love of God, keep them in settlements in nations with similar customs and habits.


More than 400,000 people in total have been killed in Syria since the civil war broke out in 2011, according to the U.N.—hundreds in the recent fighting in Aleppo alone. Civilians have faced airstrikes (including the deliberate targeting of hospitals), barrel bombings, deliberate starvation, the continuing use of chemical weapons, torture, and sexual violence by Bashar al-Assad’s forces, as well as violence from ISIS and other rebel groups. More than 4 million people have fled Syria since 2011, most of them living in neighboring Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq. Millions more are displaced within the country.

Note how he places the blame for the mayhem on the sovereign government’s military rather than on the foreign insurgents who caused the civil war. The thing about refugees is that you always end up getting whichever side is losing. Right now ISIS is getting its ass stomped by Assad’s glorious right wing death squads. To invite Syrians at this stage in the war would be to roll out the red carpet for ISIS’s most experienced, hardened, ruthless jihadis.


I have a special concern for the Syrian Christians who’ve been tormented by America’s proxies over the past several years and have even contributed to their welfare through international aid organizations. But even then, there are stable neighboring countries which are far more compatible with them which could, should, and would take them in with the right foreign policy effort.


Yemen had been facing chronic poverty, political instability, and water shortages even before the outbreak of violence between Saudi-backed forces loyal to former President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and the Iranian-backed Houthi rebel movement in 2015. More than 7,000 people have been killed since, and 16 million are in need of humanitarian assistance due to malnutrition or disease. According to UNICEF, more than 400,000 children are at risk of starvation in the country, one of whom dies every 10 minutes due malnutrition, diarrhea, and respiratory-tract infections. In case you think that’s not America’s problem, keep in mind that the U.S. has been supplying Saudi Arabia—a country that is notably not on Trump’s list despite its past support for extremist movements—with many of the weapons used to conduct its disastrous bombing campaign.

Let Saudi Arabia and Iran take refugees from the sides they’re engaging in proxy battles. And we the American people aren’t the ones who should be held accountable for this government’s meddling. The American people were flat-out lied to about Iraq. We had no say in or support for the military meddling in South Sudan, Libyra, or Syria. Let Joshua Keating, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the think tank gurus who dictate our foreign policy buy a plane ticket and go help those people.


What’s particularly grating is this notion that Main Street America must pay for the sins of K Street. Dubya ran for president on a platform of having a humble foreign policy. Barack Obama promised an exciting new future of humbly working with rather than aggressively interfering in, foreign affairs. Trump presented himself as the America First champion of non-interventionism. To lay the global refugee crisis at the foot of the American voter, rather than at Washington’s insider elites (like Mr. Keating) is reprehensible.

I have sympathy for these people who’ve been terrorized, predominantly by Mr. Keating’s foreign policy. I don’t object to America being an active partner in supporting and sustaining refugee settlements all over the world. But cultural compatibility and enforced returning once hostilities cease are key to ensuring that refugee migrations don’t just end up causing entirely new humanitarian crises in our own backyards. America’s refugee resettlement program should be strictly for the Anglosphere and closely related nationalities. Anything else is just a globalist migration hustle.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

America is a Nation of Immigrants. So, we are told over and over.

Okay, I can live with that(depending on how we define immigrants; maybe pilgrims and early settlers could be called ‘immigrants’ too).

But it’s sort of meaningless as a general abstraction. Why? It’s like saying a Nation is a ‘nation of people’.

Okay.. but which people? Surely, the character of a nation is defined by WHAT people it has.

So, while Japan is a nation of people and Germany is a nation of people, they are different because Japan is filled with Japanese people and Germany is filled with German people. Change the composition and the character of the nation changes. Just ask the Serbs in relation to Kosovo.

Yes, every nation is a ‘nation of people’ but the crucial question is Which People?

After all, Holy Land would be a ‘nation of people’ whether Jews are there or Arabs are there. But with lots of Jews, it is called Israel and with lots of Arabs, it’s called Palestine.

So, going back to US as ‘nation of immigrants’. Okay, let’s accept that formulation. But WHICH KIND OF IMMIGRANTS made America?

If all immigrants are the same, would the America that we know and admire have come into existence if the founding stock had been Pakistanis, Arabs, Hindus, Chinese, Turks, or Nigerians? It would have been some kind of nation, but it wouldn’t have been America. After all, Spanish and Portuguese were ‘immigrants’ who settled Latin America, and the results were VERY DIFFERENT. Why? Different kinds of immigrants to establish the foundation and different kinds of later arrivals in varying numbers. Argentina took in a lot of Italians and ended up sort of like second-rate Italy, itself a second-rate nation in the EU.

In contrast, the most successful New World nations were US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. What do they have in common? Anglo founding stock.

And it was the formula set down by Anglos that the LATER-ARRIVING whites adapted to. And they could easily meld into the Anglo-American model because they were also white, racially alike or similar. So, once they adopted the new culture and language, they were like fellow Anglos or Angloists.

So crucial to the formation of America was the arrival of Anglo ‘immigrants’ as founding stock and then arrival of Europeans who could easily meld in with Anglo-norms.

If indeed, all immigrants are of same worth and usefulness, let’s do to mental experiment.

Suppose the Anglo founders of America had decided that all future immigrants must come ONLY from India, Africa, and Middle East but NOT from Europe.

How would US have turned out with such immigration policy? I’m sure it would have been interesting(to say the least), but the result would have been something closer to Ottoman Empire or Venezuela than the most powerful and richest nation on Earth.

Indeed, we can see the importance of THE ISSUE OF WHICH PEOPLE even from internal migration. If a bunch of white Iowans move to Minnesota, it will have different impact than if a bunch of blacks in Mississippi or a bunch of Mexicans in Arizona move to Minnesota.

Not all peoples are the same. They are different racially, culturally, and narratively(politics of memory).

Not just any bunch of generically formulated ‘immigrants’ could have made America possible. America, in its founding and development, has been essentially a Nation of European Immigrants. And ONLY THAT FORMULATION AND NONE OTHER could have made America possible.

Suppose we do another mind-experiment.

Suppose not a single East Asian came to the US. Now, the US would suffer from lack of chop suey joints and middle management in high-tech firms, but the US would essentially be what it is even if not a single East Asian had arrived.

Suppose not a single Hindu came to the US. The US would out on curry joints and funny characters on TV, but the US would essentially be the US.

Suppose not a single black had been brought to the US. Now, the US would miss out on certain things that came to be associated with Americanism, esp in music.

However, the essential block of the US would still be what they are. After all, US was not built on boogie woogie and rap-crap. (And US would have far less crime, and its culture would be less rotten without the jungle boogie crap.)

And so and on if we do this mental experiment with Muslims, Nepalese, Arabs, and etc.

BUT imagine the US without European ‘immigrants’ as founders and builders, esp Anglos. There simply is NO America as we know it.

So, WHICH IMMIGRANTS needs to be answered when people yammer about “America is a nation of immigrants.”

Israel is a nation of immigrants too, but which ones? Chinese? Hindus? Africans? I think that maybe they were Jewish? Would that be a good guess as to why Israel ended up the way it is?

Finders Keepers, Sowers Reapers.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

Christianity is like coal. It offers lots of spiritual heat and moral warmth. But it has to be handled with care with good ventilation. Why? What does coal produce? Carbon Monoxide or CO which is odorless and lethal.

So, the Church needs good ventilation system. Yes, the Church teaches us to love mankind and be forgiving, and etc. That is a good message to warm the soul. But too much of anything is never any good. And excessive utopian save-the-world sermonizing of Christians can have the effect of CO.

So, we need to ventilate the Church. Give us the sermon about love and forgiveness but air out too much sanctimoniousness that turns people into holier-than-thou pied-pipers of their race to extinction.

Also, Christians need to reminded that Jesus never said the world of man could be saved. He only said that man should try to be good and seek the Lord’s grace in the afterlife.

Another thing. Why bring all these people into America? You may be offering them more material goods, but all you’re doing is bringing them to Sodom and Gomorrah given the US is now run by crazy supremacist Jews.


The whole truth — we must destroy multiculturalism and diversity –these bring white genocide.. we need white unity and to stop multiculturalism.


Iran and Saudi Arabia are not fighting a “proxy battle” in Yemen, that makes it sound like they are equally guilty. It is (((Saudi Arabia))) that is terrorizing Yemen and committing a holocaust against the native population in its quest to oppress and destroy the heroic Houthi resistance. The Houthis openly call for “a curse upon the Jews” and deserve the open support of every white nationalist, yet I have not seen any solidarity with this movement from WNs who prefer to worship Zionist neocons like Geert Wilders instead..

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Feminism and Consumerism were bound to mess up the world.

They are against nature and mess up the organic balance of things.

To understand this, imagine 4 people: 2 men and 2 women.

Suppose there are 2 well-paying jobs.

We need to take human nature into consideration: Men will marry women without jobs, but women don’t wanna marry men without jobs.

These are the possible outcomes.

1. Two men get the jobs. Each can afford to raise a family, and each is willing to marry a woman without a job. So, each marry a woman. So, two men have jobs and they have wives. Everyone gets something. Men have jobs and wives, women have husbands, wives have family. Two incomes support two families.

2. One man and one woman get the jobs. Each can afford a family. The man with the job marries the woman with the job. In contrast, the man without the job cannot a mind a mate since women don’t want men without jobs. So, the woman without the job doesn’t marry the man without the job.

Since the man with the job and woman with the job married, both their incomes serve just one family. Meanwhile, the man without the job has no money and no family. And the woman without the job doesn’t want to marry the man with no job, so she has nothing too.

So, we have all the good stuff in one family and nothing for the other two. Also, since both man and woman work, there is a chance that they will have no kids or just one kid. All that combined income goes to serve very narrow interests. Two get it all, the other two get nothing.

3. One man and one woman get the jobs. Each can afford a family. The man with the job marries the woman without a job. In contrast, the woman with the job remains unmarried because she doesn’t want to marry the man without a job. Under this formulation, three get something while the male without a job get nothing. The man with a job has a wife, the woman without a job, and they can have a family. The woman with a job has money even if no husband. She has no family but she has money to have fun with.

But the man without a job has no money and no wife. Such a man is destined for White Death.

4. Two women get the jobs, and that means the two men have no jobs. Since women don’t want to marry men without jobs, the women spend all their income on themselves in wild consumerism. They don’t want a family with loser men with no jobs. Since the two men got no jobs, they lose status and hope.

Of the four options, only #1 offers something for everyone.

#3 isn’t so terrible since 3 out of 4 get something.

#2 is awful because 2 get everything while 2 get nothing. Still, its saving grace is there is formation of at least one family.

#4 is horrible because 2 get everything but there is no family. All that money is spent on fleeting vanity and hedonism.

Now, one might hope for a world where 4 people can have 4 good jobs, but the world isn’t like that. There is only a limited number of jobs that can support families.

When women entered the work force in big numbers, they took away lots of good jobs from men. Every woman who got a good job robbed a man not only of a job but of a family. When a man takes a job from a woman, he doesn’t take away her chance of having a family since men with jobs will marry women without jobs.

When women take jobs from men, it leads to men losing their market value as marriage prospects. Women not only take the jobs form men but also the hope of family, the most important thing in life(because people, as life-forms, are created from families and pass down their genes and memory by forming their own families).

When women have high-paying jobs, their standards go up in the mating game. But since fewer men have good jobs, the ‘ideal man’ is harder to find. So, women with jobs face a drought in marriageable men. Since they only want to marry a successful man and will not settle for anything less, many women would rather blow all their money on vanity and self-pleasure. So, the income that, in the hands of man, could have supported a family ends up serving the vain piggery of a woman hooked to SEX AND CITY lifestyle.

How did we end up like this? It’s because we forgot the lesson that we are, first and foremost, organisms or life-forms. The role of life-form is to sustain itself. Everyone will die one day and so will his/her loved one, the partner in life. So, how do they ‘survive’ after death? Through their children who are continuation of their DNA and cultural/personal torchbearers of their forebears memory. That’s what Judaism is about, indeed how it got started. It was about remembrance of ancestors by descendants, and it all went back to the Covenant.

Now, we are more than mere life-forms like animals. We have advanced brains, and we need ideas, values, and culture. Still, all those things only exist in and matter to the living. All the books in the world mean nothing without people to read them, and every person is the product of man and woman(unless we create a Brave New World scenario of clones by the state). We are more than biology, but it begins with and is made possible by biology. Without biology, there is no being.

And the main source of meaning is in the family since every person was created by father and mother and since every person can only ‘live on’ after death via the DNA passed down to his/her kids who are also the cultural/personal torchbearers of their parents’ lives.

But for some reason, the cult of individualism made us forget that every individual is a ‘continual’, merely one link in the long chain of life. He didn’t pop out of a book or materialize out of the thin air or come into existence by a musing of someone’s mind. Every person is born biologically and become human emotionally.

Because we are surrounded by books, movies, and fantasy, we seem to think reality can be created via the imagination and ‘creativity’. We’ve replaced creation with creativity. It’s no wonder that we’ve come to accept something like ‘gay marriage’. We confuse reality with fantasy, as if the world is created and sustained by wish-fulfilment. We confuse reproductive fact with creative wish. So, if two lesbians want to believe that they ‘had a kid’ together, we better go along with this charade. If a man says he is a ‘woman’, we are pressured to comply. If a bunch of freaks wanna hair-split sex into 50 genders, we are supposed to take it seriously as intellectualism and science.

Also, consumerism divorced pleasure from purpose. Life-forms feel pleasure of food and sex because they must eat to survive and they must have sex to produce new life. But consumerism created technologies that allowed wanton eating and wanton sex for pleasure alone. So, piggery became the New Normal, as with fatso Lena Dunham who gorges on cakes while sitting on the toilet. It’s like she has to eat and shi* at the same time. And like an animal, she humps everyone, and she can sustain such behavior because there are contraceptives, pills, and abortion. This kind of porno-propaganda or pornoganda has, in some ways, become America’s main cultural message to the world. America is an exceptional country? Or an excessive cunt-ry?

Also, the idea of freedom has become nihilistic. It’s good to be free, but for what purpose? In the end, we must make use of our freedoms. And in making any decision, we are choosing one freedom and losing all the others. If we choose to study medicine, we don’t have free time to study other things. We must commit to medicine. If we study chemistry, there are other stuff we can’t study. If we decide to read a book, then we can’t read another book. We have only so much time and energy for so much. So, even though we want freedom, every choice ‘imprisons’ us with one endeavor and locks out all the rest. It’s like the scene in SUPERMAN. If Superman is to save one bunch of people, he can’t save another bunch of people. He can’t do everything. He fails to save Lois Lane and brings her back to life only by cheating.


So, we must raise a question about the thing that is more important than freedom. We mus ask, what is the main purpose and meaning of life.

After all, suppose there’s a society where everyone is forced to be a husband or a wife.

And suppose there is another society where everyone is free and uses his/her freedom to only indulge himself/herself and not have families.

In the end, isn’t the former society better off since it has families and new life? It lives on and sustains itself.

In contrast, what good is the other society in the long run? Sure, freedom is nice, but if people used their freedom to just indulge themselves, they’ve left no legacy for the future… like so many hedonistic white folks are doing today.

Now, we want freedom, but we need to use that freedom wisely. But everything in our ideology and culture fills our hearts, minds, eyes, and ears with the wrong lessons and vile temptations. If Lena Dunham, madonna, Emma Sulk, and Ashley Judd are the ‘role models’ for womenkind, no wonder there are so many problems. Stalinist, Nazi, or even Sharia culture is better for women. After all, the Muslim Order, repressive as it is, lasted for 0ver 1000 yrs. How long can the current West last? In the end, the worth of civilization isn’t measured by trending ideas or fashionable values. It is measured by its ability to survive and continue. The current West pontificates about its pride of ‘western values’, but if those lead to the fall of the West, they were the wrong values.

Now, I’m not saying that the only choices are between western decadence/excess and Sharia Law. There is something in between. It’s like Aldous Huxley in BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED called out his mistake in BRAVE NEW WORLD of offering only two options: the world of neo-primitive brutality and orgy-porgy techo-hedonism.

We can be both free and find meaning.

As we are life forms, we are made of families, and we continue through families we create who carry the DNA code, remember their parents/forbears, and preserve the culture/heritage. Family is bio-socialist. Socialism sacrifices the ideal of absolute individual liberty with a system of relations calibrated for the maximum good of society. So, even though taxing the rich at higher rates than others is ‘unfair’ by libertarian principles, it is deemed necessary since the rich can afford to pay more for the GOOD of society. So, socialism takes into consideration the difference between being rich, being middle income, and being poor. In a similar vein, bio-socialism takes into account that men and women are not mere individuals to be understood by abstract theories. It’s not just about individuals and choice. Men and women are biological creatures brought into being by a certain biological process, grow ideally in a sound family environment, and whose legacy is assured by forming families of their and having children. So, family becomes the foremost bio-socialist unit in the formulation of what is best for society. In the aforementioned scenario of 2 men and 2 women in a society with jobs, bio-socialism will favor 2 men getting the jobs since everyone will get something. 2 jobs held by 2 men can support 2 families.

But the family has come under attack by feminism and other nutjob ideologies. Also, the role of mother has been mocked as ‘having babies’ as if that is all a woman does: lays babies like a chicken lays eggs. In fact, babies soon grow into children, and creating a child is the process of creating a human with mind, heart, ideas, values, and etc. Every day, millions of new neurons are added to children, and the process of their growth is fascinating. Besides, what is a more rewarding ‘thing’ for a person to create than another thinking & feeling human being with heart and soul? Besides, all the products and services offered by professions and jobs exist only to serve human beings. So, creating and developing a new human being is the richest experience in life. It’s why Michael Corleone says at the beginning of GODFATHER III(though bad movie) that the most precious things in this world are children. No matter how rich Michael is, he will die, and then the ONLY people who will remember and care about him are his survivors, the kids and grandkids. His money and his mansions and cars have no mind, no heart, no nothing. Only life remembers life.

But in our world, the Ideal is for a guy with good job to marry a woman with a good job(which means one less man with a good job who can afford a family), and since are too busy with work, the raising of the kids is left to PC ideologues(teacher hacks) and the Mammon of Pop Culture that corrupts children from a young age.

The modern world is great for giving us freedoms that our ancestors didn’t have and didn’t know how to have. And initially, modern people had both freedom and meaning, a sense of purpose. They were freed from traditional bonds but still morally and culturally informed by those bonds and values. It’s like Michael Corleone has freedoms that his forbears didn’t in Old Sicily, but having grown up in a culture of family and values, his individuality is shaped by those values. He has freedom but also cultural compass.

But as the cult of freedom took on a life of its own via ideological arrogance and hedonistic excess, the connection to a sense of purpose was lost.

Ideology gave people a sense of permanence through ideas when, in fact, ideas only exist in the minds of people, life forms. No people, no ideas. Ideas are nothing without minds to appreciate them, and minds are bio-mass of life-forms.

If ideology gave people a false sense of permanence via books & arts, entertainment made people feel that the Moment is Forever. Thus, people lose sight of the larger sense of time and history as they’ve become hooked to pop music or movies that glorify the orgiastic hysterics of the moment. Humans went from organismic to the orgasmic. So, even middle aged men and women still feel like teenagers as they listen to pop music and watch hollywood movies about caped heroes. Or when they play dumb video games.

We need to find a way to reconnect freedom with meaning and purpose.

All these pussyhat feminists bitch and whine about ‘freedom’, as if Trump is going to turn them all into chattel slaves. But in fact, the real problem women face today is lack of meaning and purpose with all their misguided freedoms. They have freedom, but the choices they’ve made are terrible, not least because our reigning ideology and culture encourages women to act like SEX AND CITY, Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, Emma Sulk, or one of those trashy shallow pseudo-intellectuals who write for NYT or yammer on NPR.

In a way, the odd alliance of feminists and Muslims suggest at something buried in the feminist psyche. There is something within them that is crying out for meaning, order, purpose, and continuance. Is it any surprise that Lindsey Lohan is leaning toward Islam?

Only a neo-fascism can restore the order and balance in Western Man and Woman.

The history of mankind has offered people four basic choices:

1. Forcing people to do what is the right thing.

2. Forcing people to do what is the wrong thing.

3. Giving people freedom, and people freely doing the wrong thing.

4. Giving people freedom, and people freely doing the right thing.

The best of all possible worlds will have most people in #4 mode.

The worst of all possible worlds will have most people in #3 mode.

Why is #3 worse than #2? Why is a world where people are forced to do the wrong thing better than one where people freely do the wrong thing?

Because in the #3 scenario, there is still a political/social power that can make people do the right thing under a new policy. It may be currently forcing people to do the wrong thing, but with a change of course, the system can force the people to do the right thing.

In contrast in the #3 scenario, the people have the freedom/power to do the wrong thing, and there is no higher power to stop them or correct them. This is why black problem today is worse than black problem during slavery. During slavery, whites forced blacks to be slaves, the wrong thing. And slavery had to end. But since whites still had the power, they could make blacks do the right things with the end of slavery. In contrast, the corrupt and free blacks of today won’t listen to anything since they got the Agency and Power. But to do what with their freedom? Turn cities into Detroit and Baltimore. Blacks used their freedom to turn their communities into neo-jungles and bitch,whine, and holler like mad baboons. And since they have all the freedoms and rights under the law, they can just go on acting loutish.

In contrast, blacks in Cuba are in scenario #2. Cuban Socialism doesn’t really work. It is the wrong thing. It keeps blacks doing what is economically backward and inefficient. BUT, the state still has control over the blacks, so if state policy were to change one day for the better, blacks can be pressured to do the right thing under state power. But a lot of American blacks are hopeless. They got the power and freedom and they used it for total lunacy and jungle behavior. And there is no power above them to say NO.

One might say #1 and #4 have same results and so are equally valid. Whether people are forced to do the right thing OR use their freedom to do the right thing, the end result is people doing the right thing. Still, we want freedom. We don’t want to be forced to do stuff by some tyranny.

Under system #1, even those who want to do the wrong thing have no choice but to do the right thing.

Under system #4, those with the freedom to do the wrong thing still choose to do the right thing. That is true morality, but increasingly harder to come by these days because of family breakdown, cultural decadence, moral degeneration, and etc. After all, in order for people to freely do the right thing, they must be inculcated with good, sound, and healthy values and outlook and understanding. But just look at the state of PC and Pop Culture. We are raising kids to be self-absorbed tards and snowflakes and loons. Why so many kids get tattoos? They have no sense of time, of tomorrow. They don’t think, “yrs will pass and I might look back and find this tattoo really stupid.” No, all they care about is the NOW. If they think it’s cool NOW, they must get it and just fuc* tomorrow.

In order for #4 to work, we need a society that promotes culture and values of maturity, sobriety, dignity, and integrity, like what Vito Corleone had(except for the organized crime thing, but then he was pressured into by that no-good Fanucci who was fleecing the neighborhood).

But if #4 is rendered impossible because our culture creates tons of idiots with PC and junk culture, then the only option is to go back to #1.

#1 is unpleasant even if it forces people to do the right thing because we want to be free and also, we want people to do the right thing out of moral sense than out of social coercion. Still, #1 is the only option when #4 fails and we slip into a state of #3. The black American community, at this point, can only fix its problems through #1 option. Too many blacks have freely acted to be a total tards and chillun.

It’s funny. Life is a form of energy.

The modern world has tons of energy made possible by electricity. Look at Earth at night from space, and you can see entire areas lit up by tons of electricity. We see the most lights in Western nations and East Asian nations. So much industrial and recreational energy… and yet, so little life energy, so little energy of reproduction. Modern folks are like moths before an artificial light. They are addicted to the false life of industrial energy that fills them with light, convenience, and entertainment, but they have lost the sense of real energy, that of life itself. Because industrial energy is so powerful, those who huddle around it feel so alive, but it’s all an illusion. Watching TV filled with flashing images or playing some roller-coaster video-game may make one feel alive, but it’s all illusion. Being around all that industrial energy has sapped modern man of life energy, that of family and creation of new life for legacy.

In contrast, the dark continent of Africa is having lots of kids and producing lots of life. They lack in industrial energy but they have something far more valuable: life energy.

And they will eventually move to the modern world with its aging and dying populations who prefer the artificial ‘life’ of industrial energy over the real energy of life around family and culture.

Some people say we need to return to Christian values, but I don’t know. Christianity is a mixed blessing.

Christianity is like coal. It offers lots of spiritual heat and moral warmth. But it has to be handled with care with good ventilation. Why? What does coal produce? Carbon Monoxide or CO which is odorless and lethal.

So, the Church needs good ventilation system. Yes, the Church teaches us to love mankind and be forgiving, and etc. That is a good message to warm the soul. But too much of anything is never any good. And excessive utopian save-the-world sermonizing of Christians can have the effect of CO.

So, we need to ventilate the Church. Give us the sermon about love and forgiveness but air out too much sanctimoniousness that turns people into holier-than-thou pied-pipers of their race to extinction.

Also, Christians need to be reminded that Jesus never said the world of man could be saved. He only said that man should try to be good and seek the Lord’s grace in the afterlife.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

Pertaining to the issue of ‘refugee’ politics.

Patriots need to go on the offensive and mention the J-factor and American neo-imperialism.

Progs and so many Jews feign compassion and humanitarianism for the ‘refugees’, but they never address the issue of why ‘refugees’ exist in the first place.

It is because of Wars for Israel and American neo-imperialist strategy in the Middle East and North Africa. US foreign policy is Babelian. Smash other nations, shatter and scatter the native peoples, and then take them in as ‘refugees’ as a form of pubic relations and bribery. It’s like bribery because the ‘refugees’ who are allowed into the US are so impressed by material rewards that they soon become mum about what the US did to their nations.

American message is, “We destroy your country, but just forget about it. We let you in and give you free stuff.” Since humans are organisms and since organisms prefer comfort and convenience above all else, a lot of ‘refugees’ who should be angry at the US just keep mum and look forward to all the goodies promised to them by the US government.

Of course, the US also feeds on much internecine tensions in places like the Middle East. As there’s plenty of corruption, oppression, and nastiness among all the various tribes, clans, sects, and ethnic groups, it’s never difficult for the US to win over allies and collaborators who figure even the neo-imperialist US is better than native enemies or oppressors. Narcissism of small differences.

But Americans are like that too. Prog whites hate patriotic whites(deplorables) so much that they are willing to side with foreigners to destroy ‘racist’ White America. And even feminists are willing to side with Muslims(semi-officially recognized as the new victim group) against the ‘patriarchy’ of Trump.

The best way is, of course, for the US to stop meddling in the Middle East. But as long as Jewish Globalists are powerful in both parties — even in Trump’s administration — , the danger remains. Because both parties are so beholden to Jewish Power, no one is willing to say Jewish-controlled foreign policy is largely, though not entirely, responsible for the Mess in MENA that led to this ‘refugee’ crisis — of course, many economic migrants are merely using the crisis as pretext to move to the West for better material life.

Patriots need to go on the moral offensive. If they just say, “We don’t want Muslim refugees because they are terrorists”, they come across as mean, paranoid, and cold-hearted.

So, it’s much better to frame the argument in favor of Muslims. First and foremost, patriots must say the Muslims are on the move and they’re angry as hell because of neo-imperialist US foreign policy.

Patriotism isn’t “my country right or wrong”. True patriotism is a universal defense of the sovereignty of every nation. So, an American patriot should defend the right of other nations to mind their own business and not be destroyed by US invasions, bombs, and proxy wars. A true patriot denounces the policies of his own nation IF it is immoral and imperialist.

Offense is the best defense. The main issue for the patriots should be the question, “Why are there so many refugees in the first place?” That question will expose the GLOB for what it is. WHO CREATED THE REFUGEE CRISIS? The Globalists!!

Hell Cometh to the Middle East, Welcometh to the West.

So, why are the ‘refugees’ on the move?

Gee, maybe because of policies like this and this and this?




If Seymour Hersh is right, some decent US military guys prevented the total collapse of Syria and its takeover by Jihadis. Those were true patriots.

Trump should say he is working with Russia to defeat the Jihadis so that order can prevail in Syria so that the refugees can return home.

In contrast, the GLOB is for the further destruction of Syria by working with Saudis to fund the Jihadis and then masking its warmongering with bogus humanitarian gesture of ‘caring’ about ‘refugees’. It’s amazing that so many suckers fell for this.

The truly moral position is not to take in refugees but to ensure that people are not turned into refugees. Why were so many people in MENA(middle east and north africa) turned into refugees? Because of neo-imperialist policies of America controlled by the GLOB dominated by Jews.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Because the US sets the template for all the world through media and academia, its brand of Globalism will be deeply ruinous to all nations around the world.

If, as globalists claim, the US is so great because it intervenes in all parts of the world and takes in innumerable ‘refugees’, illegal migrants, and immigrants, then that policy becomes the template for the rest of the world whose intellectuals and cultural elites take cues from the US.

Just look at the state of Europe. There was a time when leaders like Thatcher said, “US is philosophy, Europe is history.” But new elites of Europe want to ‘Americanize’ the Old World with the rules of the New World.

Of course, since Jews gained supremacist power in the US and since Jews have gained sacred iconic status in the EU due to Holocaustianity, whatever Jews must be taken as the word of god. What is called ‘American Ideas’ and ‘Western Values’ are now concoctions of Jewish Globalists, and they are designed to undermine the native majority gentile power of every nation.

Because whatever the US does has a great impact on the world, the US must stop with its invade-invite lunacy. It not only harms the US and the nations that are invaded(mostly in the Middle East and North Africa) but all those sucker-nations that slavishly imitate everything the US does.

If US decides to go over the cliff, much of the world will follow.

Because the US billed itself as ‘nation of immigrants’, the EU followed, and look at the dire problems this ‘Americanization’ caused.

Mass Immigration is demographic imperialism.


Gubbler Chechenova

While Alt Right plays with frog memes, Jews control the mass media, and this is what they spread to White America.

The question that should really trouble white Americans is “Are Americans interracist?”


Show is called BALLERS. Double meaning. Those who play the ball get to ball the chicks. As blacks dominate sports, they ball the white chicks whose wombs produce black babies who grow up to be enemies of white race.

The problem isn’t that America is ‘racist’. The problem is America isn’t race-ist enough to defend and save the white race. White women grow up with jungle fever, and white males are reduced to cuck-agents.

And interracism isn’t about equality. It is about white women dumping white males as cuck-losers and going with tougher Negroes. Interracism says white women should go with black men as the racial superiors of white men. And as American culture is spread globally to EU as well, European women come under the same jungle fever rap interracist influence at a time when millions of black African men are colonizing the continent. They will soon colonize white wombs to produce black babies while white babies are no longer hatched from those white wombs that evolved for 10,000s of yrs. 10,000s of evolution that produced the white race will be undone in a few decades as black men colonize white wombs of jungle-fever-beavers while white boys worship Mandela and MLK to redeem their ‘white guilt’ that’s been injected into the minds by Jews.

The future is about the Closing of the White Womb to white seed and about white wombs producing the enemies of the white race like Colin Kaepernick.

A race war is really a sex war, a womb war. White Race cannot go on with white women having kids with white men. This is why Jews wage this Race War by turning white women onto Negro men. If white wombs go black, then white men cannot go on.

This is why THE SEARCHERS is a crucial movie about racial survival. Lose the womb, lose the war, lose the race.



This is such a good point everything in popular culture today teaches its not okay to be white

Andrea Ostrov Letania

We live in some whackjob world.

America no longer defines itself by the people it has but by the people it doesn’t have(or should have).

It’s a ship-o-holic nation. A shop-o-holic woman loses interest in the things she has bought. She is fixated only NEW things to get. It’s the BUYING that she’s obsessed with while neglecting all the things she already has. Or imagine a cat lady who neglects cats she already has and just has to get more.

America is into shipping more and more new people while neglecting the needs and problems of people already here. Ship more people and skip on the Americans. (This need for more immigration is sort of a belief that Current America is a moral and social failure. The narrative assumes that people who’ve settled in America have lost that Magic Feeling. They’ve grown lazy, spoiled, and finicky. So, in order for America to grow and be appreciated, it has to bring in new people. But if America turns settlers into such worthless rot, won’t these new comers become spoiled rotten Americans themselves? In which case… more and more will have to be let in to keep the ‘dream’ alive. America takes in ‘innocent dreamers’ and corrupts them into materialist amnesiac hedonist scum. So, we need more innocent newcomers. If this Narrative is true, then it is American Culture and Values that must be changed since they turn Americans into spoiled rotten idiots who lose the Dream that can only be kept alive by new comers. On the one hand, America is proud of its Kim Kardashianism, but on the other hand, it is ashamed of it. America says, “Look, America is a free country where you can anything, even act like a total whore into self-piggery. Come to America and enjoy all this freedom.” But it also hints, “Americans are such lousy, lazy, narcissistic pigs over-gorged on self-aggrandizement and piggery. They’ve lost the value of family, hard work, diligence, and sacrifice. So, we need YOU immigrants to bring those virtues to America.” But then, the promise of America is turn the daughters of immigrants into Kim Kardashians.)

And this template has infected EU and other parts too.

In a way, this is what happens when a people are cut off from their roots and identity.

For a long time, Americans looked BACK to the beginning and to the origins in Europe. They felt a deep connection with Western Civilization and to the founding of America and the legends and tales of founders and settlers. So, there was no need for NEW people for America to have a meaning and identity.

And even when more immigrants came, their whiteness made them easily assimilate-able to the settled people. And they too were inculcated in the Foundation and Creation Narrative.

But at some point, this narrative was reviled, demeaned, and discredited, especially by the near-total emphasis on Slavery and Genocide. Also, the rise of youth culture and pop culture made Americans lose interest in the past and deeper sense of culture.

So, America came to be defined not by what-was but what-will-be. Americans lost a sense of connection to the past and were connected to the future. As this future was associated with immigration, it was no longer defined in terms of what-is-good-for-Americans but what-is-good-for-future-Americans.

Terminology is powerful. When a nation is defined as ‘nation of immigrants’, even sane normal people become so fixated on that conception that limits on immigration seem ‘un-American’ when, for most of history, it seemed like the Most American thing to do as no nation can long survive as a racial or cultural entity with endless invasion.

Nationalists must argue that

1. Refugees were caused by US neo-imperialism controlled by the Globalism. The GLOB would have us believe nationalism is nasty for lack of compassion. But it is globalism that is vicious for having violated the national sovereignty of Middle East nations, fomenting wars, and creating his horrible refugee crisis. Globalism is the most murderous force in the world.

2. The New-Americanism is an insult to all nations of the world. (Emma)Lazarasan Supremacism says the US is the only good and free nation while all other nations are prisons, hell-holes, and pisspots. This view says anyone living outside the US is stuck in a worthless place.

3. If America is an idea, it should be exported through AmeriKits than have people come to America physically. After all, what good is a ‘universal idea’ if it can only work in a particular land? If America has magic dirt that makes success possible, then export some American Dirt to, say, Somalia. Maybe Somalia will become America in Africa then.


Gubbler Chechenova

This damn issue about ‘refugees’.

These refugees ought to be called ‘refugees from globalist imperialism’.

That way, it will be difficult for the Prog-Glob-elitists to feign compassion as saviors of these people. THEY are the ones who fomented the wars(in cahoots with Neocon Globalists) that turned Middle East and North Africa into a horror-show that led to the Refugee Crisis.

The First Nakba led to the destruction of Palestine, resulting in Palestinian refugees expelled into Lebanon and Jordan.

After the Cold War, we had the Second, Third, and Fourth Nakba.

Second Nakba destroyed Iraq and led to massive Iraqi Sunni and Christian refugee migration into Syria.

Third Nakba destroyed Libya and led to massive African ‘refugee’ invasion into EU.

Fourth Nakba involved the US working with its proxies, Saudis and Qatar, to foment war in Syria, leading to massive Syrian refugee crisis.

These people-on-the-move are Refugees from Nakbas fomented by Anglo-Zionist Globlism.

So, if patriots say, “We don’t want refugees”, they’ve put themselves in a morally defensive position whereas the pro-refugee go on moral offensive with their ‘compassion’.

But if patriots say “Stop creating these Refugees of Nakba”, they gain the moral high ground by ACCUSING the globalists of causing all these Nakbas that reduce Arabs/Muslims into Refugees without a home.


Is America a Nation of Inheritors or a Nation of Immigrants?

If America were to ban all future immigration, it is still what it is. It is America with the people already here. Indeed, even if America had banned all immigrants since 1965, it would still be America.

But suppose we say America is essentially a Nation of Immigrants. Suppose we get rid of all Inheritors and only allow new Immigrants. That would not be America.

America has remained America DESPITE the mass invasion since 1965 because of the Inheritor Population that still made up the majority. But as they majority vanishes, America will just become the Third World.

We need to change the core definition. America is a Nation of Inheritors.

Alt-Right Studies

The Paradox of People Power.

The truth is the Globalist Elites fear the Masses. The rich class fear the masses of workers and middle class. Even if a society is homogeneous, the ruling class is a minority class since most people are not rich. There is always a 1% vs 99% dichotomy.

This may explain why even the rich native elites of homogeneous nations sometimes call for more immigration and diversity. It reduces the unity of the national masses as the demography becomes more mixed. Consider how the British elites, who used to be on the moral defensive against the demanding white working class, managed to gain the moral advantage over the white working class by posing as the defenders of immigrants against the ‘racist’ white rabble.

Anyway, the elite fear of the people is even more pronounced when the elites are of a different race or ethnic group from the majority. In the US, Jews are the ruling elite whose identity is distinct from white gentiles. So, Jews fear People Power in a gentile majority nation.

People Power is most potent in a homogeneous population since homogeneity leads to unity and commonality of purpose. So, paradoxically, in order for Jewish Globalist elites to destroy People Power, they invite MORE PEOPLE to come to the West. It leads to MORE PEOPLE but since the new-comers are non-white(or even anti-white), the huge increase in population leads to fragmentation of People Politics along identitarian lines.

Diversity leads to divisions that can be exploited by the Jewish elites on a divide-and-rule basis. So, MORE PEOPLE in America means LESS People Power. Now, if all new immigrants were white gentiles, it might boost People Power as newcomers may join with native white Americans. But since most newcomers are non-white, it leads to fracturing of People Power, and that means less People Power because Jewish Globalist elites can cynically play divide-and-rule among the goyim, as they are currently doing with the ‘refugee crisis’.

Jewish Globalist Elites are into xenopathology because of their nopiophobia. Greek word for ‘native’ is ντόπιος or ‘nopios’. Since Jewish Globalist elites fear the native or established gentile majority population and its potential for People Power, they go into Nopiophobe mode and try to weaken the potentiality of People Power by increasing mass immigration of peoples who are racially, culturally, or ethnically different from the native population.

Jewish Globalist elites thus gain the opportunity to play divide-and-rule among the various gentile populations. Also, as the Jewish elites morally and emotionally ally with the New Comers as the ‘dreamers’ and ‘noble victims of xenophobes’, the new template for ideal elite power goes from representing-and-defending-the-rights-and-interest-of-native-majority-against-enemies TO championing-the-newcomers-as-the-people-of-hope-while-denigrating-the-native-majority-as-deplorables.

Jewish Globalists fear an America that is settled and established because such a state solidifies a sense of what America is, which can serve as basis for People Power against the globalist elites.

Jews prefer the notion of America-in-constant-flux due to massive immigration of diverse peoples because such a state renders difficult the meaning of what is and isn’t ‘American’. Such uncertainly weakens national People Power since we are told ‘America is always in the process of re-inventing itself’. In other words, the elites are always re-inventing America so that the masses of Americans will never be certain what they are and what they stand for. Vagueness doesn’t lead to Power. It’s like a cloud of dust doesn’t have the gravitational pull of a solidified mass. Jews prefer that gentiles be lost in a state of anxiety and uncertainty.

Paradoxically, the only permissible CERTAINTY is that ‘America is a Nation of Immigrants’. But that is an Uncertain vision of America. If America is always coming-into-being with the mass arrivals of newcomers, what is it really? Such confused narrative puts America in a state of neurosis, even schizophrenia, because its Official Certainty is really an Uncertainty. The official narrative says America is MOST CERTAINLY an UNCERTAIN nation.

Given our psychology, human nature abhors a vagueness. Yet, the meaning of America is now so vague, therefore so confusing and un-fulfilling to Americans. But then, the genius stroke of the globalists was to turn this vagueness into a kind of faux-clarity and faux-certainty. Since people crave some kind of certainty, they’ve been presented with the principle of certainty of uncertainty. So, America is most certainly an uncertain nation that is always changing and coming into being only to change again. Flux is its only constancy… though the purpose of such narrative is to make permanent the power of the ruling Jewish elites.

Perhaps, what we can hope for is something like Diversity of the Elites. The US used to be wasp-ruled, and now it’s Jewish-ruled. Maybe greater diversity among elites will put Jewish elites under pressure from contrary visions, narratives, interests, and agendas. Playing divide-and-rule among the elites is more difficult than playing divide-and-rule among the masses. But it’s not impossible. Already, there are signs that some non-whites rising to elite status are not with the Zionist program. Keith Ellison who is rising to elite ranks in the Democratic Party isn’t partial to Jewish Power. In Kurosawa’s YOJIMBO, the hero exploits the ‘diversity of elites’ as he pits one elite against another.

If elites gain power by playing on divisions among the People, the People may gain power by exploiting the divisions among the elites.

J.j. Cintia

Why should we even care? Letting enemies into America? We can see just how much these Jews are helping us. Like the Jews that helped Islam invade Spain, these Jews are not any different. I really don’t care why they do this, its obvious they are no ally of ours.
Whites have nothing to apologize for, since Whites are without doubt the nicest and most charitable people on Earth. We need to stop helping those outside our own race. These cretins don’t appreciate it. They will stay hostile and not be labeled “racist” for it. We should ignore the lame excuses and rhetoric of known enemies.

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