The Jewish People are Against Border Security

Jacob Weisberg, the editor-in-chief of what’s possibly the largest and most influential blog, Slate, makes a powerful case that even when confronted with the most virulent threats from abroad, the Jewish people will always hold open the gates. There’s no reasoning with Weisberg about the threat of organized Islamic terrorist radicals. There’s no explaining to Weisberg that America’s demographic crisis is a powder keg waiting to erupt. There’s no bothering Weisberg with the democratic will of the people.

Weisberg is Jewish, and to be Jewish is to stand against border security no matter what.

Going through my mother’s papers after she died last year, I found a folder marked “1940 immigration—Jewish relatives.”

…I think I know where this might be going.

Those letters were the first thing I thought of Friday, when President Trump issued his executive order banning refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries for 120 days, and visitors of all kinds from those countries for 90 days. Here again was the heartlessness and bureaucratic caprice that doomed so many European Jews[.]

Of course they were the first thing Weisberg thought of Friday, because Weisberg is Jewish. Of course, even before WWII, the Jewish people were migratory, reflexively indifferent to their host countries. Roughly 3% of America’s population is Jewish. Only 25% of them voted for Donald Trump, which is a pretty reliable proxy for what percentage of them can be reasoned with. Over 95% of Jewish money went to Hillary instead of Trump, which confirms that the most powerful Jewish people are the most powerfully opposed to his America First platform.

Wherever possible, whenever possible, the Jewish community will subvert our attempts to protect our citizenry from an increasingly dangerous and volatile world.

For American Jews, the scenes of refugees detained in transit hold a particular resonance. We know that most of us exist today only because our ancestors, like the Teitelmanns, finagled their way into a country where they weren’t entirely welcome. That experience explains why several Syrian refugees trying to clear immigration before the deadline were being met by groups from synagogues that were sponsoring their resettlement.

They’re not merely opposed to our border security. They were opposed to the basic measures Bush and Obama had in place. They would have really liked to have seen them removed. The sensible steps Trump has taken, with a mandate from the American people in our free and fair election, have driven them into outright hysterics.

Trump’s deafness to these echoes is staggering. His executive order capped a week that began with his declaring a position of “America First” in his inaugural address. He either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that was the slogan of America’s pro-Nazi isolationist movement, which accused Jews of drawing the country into war.

Since Weisberg brought it up, the Jewish people absolutely did draw us into WWII. They also drew us into the Syrian, Libyan, and Iraqi conflicts which created the current refugee crisis. Weisberg has been at Slate long enough that he’s overseen his influential Jewish-dominated publication clearly and consistently advocating for all three of these wars. He is well-connected. In fact, Malcolm Gladwell considers his mom the world’s most prototypical super-connecter! So it’s hard to imagine that he would be less informed about the powerful Jewish lobbies which promoted our instigation of these conflicts than the workaday informed citizen.

“My great grandparents came from Germany, Austria and Poland,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook wall on Friday night. “Priscilla’s parents were refugees from China and Vietnam. The United States is a nation of immigrants, and we should be proud of that. … We should also keep our doors open to refugees and those who need help.”

Just about any Jewish social media status over the past week or so confirms that Jewish people can only see this issue from one side, from the side of the people scrambling to get in.

On Saturday, Sergey Brin, the Google co-founder who comes from a family of Soviet refuseniks, was photographed at a protest at San Francisco International Airport, one of many that occurred spontaneously across the country.

These are the same people whose own country (which is never the country they reside in) already has a big beautiful wall. Israel already has stringent immigration protocols in place. Despite being a wealthy first world nation directly adjoining Syria, Israel will be taking in no refugees whatsoever. Yes. The Jewish people are that hypocritical, and they believe they have the influence, money, power, and moral authority to be that hypocritical. Their homeland is very precious and cannot be defiled or threatened, …but your homeland is an open dumping ground for the alienated and radicalized victims of their failed globalist military exploits.

Don’t take my word about the Jews. Listen to their own words in the coming weeks and months as they convince you in their own words that they’re categorically opposed to putting America First. Listen to them as they work to convince you that they resent the traditional American nation and its people. Listen to them as they walk you through each and every aspect of their hypocritical, hysterical, and hateful worldview. Only then, perhaps, will you listen to me when I tell you that the Jewish Problem is the West’s foremost problem.

It’s greater than illegal immigration. It’s greater than Islamic immigration. It’s greater than our racial strife. It’s greater than the economic problems. It’s greater than the social problems. The Jewish Problem is the singular problem which stops us from arriving at pragmatic solutions to every other problem we face. To ignore it is to align with it. To play around with clever angles around it is to waste time ameliorating the symptoms instead of curing the disease.

And if you’re still not convinced, please listen to them. They’ll tell you themselves if you have ears to listen.


Lamplighter of Mexifornia

If and when another terrorist attack is perpetrated by Muslims in the United States and a significant number of Jews wind up being among the casualties, they will have no one to blame for their suffering but themselves,as there have been plenty of warnings about the many dangers they face from Muslim immigrants coming to our country:

“Muslim Immigration — The Time Bomb That Is Ignored by American Jews” by Ilana Mercer
The Social Contract Journal
Vol. 15, No. 2 (Winter 2004-2005)

Those who live by open borders are predestined to die by open borders.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

When Emma Lazarus called out to the huddled masses in the 19th century, there was a good chance that many of the poor and wretched in Europe were indeed people of innate ability who weren’t given a chance over there and could thrive with opportunity and freedom over here. They were wretched by circumstances, not by genetic inheritance. Back then, most of the world was poor and backward, and this was true of the West as well.

Since then, all the world has had ample time to modernize, develop, and build working economies. That includes the Third World and post-communist nations of Eastern Europe. So, there’s no more excuse to remain wretched. All the world has access to the same technologies and ideas and international trade. If some nations made progress while others didn’t, the difference surely owes a lot to genetic differences.

So, if some nations are still filled with wretched people, there’s a good chance that they are wretched by birth. (It certainly doesn’t help that Muslims are into cousin marriage.)

At any rate, if the GLOB insists that the poor nations are filled with an abundance of wonderful, energetic, enterprising, and resourceful people who can do so much for America, our reply should be, “the US is already very rich, very powerful, and overly abundant with talented people. So, don’t help the US. Don’t do it any more favors. If you have talent and energy, be patriotic and build your own poor country OR be generous and go help a poorer country by emigrating there. Coming to the US and adding to the American economy is like giving a rich man more money and doing him more favors. Take your talent to poor nations that can really use your energy and vision.”

Besides, why should the US hog all the talent? We need to be Spread the Talent around to make the world more equal. The US shouldn’t monopolize all the global talent.

It’s like the NBA is already filled with top players. It doesn’t need more talent. If you got talent, build your own national team that can really use your talent. Why should talented people around the world do all the favors for America, already the richest nation in the world by far? Why add more to the nation that already has too much? Why not add to nations with less? Their talents will be far more precious and valuable to poor nations.

It’s like, if a city has too many doctors, it doesn’t need any more. So, excess doctors should serve other towns and communities.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Jews have been in revenge mode. Given the Narrative of WWII, they are hellbent on destroying Europe, especially Germany.

The influence and pressure applied by NYT and globalism(largely funded and steered by Zionists) can destroy entire nations. NYT and Soros are pushing the Kosovo-ization of Europe.

Look what ‘good’ Jewish advice did to Sweden, UK, and Germany. And when Hungary and Poland says NO to this gift of demographic invasion, the GLOB condemns then as ‘illberal’ and ‘undemocratic’. These are the same people who are cheering the punching out of ‘nazis’ who can be just about anyone they don’t like.

And look at all the horrors caused by Wars for Israel. 100,000s dead in Iraq, Palestinians living under Occupation still in West Bank and losing more land, and total mess in Libya even after the Gaddafi got rid of WMD, what little he had of it. Worse, the GLOB is even willing to work with ultra-Islamic Saudis, crazy Jihadis, and Alqaeda to undermine secular modern Arab Assad. The GLOB even worked with neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Over there, they were for Neo-Nazis punching out the democratically elected government.

But since everything the GLOB does has institutional and legal protection since the GLOB controls the government and courts, you won’t see the likes of Clinton, Bush, Obama, Netanyahu, Nuland, and Albright face the international court for all their aggression and warmongering.

Now, I’m not saying Muslims are good or that I want Sharia(though it is better than Whoria and Gayria). But those who point to Muslim terror need to look at the other side of the equation: The Muslims are on the move and acting angry because the West, much of it controlled by the GLOB, has been turning the Middle East and North Africa into a hellhole.

When you stir up a hornet’s nest and then complain about getting stung WITHOUT mentioning that you messed up the nest, you’re not being honest.

This is why Trump was right to point out the bad policy of Bush and Obama in messing up the Middle East. If he’s gonna do a Muslim ‘ban’, he needs to push this point harder and harder. It’s the only way to gain the moral highground. He should shame all those Progs feigning sympathy for ‘refugees’ for their silence when Obama was messing up MENA and creating the refugees in the first place.

Tons of Jews were in the anarchist movement and threw bombs and plotted assassinations. And tons of Jews were involved in communism. Jews in a communist network even supplied Stalin with nuke secrets(far more grievous than pressure cooker bombs). And so many in the Jewish community insisted on the innocence of the Rosenbergs, just like the circle the wagons around Roman Polanski and Jonathan Pollard who really should rot in jail for what he did.

And when Jews didn’t get their way prior to creation of Israel, Irgun carried out terror bombings. And today, even mainstream Jews are cheering the violent attack on Richard Spencer and running articles about, “gee, should ‘nazis’ be punched?” with the wink wink suggestion that “Go and punch Trump supporters.”

Even now, the biggest opposition to Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ isn’t coming from the Muslim community. It’s coming from the Jewish Community that is invoking the Holocaust and etc. The very Jews in Hollywood who’ve been pushing Zionism and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians forever are now posturing as friends of Muslims as victims of Trump. Never mind those refugees exist in the first place because of US policies steered by the GLOB.

And Andrew Bacevich wrote, during the Cold War the US was almost never involved in the Middle East. But after the Cold War, most US wars have been ONLY in the Muslim world. Well, which group came to total power after the Cold War?

Muslims have problems and issues and need to stay in their own nations. But the reason why the US has such crazy policy has NOTHING to do with Muslims. Americans have far more to fear from the GLOB.


With Europe and the rest of the white nations gone who will then care about their ”suffering”? They won’t have anyone to guilt trip because those that will be left won’t care in the slightest. They will end up destroying themselves.


They always have been.

Have you ever heard anything about the fighting in the Gaza Strip?

“…Throughout the majority of the era Muslim rule existed in the region of Palestine, except for the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem (1099–1291), the British Rule (1917 – 1948), and after the 1948 Palestine War, which led to the creation of the State of Israel and Israeli sovereignty over a majority of the territories of the British Mandate for Palestine…The region of Palestine has a special significance for Muslims…is the site from which the Islamic prophet Mohammed is said to have ascended to Heaven.”

So when Israel was created as its own country, it enveloped/(annexed?) what was Palestine, and upped the tensions that already exist between the two. I’d say something about “blowing on the embers of a dying fire”, but with each new generation attacking each other (within the same city!), that fire has been continuously stoked for some time. “Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing”.


Yes Jews, please go out and tell Americans that they can’t have border security because it’s bad for Jews. Please tell them that they have to be victims of Islamic terror, that their daughters will be victims of rape, that their sons will be sent to more foreign wars and have no jobs or lives to return to, that their descendants will be a dispised minority in their own country, etc. just because Jews oppose borders. It will certainly make our job a lot easier.

J.j. Cintia

Jews lie. Nothing they say has any Truth in it. Its not WWII or any “Holocaust”. Its not tikkum olam or charitable feelings. Lies.
Its a fractured fairy tale, in a hate filled screed full of scribbles. The Babylonian Talmud. Not really from Babylon, but then they’re not really Jews or Semitic at all either. Is it pretense? Probably delusion is a better word. Like their pretentious book full of bile, egotism and hate.
You see its not a Master Plan. Its actually a childish fantasy. They have the erroneous and ridiculous belief that somehow they are higher life forms. Yeah, half our size and not as smart. A bald hobbit with an oversized proboscis.
There’s a madness behind this method. They have a tale as dumb as all the dumb tales ever put together. They imagine a World full of brown slaves. 2800 for each and every one of them. 2800 brown slaves all toiling so they can sit and stuff that piehole full of food and get fat. Can you imagine these tiny and weak idiots controlling 2800 times their numbers? That’s about as crazy and stupid as you can get. Carzy and stupid enough for complete and total extinction. You see you are not the type they want for slaves, and that’s why they want to brown you out.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

We need a new terminology to truly understand what is happening in America(and by extension the world since the US more or less controls it).

We speak of ‘left’ and ‘right’, as if there is a fixed principled left and fixed principled right. Actually, both are very fluid and malleable depending on WHO HAS THE POWER.

The fact that both Democrats and Republicans are so slavish to Israel and Jewish Power tells us who has the real power. Also, the fact that the ‘left’ became so homomaniacal and the ‘right’ was so muted about the homo issue also tells us about the true nature of power. Which group has been using homomania as proxy to promote minority-elite-supremacism all over the world? Since Jews got the power and pushed homomania, homos could run wild and crazy… and even Conservatives, so slavish to Jewish power, didn’t dare to resist what they knew was a Jewish agenda. If homomania had no Jewish backing, Conservatives would have opposed it with greater fervor. But since it had Jewish fingerprints and signature all over it, the GOP either remained mute or even argued that ‘gay marriage’ is a ‘conservative value’.

Ideology follows the power.

If there is a fixed ‘left’ with its iron principles, why were ‘leftists’ opposed to Bush’s wars yet silent about Obama’s wars and now bitching about ‘war-mongering’ Trump? If the ‘left’ is truly ideologically and reliably anti-war and anti-imperialist, it should have opposed Obama’s wars too. (And how come the ‘left’ antifa types don’t attack Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street that are dominated by ultra-capitalists?)

If the ‘left’ is against politics of paranoia(as during McCarthy Era), why is it now going nuts about the Russian connection?

And if the ‘right’ is about ethno-nationalism, how come the white party GOP says NOTHING about white interests while foaming at the mouth over Israel, Israel, Israel?

The ‘right’ in America follows the power. The Power decides what is ‘right’. That is why American Conservatism is essentially Cuckservatism. It’s about goy toys obeying their Jewish globalist masters.

So, the discussion of ‘left’ and ‘right’ muddies up the true nature of power in the US.

The power struggle is essentially ethnic, not ideological. After all, look how the Neocons are working with Democratic Jews to undermine Trump. Look at the likes of Bill Kristol and David Brooks who claim to be ‘conservative’. Sure, they yammer about ‘principles’, but it’s all about the Tribe. If they are indeed conservative, it’s about doing whatever to preserve the Jewish tribe and Jewish supremacist power.

Now, there are some Jews for whom ideology or principles trump all else. But two swans don’t make a summer. It’s like there are principled blacks like Uncle Thomas Sowell, but two Negroes don’t make a fried chicken festival.

If you question a ‘rightist’, he will likely be FOR something if it’s pushed by GOP and against it if pushed by Democratic Party. And if you question a ‘leftist’, he will likely be FOR something if it is pushed by Democratic Party and against it if pushed by GOP.

For most people, it’s not about principles but about partisanship. They are too dumb and shallow to have any principles. It’s us vs them.

Also, because it’s a matter of us vs them, the OTHER side’s appropriation of one’s own side’s positions doesn’t lead to satisfaction but anger. So, even though Clinton did a lot of things that should have pleased Conservatives, they hated him even more. And even though Nixon did a lot of things that should have pleased Liberals, they hated him even more for filching ideas from Democrats. If people really favored principles over partisanship, it shouldn’t matter WHICH SIDE promoted certain policies. But much of politics is about owning the right to certain views(even though they tend to shift from ‘right’ to ‘left’ depending on the time. Working class issues used to be leftist, but now they are seen as rightist.)

Especially with the end of Cold War, dearth of literary culture, and demise of values, we are living in a post-ideological age. Homomania, tranny-mania, immigrant-invasion, tattoo-and-piercing freakery, and flipping out about Russia makes no ideological sense. These are attitudes, hysteria, or diversions. Look at the Pussy Hat March in Washington. I mean what the hell was that even about, with madonna and ashley judd talking psychobabble nonsense?

And what does the ‘right’ stand for? National Review is a total cuckzine filled with second-rate hacks and shills. What does Jeb or Rubio stand for? They were the favs of the GOP establishment. They were for what? Illegal immigration is an act of love? Since when did conservatives talk like that?

And Trump won because he was post-ideological. He has no grand theory of politics. He’s for nationalism, a kind of civic pragmatism. If he were to go ideological, he will fail. For one thing, all the current ‘ideologies’ are just toxic derivatives of ethno-supremacism of Jewish globalists. Whether it’s Liberal humanitarian intervention or Neocon ‘democracy building’, it all comes down to Wars for Israel and Banker class. And all this talk of Russia, Russia, and Russia isn’t about democracy or human rights. After all, the US is cozy with Saudi Arabia and other repressive nations. And US never says Israel must return Golan Heights to Syria. No, all current ideologies are mere tools by the Power.

The only thing that matters if power in the 21st century. So, we need a new political terminology that addresses the true nature of the conflict in the US, and it is not about the ‘left’ and ‘right’. The Left used to be for nationalism + working class, the formula of the New Deal. But now, such concerns are seen as the ‘right’ whereas the ‘left’ is mostly about worshiping Homos with ass tattoos and welcoming masses of Muslims.

Given Trump’s praise of homos against Muslims, even he can be said to be ‘leftist’ on homo issues. As for Islam, is it left or right? Since Islam is ultra-conservative, one might say it is rightist. But since Muslims now paraded as poor immigrants allied with ‘progressives’, Islam is now seen as part of the ‘left’. Ideological fluidity of the Current Year is quite amazing. Notice how all those Trump-bashers really have no ideology. They are spinning every issue this way or that way to create the illusion that they are ‘progressives’ against Trump and his Nazi deplorables.

So, ‘left’ and ‘right’ makes no sense in current reality.

We need to identify and name the real powers.

And I see.

Jewish Globalist Supremacism

Demographic Imperialism(the immigrant invasion to leech off white America)


Globalist Urban Elites

Feminist Hysterics

Black Thug Politics

White Nationalism

Christian Moralists

Working Class/Middle Class interests

Because of the sheer scale of Jewish power, it funds and supports demographic imperialists, homomaniacs, feminist nuttery, and black politics of intimidation.

Without Jewish support, the non-Jewish identity politics wouldn’t amount to plate of beans.

This is all called the ‘left’, but surely there’s a world of difference between the ‘leftism’ of Haim Saban and that of Islamic demographic imperialists. For one thing, the reason why so many Muslims have been uprooted is because of Jewish control of US foreign policy that waged many wars in MENA.

This is why we must dispense with talk of ‘left’ and ‘right’ which only obfuscates the true character of the political conflict in the US. The conflict isn’t about ideology but identity. Now, some groups may adopt an ideology and pretend to stand for principles, but it all boils down to “Is it good for us?”

Jews go with ‘leftism’ to weaken white gentile nationalism that they see as the main threat to Jewish supremacism. Jews use ideology to serve identity.

Even though Muslims hate Jews who dominate the West and despise much of decadent Liberalism, they go with ‘leftism’ because it opens doors to Muslims who want better material lives in the West. Also, despite problems between Muslims and Western Liberals, Muslims find more hostility on the Western Right. (Ironically, Muslims and Western conservatives hate each other more because they have more in common. Both think more tribally, so their differences are more starkly drawn out even if their social values may have more in common with each other than with Western Liberals. In contrast, the cult of tolerance among Western Liberals make them overlook the socio-moral differences between themselves and Muslims.)

Blacks go with ‘leftism’ because it simply means more goodies for them via government. Of course, increased immigration means more competition for blacks, but then, blacks look to government for largess. So, if more immigrants means more victory for the Democrats, it means more government jobs for blacks who are heavily invested in the Democratic Party.

So, the struggle is about identity and group interest. It’s essentially tribal, not ideological. So, sticking to discussion of ‘left’ and ‘right’ often misses the point.

The ONLY people who seem to be sincerely ideological are white Liberals who will sacrifice white interests for some notion of the ‘higher good’. But are these white Liberals really such noble self-sacrificing fellers? Some are, but most are not. After all, their anti-white rhetoric is really directed at ‘bad whites’. Indeed, attacking OTHER whites as ‘racist’ is an easy way to pat themselves on the back and score pokemon points to be invited to cocktail parties and gain promotion in institutions and industries committed to ‘progress’. For these whites, their privilege is gained by denouncing ‘white privilege’. So, they are also into a kind of identity politics, that of the bobo elite class. Clintons and Bidens of the world only rose higher and higher by denouncing the ‘bad whites’.

So, we need to talk of politics less in ideological terms and more in identity terms. We need to spell out Jewish power in this. It’s not ‘leftist’ or ‘liberal’ or even ‘neocon’. It’s Jewish globalist-supremacist. We have to call it by its real name.

Just consider Jews and Muslims. Jewish ‘leftists’ pretend to care so much about those Muslim ‘refugees’ and denounce Trump as new Hitler, the kind of person who wouldn’t have saved Jewish refugees during WWII. But these very Jews used the American war machine to destroy the Muslim world like Nazis destroyed Poland. NYT was fully with Clinton when he was killing Iraqis with sanctions. NYT was also with Bush and Iraq War. NYT endorsed Obama’s wars that spread the conflagration all over MENA. If Jewish ‘leftists’ are all about sympathy for the Other, why do they care about Muslims ONLY AFTER they are turned into ‘refugees’ by US aggression? So much for ideology. It’s really about identity. When it’s useful for Jews to destroy countless Muslims in the Middle East, they will not hesitate to do so. Jewish communists in the 20s and 30s demonstrated that they can kill just as cold-bloodedly as the Nazis, and we’ve seen the same kind of ruthlessness since the End of the Cold War when Jews took control of US foreign policy.

As for masses of immigrants, they are not ‘leftists’ or ‘liberals’ but demographic imperialists, documented or undocumented. Even legal ones are problematic since current levels of immigration will fundamentally change the character of Western nations. These demographic imperialists will latch onto ANY ideology to get free tickets to the West to enjoy better material lives.

Now, do a mind-experiment. Suppose Iranian-Americans made up 2% of US population and had decisive control of media, academia, deep state institutions, courts, Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and etc.

Suppose these Iranians are very ethnic-conscious and invested in further expanding their power and influence even more. And they mold and manipulate both ideologies of ‘left’ and ‘right’ to push their agenda.

Now, would it make much sense to hardly mention Iranian-American Power while yammering endlessly about ‘right’ and ‘left’? But both ‘right’ and ‘left’ would heavily be funded by Iranian-American supremacist elites. Given that reality, wouldn’t it make more sense to talk of ethnic power along identity interests?

Isn’t it odd how we always mention the RUSSIAN, the CHINESE, and the IRANIAN, but we don’t mention the Jews? We are supposed to see the world in terms of Russia vs America, China vs America, and Iran vs America. But whose America? Are Jewish views on Russia really ours? Jewish control of media would have us believe so. But in fact, Jewish hostility toward esp Russia and Iran owes to ethnic interests. If there were no Jews in America, would most Americans have this animus against Russia or Iran? No. The dire truth is that many Americans, on both ‘right’ and ‘left’, have been made to see Russia and Iran as enemies because Jews who control the media have spread this notion that Russia and Iran are threats to America.

If Russian and Iran foreign policy seem at odds with the American, it’s because America has been aggressive toward them. And why? Because the US is ruled by Jews who seek supremacist control everywhere they go. The Rule of the Jewish-controlled Media is: All Americans must hate those whom Jews hate(for the time being); All Americans must love those whom Jews love(for the time being). We must be like dogs who who greet or growl others based on the master’s wishes. Russian minions were like this under Stalin. If Stalin said Nazi Germany was the enemy, it was the enemy. But if Stalin said Nazi Germany is an ally, as during the Nazi-Soviet Pact, it was a friend. So, bark or smile according to Stalin’s wishes.

We cannot understand American politics(and by extension the world politics) without recognizing the fact that Jewish Neurosis is the animating factor of American Power. So, if Jews freak out about Iran, their neurosis had ripple effect because Jews control the media and political donations. If Jews feel rage, then the rage ripples all around to the likes of Hillary, Trump, and Rubio who bark at Iran too. Not because they have personal animus against Iran but because they bark according to their master.

Jewish neurosis is the result of the contradiction between their tribalism and universalism, a combo that turns into globo-supremacism. If Jews want to be only tribal, no big deal. They’d be like the Amish or Hasidim. No one has any trouble with Amish. Conservatives and Liberal just ignore them. Amish are tribal, have their own communities, and just mind their own business. And this goes for American Indians on reservations too. I mean who cares about Pueblo Indians think in their reservation? Likewise, if tribal Jews just wanna be Jews in their own place, that’d be fine.

Problem is Jews are tribal but not only tribal. They have universal ambitions. And this leads to neurosis. If Jews want to be truly universal, they should adopt a totally universalist ideology like communism, Christianity, or Islam; they should abandon the narrow blood identity of Jewishness. And there was a time when some Jews did convert to Islam or Christianity or become communists.

But the core of the Jewish community in the West did not surrender tribalism even as they promoted universalism. They could have become atomized cosmopolitan individualists of libertarian bent, but they didn’t opt for that either. They clung to their Jewish tribalism while seeking power and influence all over the world.

This combination of tribal persistence + universal reach could only result in Jewish globalist supremacism(especially as Jews favored other Jews in global networks of power). Jews try to penetrate into every nation. They want to take over everything: US, Canada, EU, Russia, Middle East, Japan, and even China.

But if Jews want to merge with all of humanity, why stick to Jewish tribal identity? Why cling so tightly to something so ancient and ethnic(atavistic) while trying to weaken all other identities in the name of universalism, globalism, and cosmopolitanism?

Indeed, we can see Jewish neurosis in Jewish promotion of Diversity. Just think. If Jews really prized diversity, they would discourage mass migrations of peoples that lead to mongrelization and confusion of identities. Unique cultures and identities are lost if all nations are overrun by masses of foreigners. The world will remain diverse IF every nation maintains its unique identity and culture. Globalism also destroys diversity by spreading the same Hollywood images, rap crap, and homo ‘rainbow’ into every nation.

Now, one could argue for massive migration and mongrelization on the basis that cultures are not worth saving since all people are members of Same Humanity. So, one could argue that cultures are ‘atavistic’ & ‘reactionary’ and should be destroyed to make way for One World Culture of Common Humanity. And globalism has this effect(though its idea of One World Culture is Trash Pop).

But then, Jews say they are pushing massive immigration for the sake of diversity. They are doing the very thing that does most to undermine diversity in the name of serving diversity. This is why Jewish Politics is so neurotic. In a way, this confusion about Diversity reflects the very neurosis of Jews. Jews want to have the cake and eat it too. They want to maintain their unique identity and tribal interests while, at the same time, merging with all of mankind. Jews want to penetrate into every society and gain control of every nation… but they don’t want to assimilate with rest of humanity. They want to maintain their own identity. The Jewish historical experience has shown that a people could be move all over the world and STILL maintain their unique identity. But Jews are an anomaly in history. After all, most cultural identities of the Ancient World vanished, especially when people were conquered by others or trekked to distant lands as minorities and ended up being swallowed by larger groups. So, what applies to the Jews doesn’t apply to other groups. For most groups, mass migration means the weakening and loss of identity. Jews were a special people for whom the experience of exile had the opposite effect of strengthening ethnic bonds. But then, Jews had the idea of the Covenant that instilled every Jew with a sense of special relation to the one and only true God. One of the side-effects of such worldviews was contempt for non-Jews. So, it’s hardly surprising that the relation between Jews and gentiles has not been a pleasant one.

Anyway, just like Jews had a spiritual neurosis in relation to the world, they now have a material/political one. Jewish spiritual neurosis arose from the fact that Jews believed there is only one true God for all the world, all people, and all the cosmos, BUT Jews were special and the Chosen of God. So, Jewish spirituality was universal and all-encompassing but obsessed about Jewish-centrism.

In the modern world, we have Jews clinging to their own identity — esp in relation to Holocaust(“No people suffered like the Jews”) and Israel(“Jews finally regained their sacred homeland”) — but also believing themselves to be the rightful rulers of all the world. When Jews were religious, it was enough for them to believe that their God ruled all the world. They didn’t have to rule the world since their God ruled the world, and through Him, they felt their power over mankind.

But now that Jews no longer believe in God, they believe that their POWER should dominate all the world; and Jews see it within their grasp since they control the US, the #1 power in the world. This is why Jews hate Trump. Trump isn’t anti-Jewish and is wildly pro-Israel. But Trumpism indicates that gentile Americans, WHITES INCLUDED, have a stake in America’s future too.

Also, Trump’s rabid pro-Israel-ism implies that Jewish power should be restricted to Jewish national borders and not mess with Libya, Syria, EU, and Russia. So, paradoxically, Trump’s pro-Israel position is seen as anti-Jewish-supremacist. Trump’s extreme Jewish supremacism IN Israel implies no Jewish supremacism OUTSIDE Israel; other nations should have their own supremacism that is gentile. So, Jews should be supreme in Israel while Hungarians should be supreme in Hungary. But Jews want to be supreme in ALL nations. Since Jews don’t have the numbers to take over European nations, they use Diversity and Homomania to weaken the power and authority of the majority native population.

This Jewish or Zionist Neurosis — Jewrosis or Zionosis — has to be identified and discussed if we are to have a honest discussion of what is really happening in America and the world.

Also, it is necessary in order to break up both the phony ‘left’ and ‘right’. So many dupes and minions are part of angry coalitions in various ‘ideological’ camps because they are still under the impression that the main power conflict in the US is between the ‘right’ and the ‘left’. In fact, it is really along various lines of identity.

Ideology is useful to Jews because they need to form a coalition of non-whites and win over sufficient sucker whites. After all, if blacks, browns, yellows, and etc ONLY thought in terms of identity, they would never come together. Each would pursue its narrow tribal interest and may well hate one another. So, ideology is useful in creating this notion that their tribal interests are ‘progressive’ in combating white ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege’. Also, if political discussion was only tribal, most whites would identify as white and pursue white interests. As such, they would totally outnumber Jews and non-whites. If all whites were to support GOP as the ‘white party’, it’d be game over for the Democrats. So, Jews need to win over some whites to the Democratic side, and they make use of ideological appeal. The notion of ‘social justice’ means that ‘good whites’ must side with ‘victim groups’ against the ‘bad whites’ or ‘racists’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘nazis’.

Never mind that Jewish-controlled US foreign policy has been most nazi-like in wreaking havoc all over the Middle East. Never mind that Jewish War on Russia is most like Nazi-rhetoric during WWII and or like McCarthy’s anti-communist crusade. Never mind Jews have promoted rap music urging blacks to sing about killing one another and treating women like whores. Never mind all those facts. Jews manipulate ideological discourse to fool enough white suckers that the white community is divided between Good Whites and bad ‘nazi’ whites who need to be punched. Smart people use ideology to manipulate the idiots.


Anthony kenney

Great synopsis you should post these thoughts on other platforms normie goys need to know this

Markus L Grant

Utter Nonsense! Israel is not against border security and neither are American Jews that are Patriots to the United States!

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